Saturday, July 20, 2013

Petition: We Want Titanium Ranger and Spirit Ranger Keys Toys

UPDATED 8/19/13

I had this petition for about a couple weeks now but I didn't make a post on it. It teaches me to make a post about stuff, people don't notice stuff on the right side of the blog. I have 245 votes so far! As for the Aquitar Ranger petition, I had 169 votes and 66 members part of the facebook page. I might have to create a facebook page for this too. So we now know there will be Aquitar Ranger Keys and hopefully soon ACG cards. But what I want to push for now is Bandai America to make Ranger Keys toys for Titanium Ranger and the Spirit Rangers. And hopefully these keys will NOT be only available for the San Diego Comic Con 2014 and available for everyone.

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We Want:
Titanium Ranger
Elephant Ranger
Shark Ranger
Bat Ranger
Phantom Ranger
Nova Ranger

Zeltrax987 did these drawings of the Spirit Rangers and Phantom Ranger.

Fan Made Titanium Ranger Keys

Kamen Rider Wizard 44 Images

Kyoryuger 22 Images

Tamashii Nation accidently puts male Yellow Ranger Figuart

 UPDATED 7/23/13
At Preview Night of SDCC Tamashii Nations accidently put the male build of the Yellow Ranger (Tiger Ranger) and now replaced with the female. It looks the same to me, just different pose. But looking at the high res pics from TokuNation, she has slight boobs. Bascially, they had to express ship it.

Pictures thanks to Planet Otaku:

Fury Diamond posted this on Thrusday:

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Friday, July 19, 2013

The Blurry Line Between Super Sentai and Power Rangers

I have been planning this post for a while, since June actually. I know this is a controversial topic. There seems to be a divide between Power Ranger fans and Super Sentai fans. There are indeed fans that like both Power Rangers and Super Sentai but it is a small group. I do know that at least more than half of Power Force know Sentai and like both PR and Sentai, others just know Power Rangers but have no problems with Sentai. When some people mention that Power Rangers and Super Sentai are the same thing, most fans get angry. It can be both sides, the Sentai fan could get insulted or the Power Ranger fan would get insulted. Power Rangers fans mostly like when shows take a departure from the Sentai, hence the dislike of Samurai and consensus of love for RPM and In Space. 

But I bring this up because now with Super Megaforce using footage and material from Gokaiger, we are starting to see Super Sentai from before Zyuranger (other wise Pre-Zyu or Pre-MMPR) spill into the US. Jetman Figuarts are starting to be available in the United States. The new Universe of Hope cards (that have been delayed a SECOND time to July 26th) have Goranger and Sun Vulcan characters on it. Also, Dairanger seen in a marketing teaser for Super Megaforce, Ryuuranger (Red) cameos in an early episode of Megaforce, US Ranger Key prototypes at the SDCC made for them and the Super Megaforce Rangers become them in Episode 2 of Season 2. So it's all starting to come together, it is getting harder and harder to tell the difference between them... just kidding. But you know what I mean, they are getting closer and closer after years of being distinctly different. At least visually.

Obvious differences are that one series is in English set in the United States but the other is in Japanese set in Japan. Where as the majority of Super Sentai members being Japanese (Kyoryu Cyan being White and Houhouranger being half Chinese and other characters like that), Power Rangers usually have diverse groups of different ethnicities (especially with New Zealand and Australian actors). Power Rangers of course have less teams than Power Rangers and Dairanger suits were not used but they did change into them in Super Megaforce. Also, there VRV Master of Carranger upgraded to a Ranger as Phantom Ranger in Power Rangers Turbo. Titanium Ranger, the Spirit Rangers and A-Squad Rangers are exclusive to PR. Also, the Battlizers (save for the SPD one), new cycles and other different items and armors. In Japan, it has been a tradition to have a movie annually of the current series (usually double-billed with a Kamen Rider movie) whereas in the US, the last movie was Turbo. And now Teamups which are annual tradition, are also in theaters. Teamups usually are part of the episode count in Power Rangers, save for "Clash of the Red Rangers" which was a TV Special.

Obviously they use the same footage. Basically we are dealing with a team of 3 or 5 young people who transform with either a handheld item or wrist brace (etc.) and fight grunts, then a monster of the day. The monster of the day grows and they enter robots that combine to save the day. And they usually get new members added to the team. Also the rotating actors year by year.

 What Power Ranger fans don't like about Sentai
"Too Goofy." This is what I hear often when people who never seen Sentai talk about Sentai. It is the cultural differences. People find it weird. What can be weird? Is it the cross-dressing? Is it the Anime-like visual effects at time (Abaranger, Go-Onger, etc.)? Is it the talking dinos (Abaranger) or talking cars (Go-Onger)? Could it be that the whole cast starts dancing and singing at the ending titles? (Hurricanger, Magiranger, Go-Onger, Kyoryuger, Go-Busters, etc.) But it doesn't happen every year. Or could it be the balloon-monster (Go-Onger) or the cutie monster (Boukenger) or various ridiculous monsters? A lot of people don't understand it if they don't understand the Japanese culture.

 What Super Sentai fans don't like about PR
"Too water-down and specifically aimed for children by scared American parents." Super Sentai fans find that Power Rangers has been 'watered down' or a softer simpler version of Sentai. That it is made in fear that kids would imitate violence (hence explosions that appear behind people in the Disney era) and imitate behavior. Also, all the death and consequences are cut out. Many Rangers have died in Sentai, there are characters that are perverts or otherwise, there is guns and real bullets and oh also blood. The above picture from Mystic Force, Necrolai is looking at piles of feathers that used to be the Power Rangers thanks to a MotD, in Magiranger, the monster created a parasite in people's stomachs that killed them.

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