Friday, March 5, 2010

Poll Results: Attractive PR Villainess/Fav. Sentai Villainess

Most Attractive Power Ranger Villainess
105 of 267 votes! No surprise there!

64 votes
29 votes

Divatox (Hilary Turner)
9 votes
Divatox (Carol Hoyt)
8 votes
19 votes
6 votes
3 votes
2 votes
3 votes
2 votes
1 vote
14 votes

Favorite Sentai Villainess
76 votes of 216
40 votes
30 votes
20 votes
4 votes
Empress Hysteria
5 votes
9 votes
2 votes
4 votes
4 votes
3 cvotes
Wendinu and Furabijou
6 votes
Jannu & Rije
3 votes
Nai and Mea / Vancuria
3 votes
Kazu no Shizuka
5 votes

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Poll Results: 2010 MMPR Toy Line (Dragon Shields, White Ranger & Titanus)

This is what paying fans think.

Would you have bought the Girl Rangers with Dragon Shields?
Yes -- 148 of 223
No -- 75 of 223

What do you think of the inclusion of the White Ranger in MMPR 2010 toyline?
I'll Buy It -- 77 votes
Cool! -- 90 of 232 votes!
Where's Rita -- 65 votes

Would you buy the Titanus Mix & Morph base if they don't make Zord-Compatible one?
Yes -- 62 votes
No -- 77 votes of 198
Don't Know -- 59 votes

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Best/Worst Power Rangers Toy Lines

UPDATE 3/2/10 11:30PM
Hi! I had to change the polls (erase the old ones and add new ones) for the Best/Worst Bandai America Toy Ideas for PR because I notice some didn't get votes and add some that I had forgotten before like the Retrofire Megazords and Super Legends Chase figures.

I started a poll on the best and worst Power Ranger toy lines and it was suggested by fan Julian Lindo for me to do a retrospective on the toy lines. I have covered the toys as expensive as I can on Ranger I will only touch on a coupe of things, like the parts on the polls, favorite toys and worst Bandai America idea.

8 inch Figures
The 8 inch Figures started with the 1993 MMPR toy line and it ended with Power Rangers in Space. More here.

Evil Space Aliens
The bad guys, started in 1993 season one toy line as 8 inchers. Then the smaller figures started in season 2. Figures of various monsters ended in Turbo. With In Space, they only made two villain figures. Until Wild Force and Ninja Storm and Operation Overdrive, they made three different villains. With Ninja Storm and Dino Thunder and SPD, they made re-paints of the footsoldiers.

For characters they don't know their names yet, they call them 'Evil Space Aliens'--this has happened to Broodwing, Hidac, Chiller, and Dai Shi. Monsters that have gotten the wrong name were Hammeron, Visceron, Captain Mutiny (Space Buccaneer), Barbarax (Space Android), and Camille (Melle).

12" Kelzak figure (the only know 12 inch figure) that came with Ninja Storm Warrior Pack

Auto-Morphin Figures
They started out in season 2 of MMPR and ended in Turbo. They came back for Lost Galaxy, and Wild Force.

Girl Assortment
Dolls with cool helmet masks, started in season 2, they did plan for figures for Zeo but they never were made. The helmet masks continued with the 12" male figures, starting in Time Force.

Battlized Power Ranger figures started in 'In Space.' They were all different, they started looking awfully similar to 'Wild Force.' Ninja Storm, they were all the same exact design and have remained that way, all the way to Operation Overdrive. Battlizers have gotten different names in toy lines.

Black & Gold Megazord
Bandai America only made two-one for the 'dino' Megazord and one for the Galaxy Megazord. More here.

5.5" figures
They started out as diecast like the 8" ones in season 2 but they were PVC/plastic in Zeo and continued that way until RPM.

4 inch figures
It started out with Kamen Rider Dragon Knight and has continued into the 2010 MMPR line.

In almost every series from MMPR season 2 to Dino Thunders, girls got bikes. Most bikes were re-painted from Sentai counterparts. For example, the black Thunderbike (Season 2) was repainted green Kiber Machine from Dairanger (1993). The Season 3 Shark Cycles were re-painted Kakuranger (1994) Shark Machines--which were only Red, Yellow and Blue, they were repainted and duplicated to make Pink, White and Black cycles. For Lightspeed (1999), they repainted one Red Bike for the Rangers. The Yellow bike was in the series but not in toy form. They sold the sidecars separately. Time Force (2000) had original PR bikes, all 5 available in toy form. Wild Force (2002), 5 bikes inspired by the Wolf Roader from Gaoranger (2001)--the give were available in toy form too. Ninja Storm (2003) bikes were inspired/repainted by the Thunder Baris from Hurricanger (2002). SPD was the first series to not have bikes for girls.
More Here.

Quadro Super Battlizer
Different Battlizers have different names, like this one from Dino Thunder.

Talking Figures
MMPR Season 3 started with talking figures, including Lord Zedd. They had different phrases. Continued with Silver Ranger, Wild Force to Operaiton Overdrive 12" figures. The 5.5" SPD figures, they talked but Pink and Yellow only made noises--no talking. None of the actual actors ever voiced any of these figures.

MorphMax Battlizers
Mystic Force, transformed figures into some kind of snake-like dragons.

Transforming Megazords
Bandai America had the brilliant idea to make even more Megazords and negate having the actual Megazords from the series! With this monstrosity (You can tell I hate it), they did not release the Flash Point Megazord. They planned to release more of their own in Jungle Fury but they didn't make them.

Auxiliary Trax Cycles
Well, the whole system. Up here is the RPM Formula Transporter. But from Jungle Fury, they could put togehter vehicles with zords and this continues with MMPR 2010.

Mix & Morph
In MMPR 2010, inspired by the Ben 10 Mix & Morph figures, you can dismember these figures to mix and match, making new figures.

Power Rangers Heroes
Re-releasing figures from past series. It started in 1998. This ended with Mystic Force in 2009.

6.5" Red Ranger Anniversary Figures
With the 15th anniversary, came these 6.5" Red Ranger figures but many fans complained that they were all of the same mold.

Retrofire Megazords
Started in 2009, there were High Octane, Mighty Morphin', and Wild Force Megazord, Titan, RPM Valvemax and Thundersaurus. They had planned SPD Delta Squad Megazord, Retrofire Zeo Megazord, Jungle Fury Jungle Pride Megazord, andMighty Morphin Dino Megazord, but the line was canceled.

Super Legends Chase Figures
In 2008, they released Green Ranger, Lord Zedd, White Ranger, Gold Zeo Ranger, Super Samurai Green Ranger, Green Samurai Ranger (with shield) and Titanium Ranger. They were planning to release Red Zeo Ranger and Pink Ranger but the line has been canceled.

Super Legends Extreme figures
These figures were released last year (2009) and no more figures like this have been released.

Repainting and Re-Packaging
The repaints and re-packaging began with SPD, where they put Dino Thunder toys with this playset. But repaints were common with Battlizers and weapons. But completely re-using toys from other series...

The 'Xtreme Dragon' from the Mystic Force line was actually from Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog Dragon (1998). This re-paint was fine but I didn't like the other repaints and abundance of repackaging.

Non-Sentai Rangers
For more, check out the label Auxiliary Rangers.

The first female to ever get a 12" figure was Tori but she was hard to find. You can notice her helmet is 'battle damaged'--it was showed off in the ToyFare but it was never released (I think). So yeah the Blue Wind Ranger is the only one to get a 12" figure.

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