Saturday, September 14, 2019

Power Rangers Beast Morphers - Silver Sacrifice - Episode Review

Nate and Steel have a heartfelt talk about being brothers. Meanwhile, Blaze and Roxy make a new bot to go after the Rangers for Steel. Scrozzle fixes the gate. Nate and Steel go jogging and then see the new zords Wrecker and Jet zords. They meet the General and Steel shows off the morpher and zords. Betty and her brother Ben slide off the zords into bubbles. Nate says to the General he needs Morph-X in the zords and he gives him a bunch of forms. Betty offers to fill out the paperwork. The trio calls Nate to 'hang.' Roxy and Blaze overheard this and they go after them. They go to the popular hangout when they are attacked by Roxy and Blaze.

Tronics are called and the Rangers fight. Nate takes Steel to safety. The others run off. Roxy reminds Blaze they are listening in. In the base, they tell the General that Evox still wants to upload into Steel. The General wants to shut him down and laughs at the idea that Steel is his brother. Betty goes after the General. The Rangers protest. The commander apologizes. Blue says that they have to destroy the Cyber Gate. Steel hides. The General asks for Steel. Commander says the Rangers are gone too. Betty finished the paperwork but it gets shredded. They try hitting reverse and the pink papers come out of the shredder. 

Roxy and Blaze hear where the Rangers are. The Rangers find Tronics. General tells the Rangers to hand over Steel. Blaze and Roxy have Betty and Ben. General doesn't know what to do. Steel steps up and says to take him in. He says its the only way. Roxy gets Tronics to take Steel away. Ben and Betty reunite wth the General. Nate cries. Roxy and Blaze leave. General realize they are family, he tells Nate to get his brother back. The four Rangers morph and fight. Evok comes through the gate to enter Steel. Steel jumps out and is rejected. Evok growls. Evok says he is incompatible with Steel because of the human DNA. Steel sends Evox back home and the gate exploded. They call the Gigadrone.

Blaze and Roxy leave. The Rangers fight the Tronics and the Gigatron. Back in the cyber dimension, Sxrozzle sends down a big robot. Cruise and the Racer zord ae deployed. Devon goes to battle mode. General says to forget procedure and excuse the zords. Jet and Wrecker Zords are deployed. The Gold and Silver Ranger enter. The Zords go to beetle mode and drain the other gigatronics. Yellow and blue fight the Gigadrone. They use the Beast X Cannon to destroy it. Gigatronics are destroyed by the new zords. Red destroys the Gigadrone. Back at the base, they wrap everything up. General says Steel is needed for the Ranger family. 

Good episode but a little hammy.