Saturday, October 8, 2016

Power Rangers Movie First Trailer and Sweepstakes

SNAPCHAT: PowerRangersMov


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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Power Rangers Dino Supercharge - Trick or Trial Photos

Episode 21 or Episode 43 rather, here are pics...

NYCC Ninja Steel, Legacy and Movie toys and products

Pictures from NYCC, basically rehash from SDCC except for Ninja Stars...

Tamashii Nations of Red, Pink, Zedd and Megazord.

Kawaii Cubes of Alpha 5, Goldar, Rita, Lord Zedd and six MMPR. 

Monday, October 3, 2016

Power Rangers movie Power sword and NYCC exclusives

power sword

first movie toy new york comic con exclusive get the first power rangers movie toy only at new york comic con! introducing the limited-edition legacy collection power rangers movie red ranger. part of bandai’s all-new legacy collection figure line, this nycc exclusive features morphin metallic coloring as well as incredible detail and textures with multiple points of articulation for extreme possibility. it also comes with its individual battle gear item and power coin. the limited-edition movie red ranger will only be available at the bandai america booth #1628 at new york comic con. only 1,000 produced and limited quantities available each day.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Power Rangers Dino Supercharge - Silver Secret - Episode Review

This episode like "Date With Danger" shares a title with Power Rangers In Space. 

Episode Summary:
Shelby is freaking out that one of the singers, Reta of N-Zed will be coming to the Dino Cafe for adding members to the group. He has become friends with Chase. She bumps into him and Koda says she can sing, singing the Triceratops song but she bumps him off. Reta says he could add a female singer so they agree to meet later. Kendall tells the gang to go to a distress signal from Silver Ranger/ They find him and that he is hurt. He says that Arcanon captured him. Chase says to go to the base. Tyler asks him how Arcanon got the data from the chargers. Silver has nine chargers, saying he was forced to make them. Riley asks why nine, Silver says he never made Titano. Riley has the Titano Charger. SIlver reveals he is evil and the Rangers morph and he knocks out Red and then all of them.

Silver starts freaking out and de-morphs to Doomwing and then becomes Zenowing. Pink points her blaster at them. He was cursed by Arcanon to share a power with Doomwing, who has the Silver Energem. Chase says it is like Heckyl and Snide. Doomwing flies Tyler away and drops him down. He then retreats. He touched the Dino Com and did something about it. Keeper says Zenowing was his apperitance. Tyler put the Dino Com in the fish tank, he put a listening device on it. Wrench and Doomwing hear the Dino Com but it is just water. 

Kendall has created a device to split Zenowing and Doomwing apart. They then hear Shelby singing horribly by holding her nose. Kendall talks to her, saying she is crazy. She studied music for 3 years and tells her to follow her. Tyler watching Chase dance. Tyler has stage freight. Chase gives him a banana mic, Tyler sings badly and he stepped on dog poo. Chase talks to Tyler, that he is trying to impress Shelby, maybe he is jealous. Tyler says it is ridiculous. Chase tells him to tell Shelby how he really feels. Shelby is auditioning and doing well. Tyler walks in. Everyone claps. Shelby is shocked Tyler is auditioning. Shelby knows about his stage freight. He goes up. He chokes and Reta asks and Shelby says they are better as a deut. Shelby tells Tyler think they are pineapples, he does and it works. They sing and dance. 

Later the Rangers put the devices around an area to split the two bird aliens. Shelby and Tyler talk, Tyler tells her audition. Shelby says he had courage. He admit that he thought she.. he trails off and she asks. He says she was so crazy about Reta, he thought if he sang, she would like him too. Shelby says he found out Silver Ranger was lying and he is the real superstar. They were about to kiss. Koda stops it and he does a fake message on his Dino Com. Arcanon and the monsters hear this. Tyler throws away the listening device. Shelby tells Tyler to be careful, he calls her "Shelbs" and the Rangers morph. without Kendall for some reason. Tyler sees the Silver Energem in Doomwing's sword. He races towards Doomwing/ 

Red and SIlver morph and fight. Red goes down and Doomwing de-morphs and Zenowing is about to appear. Kendall points the remote and the device happens, Tyler struggles too. Doomwing and Zenowing split up. Doomwing says he still has the silver energem. Shelby goes to Tyler, Doomwing becomes big. All the Dino Zords come out and blast Doomwing. The Ultrazord is formed and they try a new formation and does open cannon shield. They do the final strike and defeated Doomwing, but he becomes small again. He says he is not destroyed, he seals the silver energem. Arcanon tells him he cant morph into a Ranger, Doomwing tries and failed. Arcanon says he is worthless now. Back at the base, Zenowing and Keeper meet again. Zenowing says Arcanon still has the dark energem and the silver one. Rata asks Shelby on a date and he says goodbye as she says she is busy and she and Tyler hold hands. 

How the actors differ on how they say Zenowing remind me of the varying pronunciations of Vrak in Megazord how it goes V-Rock to V-Rack. Zenowing goes from Zee-No Wing to Zay-No Wing. This episode suffers like the other ones, instead of focusing on important new stuff, it focus on the main five Rangers with very minor characterizations. Arguably, Shelby and Tyler's relationship is moving faster and more spread out than Amy and KyoryuRed but it still feels minor. Zenowing's voice reminds me of Ninjor. I like the parallel between Zenowing and Doomwing with Heckyl and Snide.