Saturday, July 7, 2012

Go-Busters 20 Images

Go-Busters Last Catalog

These are from the last quarter toy catalog. The Go-Busters get an upgrade like the Gekirangers and it seems there will just be five members like in Gekiranger, Abaranger, GoGoV, Carranger, and every team before Zyuranger.
The toy comes with seven LED lights, much like the Gokai Sabre. It has three modes which include the Lion Blaster Mode, Cockpit Mode, and Attache Mode. It can become attached to the SouganBlade to form Ichigan Buster Special Buster Mode.

 The form can be accessed via the GB Custom Visor attachment for the Morphin Brace. The GB Custom Visor will be released on October/November for 3360 yen, whereas the RHS RedBuster Powered Custom on October for 640 yen.

The upgraded form of the Go-Busters is known as Go-Busters Powered Custom.
 The new new central Buster Machine that seems to be replacing CB-01, LT-06 Tategami RaiOh.

 LT-06 Tategami Rai-Oh can transform to a lion, as its Animal Mode, and motorcycle as its Vehicle Mode. It can combine with GT-02 Gorilla and RH-03 Rabbit to form Go-Buster RaiOh. Adding BC-04 Beetle and SJ-05 Stag Beetle in the equation will form Go-BusterKing!

It turns out to be Blue.

Friday, July 6, 2012

More Fan-Made Ranger Keys

UPDATED 7/20/12
Since 2011 and Gokaiger, fans have being using the Ranger Keys as templates for much creativity from Super Sentai, Kamen Rider and too various various different characters (not even just tokusatsu but also anime, superheroes and others).

AbareMax, DekaRed Swat Mode, Legend Red, Super Geki Red, Hyper Go-On Red, Super Shinken Red, and Super Gosei Red.

Deka Bright (Nova Ranger), Ankh (Kamen Rider OOO), and Deka Gold

Shizuka no Wind, Loki (Zenaku), Furabijou (Marah), Agent Abrella (Broodwing), and Barizorg

Fan made

Hulk, Spider-Man, Captain America, Iron Man, Thor


Blue Beet

Here we got Gavan Bootleg, Kamen Rider Fourze Fire State, Meteor, Fourze, Skull, Gavan, Kamen Rider Double and Fourze Elec State.

W and Skull

I forget where these are from.


Gokai Silver Gold Mode

Green Flash, Blue Mask

 Red Mask to Blue Mask

 The last Legends: VulEagle, ChangeGriffin, Green Flash, Blue Mask, and Five Yellow

 DenjiBlue, GingaPink, TimeYellow, GingaGreen and Black Condor; these five are now Gashapon Legend Ranger Keys. 

Gavan Bootleg


Mickey Mouse, Hello Kitty, etc:

This girl has an awesome custom but didn't put a clear picture.

Here are Ninjaman, Gunmajin and Datas: 

 Gunmajin (Auric the Conqueror)

 Amazing, great work.

 Ninjaman (Ninjor)

 Datas (Tensou)

 DAIZYUJIN 7/20/12

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