Friday, July 6, 2012

Saban Brands official statements on 4KidsTV - Vortexx

UPDATED 7/13/12
Here are some articles about we already know about:

"Saban Brands is back in the kids' television business in a BIG way!" said Elie Dekel, the president of Saban Brands. "The broadcasting block represents a unique opportunity for us to be the premier destination for action/adventure and comedy on Saturday mornings, while delivering what kids want online and on mobile 24/7/365."
"We are very excited to partner with Haim Saban and Saban Brands, an individual and a company with a celebrated history of creating and distributing world-class children's programming," added John Maatta, the COO The CW. "The association with Saban and the programming and marketing they will bring to us will be a great asset for The CW and its affiliates on Saturday mornings."

Vortexx will be 5-hours and will have Power Rangers and Yu-Gi-Oh starting at 7am Aug 25!!!

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Josreason said...

Will this affect nickelodeon. I'm sorry but I think nick has been the best thing for the series. They get much more AirPlay and attention than they did on the other established channels. For instance on abc kids I never saw rpm because it would get preempted for local programming in my state. I think cw is a great channel I just hope this partnership doesn't jeopardize the relationship with nickelodeon and nicktoons