Friday, June 3, 2011

Ranger Keys for June and Future

Set 2:

Set 3:

Set 4:

Tyranno Ranger, Hurricane Red, Battle Japan, Gosei Red, Red Racer

Set 5:

MagiShine, DekaBreak, Shurikenger, and Shinken Gold

Gasphon Set:

Tyranno Ranger, Hurricane Red, Shinken Red, Dragon Ranger, Shurikenger, DekaBreak,
MagiShine, Go-On Gold, Shinken Gold, BoukenSilver, Go-On Silver and Gokai Silver (Mega Silver and Gao Silver not included).

Candy Key Set:
The anchor with Gosei Knight and Gao Silver Keys.

Bath Time Toys (so why stickers?)
That dissolves in bath water and acts as bath salts.
Gokai Red with Gosei Blue; Gokai Blue with GoseiBlack; Gokai Green with Red Turbo; GokaiYellow with DenjiRed; GokaiPink with RedFlash; and GokaiSilver with RedHawk.

Want a pinata?

Gokai Silver Toys and even more Ranger Keys!

UPDATED 6/8/11 11:25PM EST

SH Figures Gokai Silver and Gokai Silver Gold Mode

Gokai Spear

Gokai Cellular

Comes with Gokai Silver Ranger Key.

Another set with smaller versions of the Cellular henshin device and other weapons.

I think these are Gasphon Keys as well.
One Set:Gokai Sliver, Kiba Ranger, King Ranger, Mega Sliver, Time Fire.
Gaoranger Set: Gao Red, Gao Blue, Gao Black, Gao Yellow, Gao White, Gao Sliver
And Shinken Red, Miss America (strange enough)
Also smaller versions of Dragon Ranger's flute, GokaiSilver's weapons, Go-On Red's weapons, Hurricane Red's weapons and Gokaiger arsenal.

Steven Skyler at New Zealand Event

In an article from Waikato Times in New Zealand reports of a 17-year-old "Glee" fan scoring Steven Skyler at an event since he was in an episode of Glee and is in the area because of Power Rangers Samurai. The Revue 2011 and Emerging Talent Showcase, starring Steven Skyler, Amy Finnigan, Max Hay and an array of other Waikato performing artists will be held next Saturday in the St Peter's Auditorium. "He will do a solo and a short speech about what it takes to make it in the entertainment industry."

Time Force's Jason Faunt interviewed for local event

Jason Faunt (Wes and Alex) and Erin Cahill (Jen) will take part in a Blues-N-BBQ event designed to celebrate the renaming of the McHenry YMCA to the Sage YMCA of Metro Chicago. It’ll include performances by Geneva Red (also a McHenry native) and The Roadsters Blues Band as well as the Jesse White Tumblers. In thsi interview, Jason fondly looks back at his days as the Red Ranger.

Excerpts from Interview:
"There were times when I was playing opposite myself, which was fun. The only thing that was difficult was that my hair was dyed light for Wes and then black for the other guy. There were times when they would have a stand-in playing the back of me. When I was talking to me, I was actually talking to a stick. I think the most difficult part was just having to jump in the shower and wash out the black hair."

What do they [daughters] think of their dad as a Power Ranger?

"I don’t think they really get it. They see my action figure that looks like me. The call it Baby Daddy. They play with it, but I’ve never really talked about it. They don’t watch the show so they don’t know much about it."

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Poll Results Early June 2011

( This is Pat Domonia's first post on this blog so bear with me)
What do you think about Dragonranger, Timefire and Abarekiller giving Gokaisilver his power?
Great 252 (90%)
Bad 5 (1%)
Wish it was others 21 (7%)

What Tribute that Gokaiger has done you liked most?
25 (8%)
35 (12%)
17 (6%)
23 (8%)
122 (43%)
60 (21%)

Which Tribute we know is coming up are you looking forward to?
42 (14%)
51 (17%)
46 (16%)
146 (51%)

Which Tribute Gokaiger hasn't done are you looking forward to?
116 (38%)
82 (27%)
113 (37%)
83 (27%)
72 (24%)
61 (20%)
58 (19%)
75 (25%)
108 (36%)
110 (36%)

What do you think of Gokaisilver's Gold Mode?
137 (55%)
46 (18%)
Like it better now
52 (20%)
52 (20%)

Which Sixth Rangers would you like to see gender switched?
Dragon Ranger
111 (39%)
Kiba Ranger
92 (32%)
King Ranger
69 (24%)
Mega Silver
86 (30%)
Time Fire
78 (27%)
Gao Silver
63 (22%)
70 (24%)
86 (30%)
75 (26%)
72 (25%)
69 (24%)
Go-On Gold
89 (31%)
Go-On Silver
113 (39%)
Shinken Gold
98 (34%)
Gosei Knight
96 (33%)