Monday, May 30, 2011

GokaiSilver, Legend Robo Series, New OOO combo and More!

I don't know why Denjigreen, VulPanther, Dynared, RedTurbo, BlueSwallow, Ninjawhite, Timegreen, Gaoblue, Boukenblack and Goseipink keys are on the cover.

Legend Series:

Dekaranger Robo, PatStriker and Hurricane Red figure.

MagiKing, EngineOh, Daizyujin and ShinkenOh and T-shirts.

Episode 15 and the 199 heroes movie.

Above scans from this site.

NewType the Live and Hyper Hobby

Info from DecaEnd (translated from the magazine):
After hearing Navi's treasure navigation, the crew heads out and meets the earthling, Gai Ikari. Gai Ikari says that no one loves Super Sentai as much as he does. One day, Gai saved a child from a traffic accident. Only to end up with a serious injury, on the verge of death. Gai arrives at a world that is not exactly a dream or real, there he meets DragonRanger, AbareKiller and TimeFire. They give him the GokaiCellular and the Ranger Keys along with their great power. He wants to join the Gokaigers, but Marvelous won't acknowledge him that easily. Will the Super Sentai loving boy become a Super Sentai!?

From the Timeranger's great powers, he received a time traveling vehicle.

Zyuranger's great powers granted him the dinosaur form.

Rampage was written in katakana as abare, just like how it was in Abaranger. By the great powers of Abaranger, he's able to combine them into the GoJyuJin.

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Luca said...

Reptile combo, as I foresaw. I would have made it purple as homage to Ojah, but the dinos were already purple.