Friday, August 10, 2018

Dimensions in Danger Trailer dropped

Watch Trailer here:

As previously reported, Jason Faunt, Catherine Sutherland and Jason David Frank are "officially" guesting in the episode "Dimensions in Danger" to air on Nick August 28 at 8pm. Now a trailer for general Super Ninja Steel has been released, not only talking about the episode. 

It shows Tommy as Black Dino Ranger.

Shows Gema/RPM Series Operator Ranger Silver who was not announced but rumored. 

Also MMPR Red who was not announced and what appears to be Serpentera. 

This pic from Hashtag Show, a behind the scenes photo for stuntmen as Samurai Gold, Dino Charge Blue, Green Ranger, Time Force Red and Turbo Pink. The previously rumored cast was Gia/Megaforce Yellow, Antonio/Samurai Gold, Koda/Dino Charge Blue, and others. So it seems at least Gema, Antonio, and Koda will also be joining Wes, Kat and Tommy.

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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Power Rangers Boom Comics Original Characters

Some people haven't read all the Boom Comics issues and some fans have. Here is an easy guide to the 'new' Rangers or variations there of in Boom Comics and the Hyper Force roleplaying game series. Some minor spoilers ahead, thread lightly.
Lord Drakkon
Identity: Tommy of another timeline
Zord: Black Dragon
His uniform is a combination of the White Ranger and Green Ranger as in his story he infused the powers of the White Ranger with his Green Ranger powers. The Drakkon name comes from an apprentice of Rita's that died and failed.  In the Shattered Grid saga, he got powers from Samurai and upgraded his look, then he upgraded to Zeo.
Merchandice: PMC 6 Legacy figure, bust, Legacy Wars character

Tyanno Sentry
Various people in Drakkon's army gain the powers of the original rangers except for Blue as he never let him get the power. Skull ended up being one of them.

Of course there were Sentries of Pink and Yellow. Red and Yellow Sentry appeared in the Shattered Grid promo with Jason David Frank.

Black Sentry is seen a lot. 

Samurai Sentry
When Drakkon took the Samurai power in Shattered Grid, Sentries recieved the power. 

Zeo Sentry
When the Zeo power is taken away, we saw green Zeo sentries in the Shattered Grid saga.

 Pink Ranger's team
Set place in MMPR Season 3, Kimberly fights Goldar and gets help from Zack and Trini. Also, Blue and Red were two French friends of hers, Britt and Serge, brother and sister. This occured in the mini series Power Rangers PINK. 

1969 Team
Zordon recruited this team in 1969 to stop Psycho Green, three of them died. Red Ranger/Grace Sterling, Blue Ranger/Nikolai Chukarin, Black Ranger/Jamie Gilmore, Yellow Ranger/Terona Washington, and Pink Ranger/Daniel O'Halloran.

Psycho Green
Sent by Dark Specter to let go Rita. 
Merchandise: SDCC 2018 Legacy figure

Dark Ranger
Name for Deathryuger, known as fans as Talon Ranger, he will appear in Beyond the Grid saga.

Role-playing game series starring HyperForce Red/Marvin Shih (Peter Sudarso), HyperForce Blue /Eddie Banks (Andre Meadows ), HyperForce/Yellow Jack Thomas (Paul Schrier), HyperForce Black/Vesper Vasquez (Cristina Vee), HyperForce Pink/Chloe Ashford (Meghan Camarena), and HyperForce Green/Time Force Silver/Joe Shih (Yoshi Sudarso). They appear in a recent issue of Power Rangers and the cover of another issue. 

Power Rangers Returning cast projects

The special 25th Anniversary episode "Dimensions in Danger" will air Tuesday August 28th at 8pm in honor of the 25th anniversary of the original airdate of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers August 28, 1993. The official returning cast is Catherine Sutherland (Kat Hillard/Pink Turbo Ranger), Jason Faunt (Wes Collins/Red Time Force Ranger) and Jason David Frank (Tommy Oliver/Green MM Ranger). They will be meeting the Ninja Steel Rangers to help fight a foe. This is old news but I figured i'd post it two weeks before the airing. Other rumored returning cast have not been confirmed. 

Power Rangers Legacy Wars/Street Fighter Crossover
Produced by Bat in the Sun, known for the popular web series Super Power Beat Down, the short film follows ex-Rangers Tommy Oliver (the original Green/White Ranger) and Gia (the Yellow Ranger from 2013’s Power Rangers Megaforce) as they team up with Ryu (Peter Jan) and Chun-Li to fight M. Bison (Kevin Porter). It is coming soon.

Dino Mega Charge
There has been pictures of Brennan Mejia and Ciara Hanna some fans (including me) thought were for a Ninja Steel ep but actually for a fan film called Dino Mega Charge,

Power Rangers Ninja Steel Monsters in Merchandise


He appears in the episode "Rock n Rollin." 

Cat O'Clock
Appears in The Adventures of Redbot and Past, Presents and Future. Looks like Cleocatra. 

Appears in "Live and Learn" and Grave Robber 

Appears in "Forged in Steel," was sold separately and in a two pack with Blue Ranger (Preston). Also known as Trapshaw. 
Upcoming Super Ninja Steel character. 


Funko Pop Vinyl Power Rangers 2017-2019 List #2

This is the second list for my blog, not the second wave. I previously listed the first pops from 2012-2017, see the rest on the link below.

Megazord was SCC 2017 exclusive, Glow In Dark was Entertainment Earth Exclusive, Black and Gold was another limited edition and so was Metallic. 

Dragonzord / Black & Gold Dragonzord
2017 Convention Exclusives 

Helmetless Rangers
Billy, Jason, Trini, Zack, Tommy and Kimberly helmetless coming soon in 2018.

Goldar, Rita, Zedd, Pudgy Pig, Pumpkin Rapper
Goldar, Rita and Zedd coming soon in 2018. Pudgy Pig and Pumpkin Rapper exclusive to Gamestop!

Dino Ultrazord
the large-scale Dino Ultrazord Funko will be exclusive to Target.
Tigerzord will only be sold at Hot Topic.

Rita and Zedd 2 pack
Coming soon