Friday, August 10, 2018

Dimensions in Danger Trailer dropped

Watch Trailer here:

As previously reported, Jason Faunt, Catherine Sutherland and Jason David Frank are "officially" guesting in the episode "Dimensions in Danger" to air on Nick August 28 at 8pm. Now a trailer for general Super Ninja Steel has been released, not only talking about the episode. 

It shows Tommy as Black Dino Ranger.

Shows Gema/RPM Series Operator Ranger Silver who was not announced but rumored. 

Also MMPR Red who was not announced and what appears to be Serpentera. 

This pic from Hashtag Show, a behind the scenes photo for stuntmen as Samurai Gold, Dino Charge Blue, Green Ranger, Time Force Red and Turbo Pink. The previously rumored cast was Gia/Megaforce Yellow, Antonio/Samurai Gold, Koda/Dino Charge Blue, and others. So it seems at least Gema, Antonio, and Koda will also be joining Wes, Kat and Tommy.

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