Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Power Rangers Returning cast projects

The special 25th Anniversary episode "Dimensions in Danger" will air Tuesday August 28th at 8pm in honor of the 25th anniversary of the original airdate of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers August 28, 1993. The official returning cast is Catherine Sutherland (Kat Hillard/Pink Turbo Ranger), Jason Faunt (Wes Collins/Red Time Force Ranger) and Jason David Frank (Tommy Oliver/Green MM Ranger). They will be meeting the Ninja Steel Rangers to help fight a foe. This is old news but I figured i'd post it two weeks before the airing. Other rumored returning cast have not been confirmed. 

Power Rangers Legacy Wars/Street Fighter Crossover
Produced by Bat in the Sun, known for the popular web series Super Power Beat Down, the short film follows ex-Rangers Tommy Oliver (the original Green/White Ranger) and Gia (the Yellow Ranger from 2013’s Power Rangers Megaforce) as they team up with Ryu (Peter Jan) and Chun-Li to fight M. Bison (Kevin Porter). It is coming soon.

Dino Mega Charge
There has been pictures of Brennan Mejia and Ciara Hanna some fans (including me) thought were for a Ninja Steel ep but actually for a fan film called Dino Mega Charge,

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