Saturday, December 4, 2010

Hint on Futrue Themes in Previous Sentai

It hasn't happened a lot but sometimes there is a trend to have a hint to the theme of the next following Sentai theme in the Super Sentai. I am not talking about future Sentai series, but one after another.

I was reminded that Ryta of Jetman (1991) was sent to the past by a Mammoth monster to prehistoric times, which was used the exact next year for Zyuranger (1992). In the above picture, he met a cavegirl that liked him. He was Yellow Owl.

In Gaoranger (2001), they fought a Ninja who had his own shadow rangers to fight the heroes, many feel this was Toei testing out the ninja work for Hurricanger (2002), which follow afterwards. This footage was used for Power Rangers and had the same feeling.

In Go-Onger (2008), they often got visitors from the Samurai World and the movie exclusively featured the Samurai World. Three Engines formed the Dai Shogun, which was like a samurai. This theme was used in the next, Shinkenger (2009). Dai Shogun footage was not used for RPM. funny enough PRWF and PRNS were transfer of Disney to Saban and RPM and PRS are once again transfer of ownership.

In Goseiger (2010), the Seaick Gosei Great has a pirate look, and now the new theme in 2011 is Gokaiger. Funny enough, both series were used for Megaforce (2013-2014) and while the pirate theme isn't being referenced on the show, we see Sea Gosei Great Megazord during the second season Super Megaforce that uses mostly Gokaiger footage.

Vote Results: MMPR Song in PRS / PRS Nick Promo/ Thanksgiving Parade Future

Do you think PRS will use the original MMPR song?
82 (26%)
157 (50%)
Alternate It
113 (36%)

I asked if the original MMPR song will be used for Power Rangers Samurai because it is prominent in the first promo and when the Samurai Rangers appeared in the Thanksgiving Day Parade.

What did you think about the first PRS Nick Promo (Online and TV)?
Morphinominal 259 (70%)
Decent 65 (17%)
So-So 29 (7%)
Don't Know Yet 17 (4%)

What would you want next year for Thanksgiving Parade if they chose to do so with the Power Rangers?
64 (27%)
Float & Martial Arts
126 (53%)
Float & Villain Fight
112 (47%)
Big Ranger Balloon
51 (21%)
Big Balloon & Rangers
88 (37%)

Back in the 80's, they had a float for He-Man and She-Ra in the Thanksgivings Day Parade and in the NBC live broadcast, they had He-man fight Skeletor and had various villains and heroes from both series. Smoke came from the grayskull castle in the float.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Super Sentai: 200 Heroes?

UPDATED 3/22/11
Go-kaiger promo said there are 200 past heroes, this is my own assessment. Some people might not agree, some others have added other ones. You are free to disagree of course. The reason I do not have the picture of them all here is because adding more pictures, make the other past posts not appear on the blog's first page.
  1. Aka Ranger
  2. Ao Ranger
  3. Momo Ranger
  4. Mido Ranger
  5. Ki Ranger
  6. Heart Queen
  7. Clover King
  8. Dai Jack
  9. Spade Ace
  10. Big One
  11. Battle Cossack
  12. Battle France
  13. Battle Japan
  14. Battle Kenya
  15. Miss America
  16. Denji Green
  17. Denji Pink
  18. Denji Red
  19. Denji Yellow
  20. Denji Blue
  21. VulEagle
  22. VulPanther
  23. VulShark
  24. Goggle Blue
  25. Goggle Pink
  26. Goggle Red
  27. Goggle Yellow
  28. Goggle Black
  29. Dyna Blue
  30. Dyna Pink
  31. Dyna Red
  32. Dyna Yellow
  33. Dyna Black
  34. Red One
  35. Green Two
  36. Blue Three
  37. Yellow Four
  38. Pink Five
  39. Change Dragon
  40. Change Gryphon
  41. Change Mermaid
  42. Change Pegasus
  43. Change Phoenix
  44. Red Flash
  45. Green Flash
  46. Blue Flash
  47. Pink Flash
  48. Yellow Flash
  49. Red Mask
  50. Pink Mask
  51. Yellow Mask
  52. Blue Mask
  53. Black Mask
  54. Black Bison
  55. Red Falcon
  56. Yellow Lion
  57. Blue Dolphin
  58. Green Sai
  59. Black Turbo
  60. Red Turbo
  61. Yellow Turbo
  62. Pink Turbo
  63. Blue Turbo
  64. Five Yellow
  65. Five Black
  66. Five Blue
  67. Five Pink
  68. Five Red
  69. White Swan
  70. Red Hawk
  71. Blue Swallow
  72. Black Condor
  73. Yellow Owl
  74. Tyranno Ranger
  75. Tricera Ranger
  76. Mammoth Ranger
  77. Ptera Ranger
  78. Tiger Ranger
  79. Dragon Ranger
  80. Ryuu Ranger
  81. Tenma Ranger
  82. Houhou Ranger
  83. Kirin Ranger
  84. Shishi Ranger
  85. Kiba Ranger
  86. Ninja White
  87. Ninja Black
  88. Ninja Blue
  89. Ninja Yellow
  90. Ninja Red
  91. Oh Blue
  92. Oh Yellow
  93. Oh Green
  94. Oh Pink
  95. Oh Red
  96. King Ranger
  97. Pink Racer
  98. Green Racer
  99. Blue Racer
  100. Red Racer
  101. Yellow Racer
  102. Signal Man
  103. Mega Blue
  104. Mega Red
  105. MegaPink
  106. Mega Silver
  107. Mega Yellow
  108. Mega Black
  109. Ginga Pink
  110. Ginga Green
  111. Ginga Red
  112. Ginga Yellow
  113. Ginga Blue
  114. Bull Black
  115. Go Red
  116. Go Yellow
  117. Go Blue
  118. Go Green
  119. Go Pink
  120. Time Pink
  121. Time Green
  122. Time Red
  123. Time Yellow
  124. Time Blue
  125. Time Fire
  126. Gao Silver
  127. Gao White
  128. Gao Yellow
  129. Gao Black
  130. Gao Blue
  131. Gao Red
  132. Hurricane Red
  133. Hurricane Yellow
  134. Hurricane Blue
  135. Kabutoraijer
  136. Kuwagataraijer
  137. Shurikenger
  138. AbareBlue
  139. Abared
  140. Abare Yellow
  141. AbareBlack
  142. Abare Killer
  143. Deka Yellow
  144. Deka Red
  145. Deka Green
  146. Deka Blue
  147. Deka Pink
  148. Deka Master
  149. . Deka Break
  150. Deka Swan
  151. Magi Yellow
  152. Magi Blue
  153. Magi Green
  154. Magi Pink
  155. Magi Red
  156. Magi Shine
  157. Wolzard Fire
  158. Magi Mother
  159. Bouken Red
  160. Bouken Yellow
  161. Bouken Black
  162. Bouken Blue
  163. Bouken Pink
  164. Bouken Silver
  165. 165. Zuuban
  166. Geki Blue
  167. Geki Red
  168. Geki Yellow
  169. Geki Violet
  170. Geki Chopper
  171. Black Lion Rio
  172. Mele
  173. Go-On Red
  174. Go-On Yellow
  175. Go-On Blue
  176. Go-On Green
  177. Go-On Black
  178. Go-On Gold
  179. Go-On Silver
  180. Shinken Yellow
  181. Shinken Blue
  182. Shinken Gold
  183. Shinken Red
  184. Shinken Green
  185. Shinken Pink
  186. Female Shinken Red
  187. Gosei Red
  188. Gosei Yellow
  189. Gosei Blue
  190. Gosei Pink
  191. Gosei Black
  192. Gosei Knight
  193. Gokai Red
  194. Gokai Blue
  195. Gokai Green
  196. Gokai Pink
  197. Gokai Yellow
  198. Gokai Silver
  199. ??
  200. ??

Both maybe and hopefully Terebikun, New Type the Live or some other magazine will release a picture list of all 200. I first thought they counted the Go-kaiger as well but they did say 'past 200' but it could be a bad translation.We find out that the Gokaiger are indeed counted as part of the 200. The first Gokaiger movie says there is 199 heroes, that does not include Gokai Silver, making one believe Gokai Silver is the 200th hero. 182 heroes appear in the Ranger War and they are the 182 that the 6 Gokaiger can transform into, leaving 12 Extra Heroes.

SPOILERS! NEWS! Introducing the Go-kaiger!

UPDATED 12/4/10 11:30 AM EST
This is the New Super Sentai for 2011. I know this pic is posted everywhere but might as well do it too. Dukemon22 post this at 11pm December 1st night time. The 'skull' image on them is not a skull nor a light bulb but a key, since they will be using 'Ranger Keys' in the series. The Main Robo Go-kaiOh is also said to exchange 'heads' with past Sentai Robos. And the mecha seem to be half-animal, half-vehicle again.

It is called Pirate Sentai Go-kaiger.
3 men, 2 women.

Better translation from Dukemon22 of the image's info:

New Program, "Kaizoku Sentai Go-kaiger" February 13th, 2011 Start on TV-Asahi, Nationwide!The 35th Super Sentai Series, the likes of which have never been seen before in history. Their name, "Kaizoku Sentai Go-kaiger."

POINT 1- Go-kai! Soukai! Tsuukai! (Heroic! Exhilarating! Thrilling!) The motif of this year's heroes is "Pirates". This motif overflows in from both its popularity in anime, cinema and other types of entertainment.

POINT 2- Super Sentai Series 35th Work. A Memoiral Year. 34 Sentai Series and 200 past heroes are used in this work. Both parents and children alike can enjoy it.

POINT 3- Transformation items are the "Ranger Keys", keys which have the likenesses of past Sentai Heroes, and the Mobile Phone, "Mobairetsu". Using the keys, the Go-kaiger can turn into past sentai heroes and fight their enemies.

POINT 4- Their sword is the Go-kaiKen, their gun, the Go-kaiGun, which creates both an enchanting and violent Pirate Action.

POINT 5- Red's machine, Go-kaiGalleon, unites with "vehicles favorited by boys" to form the gattai robo, Go-kaiOh.

My Thoughts:
- Love the logo
- The sidearms are great, with the great and silver and black
- I like that their visors are different but the helmets are same basic shape. I like the 'tears' that are probably meant to be knives.
- Many people say the uniforms are a mix of Goseiger and Shinkenger, I agree but who wouldn't see a pirate in black? I like how they balance the gold accents with silver, the cuffs remind of barrels you find on a ship and also the cuffs of Dekaranger.
- I'm not liking the idea of the mecha being half-animal, half-vehicle again, it was cute for Go-Onger but it just looks tacky if Goseiger is any indication. Enough is enough.

Upcoming Toy List (Subject to change)
Ranger Key Series Henshin Keitai Mobairates
Releases in- February
A folding-type cell phone henshin device. Keypad on bottom half, screen on top half. When the Go-kaiger keys are inserted, the upper part is transformed, becoming the Go-kaiger mark. Example: When the ShinkenRed Key is inserted, the Mobirates sounds "Samurai Sentai Shinkenger Iza Mairu!". This one comes with Go-kai Red Ranger Key. 190 Yen

Kaizoku Gattai DX Go-kaiOh
Releases in- February
Go-kaiGalleon (Red), which forms the body and head.
Racecar (Green), which forms the left arm.
Fighter plane (Blue), which forms the right arm and Pirate Hat
Trailer (Yellow), which forms the left leg
Submarine (Pink), which forms the right leg

When a dial is turned on the back of Go-kaiOh, 5 "Caps" appear on the front side of the robot. Cannons attach from the caps, and the robot enters "Hissatsu Form." Additional parts can be installed onto the caps. Go-kaiOh is said to resemble GrandLiner.

Go-kai Machine Series 01 MagiDragon
Releases in- February
2,500 Yen
These mecha can attach to Go-kaiOh's caps, changing its forms. When combined with MagiDragon, a Dragon's Face is seen in the body. The front side of the feet also show dragon's feet-and-claws. This form is called MagiGo-kaiOh. Comes with Magi Red Ranger Key.

Go-kai Machine Series 02 PatStriker
Releases in- March
When combined with PatStriker, the body has a clear-look appearance, as there is a luminescence gimmick, as well as tires being seen in some of the caps. Form is tentatively called DekaGo-kaiOh.

Go-kai Machine Series 03 GaoLion
Releases in- April
GaoLion can combine with Go-kaiOh in two ways. The first, is in a Centaur Form (Kentaurus Gattai), as it did in Gaoranger. The form is tentatively called GaoGo-kaiOh.
It also has a "Great Gattai" form, which is a humanoid form, but it is silhouetted in the toy catalog.

Ranger Key Series Go-kaiGun
Releases in- February
Comes with Goukai Green Ranger Key.

Ranger Key Series Go-kaiKen
Releases in- February
Comes with Goukai Pink Ranger Key.

Ranger Key Series Go-kaiBuckle
Releases in- February
Comes with Goukai Blue and Yellow Ranger Keys.

Ranger Key Series Ranger Key Set 01
Releases in- February
SD-type ranger figures, sort of lego like. Transforms into a key by raising both arms, and then raising the lower half of the body forward from the back. The key part is made from a resin looking material, colored grey. When inserted into the Mobirates a "click" sounds.

Small figures of each of the past reds, and also of all 5 Go-kaiger used for transformation. By folding at the back, the figure becomes a key. Using the keys, there are about 190 sounds the Mobirates can make. Red seems to come with the Mobirates, Blue and Yellow seem to come with the belt, Green comes with the Go-kaiGun, and Pink comes with the Go-kaiSword. There is a legendary 5 set, including 5 Red Ranger Keys, and the MagiRed key will come with MagiDragon.

Set 01 Ranger Keys included are GaoRed, VulEagle, MagiRed, GekiRed, and another. (Probably ChangeDragon, going from previous info)

Go-kaiger's 2nd Robo:
As opposed to Go-kaiOh, the 2nd Robo is rumored to be composed of animal mechas, based on powers of 5 more sentai teams the rangers will meet by the time of its release:

Red- Tyrannosaurus (Dinosaurs)
Blue- Shark (Sea)
Yellow- Lion (Land)
Pink- Bird (Air)
Green- Dragon (Mythical)

More at Toku Insider:

Power Rangers: Over 100 Rangers

  1. Blue Ranger
  2. Red Ranger
  3. Black Ranger
  4. Pink Ranger
  5. Yellow Ranger
  6. Green Ranger
  7. White Ranger
  8. Aquitar Blue
  9. Aquitar Red
  10. Aquitar White
  11. Aquitar Yellow'
  12. Aquitar Black
  13. Zeo Ranger V Red
  14. Zeo Ranger IV Green
  15. Zeo Ranger III Blue
  16. Zeo Ranger II Yellow
  17. Zeo Ranger I Pink
  18. Gold Ranger
  19. Green Turbo Ranger
  20. Pink Turbo Ranger
  21. Red Turbo Ranger
  22. Yellow Turbo Ranger
  23. Blue Turbo Ranger
  24. Phantom Ranger
  25. Blue Ranger
  26. Pink Ranger
  27. Red Ranger
  28. Silver Ranger
  29. Yellow Ranger
  30. Black Ranger
  31. Green Galaxy Ranger
  32. Pink Galaxy Ranger
  33. Red Galaxy Ranger
  34. Yellow Galaxy Ranger
  35. Blue Galaxy Ranger
  36. Magna Defender
  37. Green Lightspeed Ranger
  38. Pink Lightspeed Ranger
  39. Red Lightspeed Ranger
  40. Yellow Lightspeed Ranger
  41. Blue Lightspeed Ranger
  42. Titanium Ranger
  43. Green Time Ranger
  44. Pink Time Ranger
  45. Red Time Ranger
  46. Yellow Time Ranger
  47. Blue Time Ranger
  48. Quantum Ranger
  49. Black Wild Force Ranger
  50. White Wild Force Ranger
  51. Red Ranger
  52. Yellow Ranger
  53. Blue Ranger
  54. Lunar Wolf Ranger
  55. Blue Wind Ranger
  56. Red Wind Ranger
  57. Yellow Wind Ranger
  58. Crimson Ranger
  59. Navy Ranger
  60. Green Samurai Ranger (1)

  61. Blue Ranger
  62. Red Ranger
  63. Yellow Ranger
  64. Black Ranger
  65. White Ranger
  66. Red Ranger
  67. Blue Ranger
  68. Yellow Ranger
  69. Pink Ranger
  70. Green Ranger
  71. Omega Ranger
  72. Shadow Ranger
  73. Kat Ranger
  74. Nova Ranger
  75. Red Mystic Ranger
  76. Blue Mystic Ranger
  77. Yellow Mystic Ranger
  78. Pink Mystic Ranger
  79. Green Mystic Ranger
  80. White Mystic Ranger
  81. Wolf Knight
  82. Solaris Knight
  83. Red Ranger
  84. Blue Ranger
  85. Yellow Ranger
  86. Black Ranger
  87. Pink Ranger
  88. Mercury Ranger
  89. Jaguar Ranger
  90. Tiger Ranger
  91. Wolf Ranger
  92. Cheetah Ranger
  93. Rhino Ranger
  94. Shark Ranger
  95. Elephant Ranger
  96. Bat Ranger
  97. Ranger Yellow
  98. Ranger Green
  99. Ranger Red
  100. Ranger Blue
  101. Ranger Black
  102. Ranger Gold
  103. Ranger Silver
  104. Red Samurai Ranger
  105. Blue Samurai Ranger
  106. Yellow Samurai Ranger
  107. Pink Samurai Ranger
  108. Green Samurai Ranger (2)
  109. Gold Samurai Ranger
And if you want to add the A-Squad Rangers and the upcoming female Red Ranger, then we got 116 Rangers.

UPDATED 9/12/11
If Goklaiger is adapted, these are the ones that have Ranger Keys from Gokaiger and maybe there will be more for Power Rangers. These of course of ones that currently went from Sentai to Power Ranger, if Saban chooses to adapt old teams--that's fine, but I am only counting the ones that are currently Power Rangers and are originally from Super Sentai.

  1. Blue Ranger
  2. Red Ranger
  3. Black Ranger
  4. Pink Ranger
  5. Yellow Ranger

  6. Aquitar Blue
  7. Aquitar Red
  8. Aquitar White
  9. Aquitar Yellow
  10. Aquitar Black

  11. Zeo Ranger V Red
  12. Zeo Ranger IV Green
  13. Zeo Ranger III Blue
  14. Zeo Ranger II Yellow
  15. Zeo Ranger I Pink

  16. Green Turbo Ranger

  17. Pink Turbo Ranger
  18. Red Turbo Ranger
  19. Yellow Turbo Ranger
  20. Blue Turbo Ranger

  21. Blue Ranger
  22. Pink Ranger
  23. Red Ranger
  24. Yellow Ranger
  25. Black Ranger

  26. Green Galaxy Ranger

  27. Pink Galaxy Ranger
  28. Red Galaxy Ranger
  29. Yellow Galaxy Ranger
  30. Blue Galaxy Ranger

  31. Green Lightspeed Ranger

  32. Pink Lightspeed Ranger
  33. Red Lightspeed Ranger
  34. Yellow Lightspeed Ranger
  35. Blue Lightspeed Ranger

  36. Green Time Ranger

  37. Pink Time Ranger
  38. Red Time Ranger
  39. Yellow Time Ranger
  40. Blue Time Ranger

  41. Black Wild Force Ranger

  42. White Wild Force Ranger
  43. Red Ranger
  44. Yellow Ranger
  45. Blue Ranger

  46. Blue Wind Ranger
  47. Red Wind Ranger
  48. Yellow Wind Ranger
  49. Crimson Ranger
  50. Navy Ranger
  51. Green Samurai Ranger

  52. Blue Dino Ranger
  53. Red Dino Ranger
  54. Yellow Dino Ranger
  55. Black Dino Ranger

  56. SPD Red Ranger
  57. SPD Blue Ranger
  58. SPD Yellow Ranger
  59. Pink Ranger
  60. Green Ranger

  61. Red Mystic Ranger
  62. Blue Mystic Ranger
  63. Yellow Mystic Ranger
  64. Pink Mystic Ranger
  65. Green Mystic Ranger

  66. Red Ranger
  67. Blue Ranger
  68. Yellow Ranger
  69. Black Ranger
  70. Pink Ranger

  71. Jaguar Ranger

  72. Tiger Ranger
  73. Wolf Ranger
  74. Cheetah Ranger
  75. Rhino Range

  76. Ranger Yellow

  77. Ranger Green
  78. Ranger Red
  79. Ranger Blue
  80. Ranger Black

  81. Red Samurai Ranger
  82. Blue Samurai Ranger
  83. Yellow Samurai Ranger
  84. Pink Samurai Ranger
  85. Green Samurai Ranger (2)

  86. Red Ranger
  87. Black Ranger
  88. Blue Ranger
  89. Yellow Ranger
  90. Pink Ranger

  91. Sixth Rangers: Green Ranger

  92. White Ranger
    Gold Ranger

  94. Silver Ranger

  95. Quantum Ranger

  96. Lunar Wolf Ranger

  97. Green Samurai Ranger (1)
  98. White Dino Ranger

  99. Omega Ranger

  100. Solaris Knight

  101. Mercury Ranger

  102. Ranger Gold

  103. Ranger Silver

  104. Gold Samurai Ranger

  105. Robo Knight

  106. Extra Heroes: Blue Senturion

  107. Magna Defender

  108. Shadow Ranger

  109. Kat Ranger

  110. White Mystic Ranger

  111. Wolf Warrior

  112. Sentinel Knight

  113. Camile

  114. Jarrod

  115. Red Samurai Ranger (Lauren)
And the Gokaiger keys make 121!

I see them adding keys of Titanium Ranger, Phantom Ranger, Bat Ranger, Shark Ranger and Elephant Ranger, there would be like 126 keys and if they adapt AkaRed, I suppose him too.