Monday, November 29, 2010

Warriors becoming Robos

Kyodai Juushou
After Sandayuu gave Sasuke his Makimono scroll, he was able to transform into one of the Giant Beast Generals. After Jiraiya retrieved the remaining 4 Makimono from the custody of the Youkai, letting all the Kakurangers transform (White Kark, Red Saruder, Black Gammer, Blue Logan and Yellow Kummard). They can become the Invincible Shogun.

MagiMajin/Mystic Titans
The Magiranger would become the MagiMajin (Taurus, Fairy, Mermaid, Phoenix and Garuda) to become the MagiKing; the Mystic Force Rangers would become the Mystic Titans (Taurus, Sprite, Mermaid, Phoenix, and Garuda) to become the Titan Megazord.

In Gingaman, Bull Black would become HeavyKnight Bullblack and combine with GoTaurus to become BullTaurus. In Lost Galaxy, Magna Defender would combine with the Torozord.

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