Sunday, November 28, 2010

Classifying Zords: Different Zords

Main Megazord
Like I mentioned before, a megazord is a combination of different amount zords, it can be made up of two, three, five or even more.

Carrier Zord
Titanus (above) was the first said carrier zord, it is a zord that carries one or more zords and forms the Ultrazord. Sometimes it is not said to be a Ultrazord.

The first Ultrazord we got, was made up of seven zords. While there has been Megazords made out of 9 zoprds and not called Ultrazords.

Sixth Ranger Zord
As I have mentioned before, the sixth ranger or additional warrior can have a zord that becomes a warrior or help make another Megazord. The Sixth Ranger Zord is usually bigger than the main five or the same size, it can have more fire polwer.

Non-Pilot Zords
The first said zord of these is Warrior Wheel, that worked on its own without a pilot, another said ones are Delta Megazord, Stratoforce, Centaurus, Time Shadow, Road Attack Zord, etc.

Secondary Megazord
Super Zeo Megazord above, the first said one was the Shogun Megazord, it is when the team (or of the season) has a Megazord that belongs to the Rangers with individual zords. Other secondary Megazords are the Rescue Megazord (Turbo), Mega Voyager (Space), SuperTrain Megazord or Omega Megazord (PRLR), Kongazord or Isis Megazord (Wild Force), etc.

Auxiliary Zords
First zords came in Wild Force, there can be multiple zords, sometimes owned by a Ranger, sometimes not specified. Wild Force had 17 original Power Animals and 18 zords in Operation and will be about 13 zords upcoming for Samurai.

Smaller Auxiliary
The Power Spheres were not referred to as Zords, they were used mostly as weapons. And Goseiger (2010), which will be adapted in the next coming years, has small zords which are just heads.

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