Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Talking Mecha

UPDATED 11/30/10 8AM EST
In Power Rangers, the Zords don't talk, but in Super Sentai, some do. Some don't like it, I say to them: get over it.

Daizyujin (Zyuranger)
Daizyujin as a whole was a god and spoke.

In Dairanger, DaiMugen became human and forgot he was DaiMugen and lived for centuries. In his tortoise robot form, he spoke.

In Abaranger, the dinosaurs spoke through the Abaranger's changers. The Dino Plate would move up and down, emulating speech. They were always big, unlike the Engines of Go-Onger, but spoke to the team through the changers like a walkie-talkie.

In Go-Onger, the mecha, the Engines would speak. When big, they would speak. When not inside their Engine Casts, their Engine Souls were placed inside their partner's henshin device and speak through a hologram. The Ancient Engines just grunted, didn't speak. Each Engine had a onomatopoeia (the formation of a word from a sound associated with what is named) catchprase.

While in PROO, Sentinel Knight was a warrior, Zuuban in Boukenger was more of a sentient weapon friend. He could be used as a sword or as a robot that grew. Zuuban only said his name and was a simple creature.

Go Roader GT
In Go-Onger, the Engines would enter it and operate it, so they would speak through it.

In Shinkenger, it spoke and grew big. It mostly stayed in its lantern form.

In Goseiger, Datas is a regular robot that would grow big and gain armor as Datas Hyper. He speaks like a child.

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Sean Akizuki said...

Daizyujin also talked and so did Daimugen.