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Go-busters Mission 2


Mission 3: 

Power Rangers Super Samurai - Trading Places - Episode Review

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 Switchbeast arrives and tells Xandred he is working for another boss but will make the river rise so Xandred lets him go. Bulk and Spike sell junk in a flea market of sorts. Antonio is cooking fish and invited Mike and Emily. People act strange and Mike thinks it is yoga. Antonio falls and acts like a fish. Bulk falls and is a Buddha (he' a soda can) and Spike falls to the ground. Emily and Mike morph and fight the monster, the other three arrive. Switchbeast switches Jayden's spirit with a lawn gnome.

Mike stops Switchbeast from destroying the gnome and Switchbeast makes some bad puns and switches Pink and Blue with a fan and ballerina figurine. The gang figures out what happened. Bulk is a soda can and kicked around by kids. Switchbeast explains to the villains that the junk will be crushed or melted down and those spirits will be gone soon.

Jii beleives in Mike and Mike has a plan. Meanwhile, Spike the newspaper is put in a bird cage and is pooped on. Bulk the can is about to smashed by a boot. A cat crawls into the Shiba House and goes after the stinky fish (Antonio) that they put the chicken. Switchbeast grabs Mike and Emily switches Switchbeast with Mike. Mike as Switchbeast demands to bring everyone back. They then switch him with a soccerball and play around with him.

 Switchbeast inside Mike slashes the monster and everyone goes back to their own bodies. Antonio freaks out and sees the cat eating the fish and he faints. Kevin was dressed in a tutu by Mike and runs out. Mike is back in his body and they fight the monster. Mike goes to Super Samurai mode. Green and Yellow call for all the zords and make the Claw Armor Megazord.

Green enters as Super Mega Mode and in the cockpit, they are sooooo far apart. It would made more sense to have them closer since we have seen those consoles are moveable. And it made no sense the other Rangers couldn't just appeared in the cockpit. Anyway, the monster is destroyed, Dayu is mentioned---a furry is kicked out and Dayu finds her, and some recovery jokes at the end (Mike and Kevin running around over a pic he took).

I was looking forward to this episode for a while since the Shinkenger episode and it was announced Samurai would be made. The editing wasn't so great at matching footage. I like the changes they made. In Shinkenger, Gold was sushi, now he is fish, like I thought he'd be. Red was a lucky cat statue and now is a gnome. Blue was a peeing statue, now a spinning ballerina figurine. Pink stayed as a fan. There is a twitter account called Jayden's smile and he smiles a plenty here.

The episode is similar but it is still great. It's cool seeing the actors in those positions, their faces on the objects and their 'object' behavior or poses. They superimposed Switchbeast's face on Green and Green's helmet on Switchbeast to emphasis the switch to not get in trouble with the censors.