Saturday, May 3, 2008

Superhuman Samurai & Alien Fighters -- Episodes Online

Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters from Beverly Hills and Superhuman Samurai Syber Squad are both owned by DiC and now a lot of DiC episodes are available on

Check four Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighter episodes here

Check five Superhuman Samurai episodes here

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sixth Go-Onger

The sixth Go-onger is shadowed but the new villain Hiramechimedes is not.

The shadow hero highlighted. His name is not known yet. Some are calling him Go-On X. Newest news is that his name is ゴーオンゴールダー - Go-OnGolda or Go-OnGolder.

An Artist's rendition.

Power Rangers Jungle Fury Auxiliary Rangers

When the Power Rangers Jungle fury toys came out, fans were surprised to find extra rangers. Since the series started with three rangers, one would believe these three were added to fill the gap. They are based on extra zords the Rangers receive. They are the Elephant, Bat, and Shark Rangers. Coincidently, the toys don't have the weapons the Rangers receive based on the animals, but modified versions. The Elephant Rangers has a different one. Anyway, the debate started if these Rangers would even appear on the show.

Last year with Operation Overdrive, Bandai America (which you didn't know already) flirted with the idea with different colored Rangers but didn't really do it. In the fall toy line, the five rangers are revealed as toys along with these three again, in 'master' mode. Since the three animals are almost all aired on episodes and no extra rangers yet, fans believed that was it, but we were treated with a surprise this week. The animals got masters in Gekiranger; having beast forms and in Jungle Fury, they are normal humans. (but in the last episode, they do don their animal forms)

Live-action versions of Elephant, Bat, and Shark Rangers in their super forms. Funny thing enough, they are holding the weapons their animals are based on and not the weapons their toys hold. This obviously comes from a Japanese magazine. All it says 'Guess what the surprise is coming soon' and the rest of the kanji is about cartoons and other things.

In Japan, many books and magazines are released covering many current Tokusatsu series. The most popular being Terebikun, a monthly magazine published by Shogakukan. Other popular magazines included New Type The Live and Hyper Hobby, covering toys and products. These magazines usually cover new and upcoming characters, weapons or villains. The majority have half of the pages in glossy colors and the other half in black and white or bi-colored pages. A special photographer goes to the set to shoot pictures of the newest addition to the show.

So when will these Rangers appear on the show? Who knows... And will they have just one form? Who knows...

Well evident here, they might appear towards the end, it seems they are fighting one of the GenJyuKen, looks like Ron's subordinates. And the Rhino Ranger is there as well. Some people believe the Kensei (animal forms of the masters) below the rangers are going to be on the show. I just think the Japanese are just comparing the Kensei to these new Rangers.