Saturday, February 4, 2012

Poll Results: Hardest or Easiest to get for reunion of MMPR / Which season you want for Nicktoons?

 Who do you think of MMPR will be the hardest to get for a reunion or Gokaiger adaption?
Amy Jo Johnson
  171 (49%)
David Yost
  190 (55%)
Austin St. John
  92 (26%)
Steven Cardenas
  45 (13%)
Walter Jones
  61 (17%)
Johnny Yong Bosch
  33 (9%)
Jason David Frank
  64 (18%)
Catherine Sutherland
  46 (13%)
Karan Ashley
  51 (14%)

Which season of Power Rangers do you want to see next on NickToons?
  200 (56%)
Operation Overdrive
  48 (13%)
Mystic Force
  77 (21%)
  104 (29%)
Ninja Storm
  97 (27%)
Wild Force
  98 (27%)
Time Force
  169 (48%)

Who do you think of MMPR will be the easiest to get for a reunion or Gokaiger adaption?
Johnny Yong Bosch
  251 (73%)
Jason David Frank
  183 (53%)
Walter Jones
  73 (21%)
Steve Cardenas
  58 (17%)
Austin St. John
  92 (27%)
Karan Ashley
  54 (15%)
Catherine Sutherland
  61 (17%)
David Yost
  44 (12%)
Amy Jo Johnson
  61 (17%)

Gokaiger 49 and 50 Preview!

The person who posted pics this week, posted a few.
  The Gokaiger are in the Galleon talking about the new powers, the keys glow and they are engulfed by a white light and get approval from Blue Mask, VulPanther II, Change Gryphon, Five Yellow and Green Flash and their keys glow.

 They try smacking and touching Navi, but the keys come out of the box and she becomes this door. There are a bunch of locks and chains. They put all 34 Red keys into the locks.

They enter the door and get the Tri-Force thingy, which talks. They go out of the door, Navi returns to normal. The treasure box glows. They complain to the triangle thingy. Then Insarn attacks the Galleon.

 Commercial for Gaoranger and Sun Vulcan Legend Keys.

The Gokaiger form GokaiOh and fight Insarn's robo with Goujyujin. They use the Hurricanger power but then use the greater powers of Changeman and Maskman. Then they use Gaoranger and Shinkenger. Insarn falls out. The Gokaiger jump out as Gai continues fighting grunts with Goujyujin. Red grunts come help Insarn.

They briefly become Magiranger and then the dream team. Marvelous as VulEagle fights Insarn. They defeat the four red grunts and the five use the Galleon Buster on Insarn and Gai destroys the big grunts. Insarn is destroyed. 

The six Gokaiger are attacked from up high and de-transform. A big old fleet coms after them, bigger than the one for the Ranger War.

Episode 50 (I got off Tv-Asahi):
 Kai's Girlfriend??!

 The boy from episode 2?

 OMG! Goushi from Zyuranger!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG! Armored TyrannoRanger!!!!!!!

4th and 5th Gobusters (one is a Buddyroid)

Catalog pictures thank to Dukemon22:
 -A new, human character, transforms into the gold BeetBuster, while a new, Buddyroid, transforms into the silver StagBuster. [Lavender Ranger: Some people say Gold looks Orange and that Silver looks light blue, I remember when some fans said that the Goraijers said looked like purple and indigo]

-The duo transforms via the MorphinBlaster, a cell phone-to-gun weapon

-The weapon of choice is the "DriBlade", a gold-and-silver sword that can turn into a steering wheel for the cockpit

-A special Transpod will be released for the two new busters

-Mecha are sillouhetted, beetle and stag types. Look to combine with Ace, or BusterOh

-GoBusterOh will use the Super 1 and Super 3 Switch. Because Bandai wants your money.

-OOO Key Set, Hurricanger Key Set, Boukenger Key Set, Dekaranger Key Set, Gekiranger Key Set, Go-Buster Key Set 2 (Beet, Stag, New Buddy)

And if you might think this is too soon, we have gotten catalog pics of the Goraijer, Wolzard, DekaMaster and others before the premiere of their shows. 

Friday, February 3, 2012

Super Samurai Titles

Super Samurai titles:
Super Samurai
Shell Game
Trading Places
Something Fishy
The Rescue
The BullZord
He Ain't Heavy Metal, He's My Brother
Kevin's Choice
Runaway Spike
The Strange Case of the Munchies
A Sticky Situation
Trust Me
The Master Returns 

 Jump to your own conclusions as the descriptions haven't been revealed yet. Rangerboard has plenty of speculations which Shinkenger episodes will be used. Some will be very obvious. I am looking forward to 'Trading Places,' as it seems it will be based on the body swapping episode and it is a Mike-Emily episode.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Go-buster Rumors/Spoilers and Gashapon Gokaiger Ranger Keys

Legend Sentai Series - Ranger Key Series 01
Coming soon are Ranger keys of the Gobusters, six Gokaiger, Rio, Zuuban, Signalman, DekaSwan, Wolzard Fire, Kuro Kishi and rare Mele.

Rumor from Dukemon22 has it the next 2 Busters are named "StagBuster" and "HeatBuster" (Probably "BeetBuster". They are insect themed, and are colored gold and silver. He imagines it's more of a homage to B-Fighter and B-Fighter Kabuto. (Since Go-Busters is a wink and a nod to Metal Heroes.) Considering the track record of the poster on 2ch, and the timing at which this information comes, it's like 90% the real deal. Gold and Silver seem to be our next two rangers. The color scheme isn't the usual, but that's what's nice about it. Plus, we don't know how their suits are tailored- if it's like Go-on Wings, a majority of the suit is another color anyway. The only rumors that haven't been true has been the ghost theme and Gavan being a mentor. We should get pictures from the next catalog by the weekend or next week.

-DX Sets of the Hurricanger and Boukenger Keys will be released

-A Set of Kamen Rider OOO Keys will be released 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012