Saturday, October 24, 2020

Power Rangers Beast Morphers - Grid Connection - Episode Review

 Episode Summary: 

Kepper arrives at Grid Battleforce and warns Devon he had a vision from the Morphin Grid that he would be hit by a meteor. He doubts it and leaves for a video game competition. He leaves on Cruise and indeed gets hit by a meteor. The Grid Battleforce receives a message from Tyler from the Dino Charge dimension that they are being attacked. The BM Rangers morph and enter the portal. They find Goldar Maximus, Snide, Triptoids, Putties, and Tronics fighting the DC Rangers. Tyler is unmorphed but the other Rangers are morphed. The villains demorph Chase and take his black Energem. Goldar fights Koda and takes his blue energem. The BM Rangers fight but are quickly unmorph. Ravi calls for help. 

Devon arrives at Grid Battleforce and his com was busted. Shaw updates him on the situation. Keeper comes in and Devon says he should have listened to him. Shaw tells Devon he needs help. Devon says all the Rangers are connected to the Grid and wants to know if he can call for help. Keeper says his staff is gone and can't connect. Cruise shows the meteor disrupts energy, he brings it in a lead case. Devon thinks of using the meteor to shield him from the overflow in the tower to connect to the Morphin Grid. Keeper tells him to trust it. Devon enters and see the pure green Morphin Grid stream and puts the meteor in. The meteor lets him in. He asks for help. The meteor becomes the Red Power Coin and an energy wave goes throughout Earth and into space. A portal opens and Jason comes out. Jason asks why he called for help. Devon explains. 

Jason says he will bring legendary Dino power. Meanwhile, Scrozzle gets geodes. He is following Keeper's mind control advice. He has 6 Dino DNA, Geodes, and Energems to make a new zord. Goldar splits open a geode. Evox arrives. Tyler and Chase are spying on them, they report to the other Rangers. Shelby mentions the zord she created. Riley and Shelby are the only ones morphed. Jason and Devon pop out of a portal. Devon and Jason give them morphers and Dino Chargers charged with Morph X. The Dino Charge Rangers go with Jason while the BM Rangers go elsewhere. The Dino Charge Rangers and Jason are met by Goldar Maximus and footsoilders.

More footsoliders arrive and Goldar calls it an army. Jason flips his power coin and portals open revealing Dino Thunder and Mighty Morphin Rangers/ They form a line. Jaosn calls it an army. He morphs and the other Dino Charge Rangers morph. The Rangers fight the Triptoids, Viviks, Tronics and Putties. The Pterdactyl Rangers fly. The other Rangers fight. Ivan fights Roxy. Koda and MM Black do a smash attack. The Dino Thunder Rangers form the T-Rex Blaster and defeat Snide. Robo Blaze goes to warn Evox. Evox wants to call the zord Chimera Zord. The BM Rangers arrive and are blasted down by Evox. Blaze comes to warn Evox. Evox creates the Chimera Zord. Blaze is destroyed by Devon's bow. The Dino Rangers line up again, all the blasters are formed into the Dino Power Ultras Blasyer amd destroy Goldar. Evox arrives.

The Chimera Zord is formed and Evox enters it. Evox pilots the Chimera Zord. Jason compares it to Serpentera. It blasts at the Dino Rangers. Devon tells the BM Rangers they are in no shape to fight. He calls Shaw. The Dino Rangers call the Dino Charge Megazord, Dino Megazord, and Thundersaurus Megazord. They pilot their zords and fight the Chimera Zord. Thundersaurus goes down. Dino Charge Megazord goes down by the Pterazord makes it fly. Devon calls the Best-X King Zord. Tyler says to join forces. Dino Charge Megazord Beast-X King Formation is formed. All the Megazords destroy the Chimera Zord. Devon thanks Jason. Tyler reveals he has his Energems back and Keeper has his staff. Jason says Rangers Forever and the others say Defenders Together. The Dino Thunder Rangers and MM Rangers go through one portal. Jason foes a little speech and leaves. Devon thanks Keeper and hugs him. The BM Rangers leave the DC Rangers through a portal. Devon says it was better than any video game. Keeper says so long friends.  

Episode Review:

Most adult fans already saw this from the international airings. It was good but some fans wish it was a little longer or two parts. Fans did complain about Dino Thunder Ranger actors no being present. Most understand why the Mighty Morphin Rangers were not present. Walter Jones and David Yost have said they would not return unless the script was solid, included them significantly and the pay was worth going to New Zealand. It is unknown about Amy Jo, but I feel it probably has to do with scheduling, travel, and pay. Thuy Trang passed away but it is still debated if Trini is still alive. The Episode leaves it open if they are Aisha and Adam. This episode mostly only focuses on Jason. Hasbro probably only had enough money for Jason and four Dino Charge Rangers. Brennan Tyler says Shelby and Riley's actor did provide voices but were unable to travel to New Zealand. 

I don't think it deters too much from the episode since their presence is quick. Ideally yes I would like them back but I know the reality. Would you fly to New Zealand only for one line and not enough compensation? Sure, if they paid probably and Hasbro had enough budget, they would probably have more lines and more scenes. But that is ideally. It is what is. What concerns me is the Morphin Grid. The Morphin Grid never displayed visions (unless you count Troy), meteor deploying capabilities or being able to call Rangers. It does display a magical element that was present in Mighty Morphin. Zordon often used advanced technology that was like magic. It was an interesting episode nonetheless and shoutouts to Dino Charge and Dino Thunder. Now, would I put it up there with Dimensions in Danger? Yes, I would. But where I put it with classic teamups like Forever Red and Once a Ranger? What do you think? Comment below. 

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Henshin Grid Lightning Collection Survey #3: Rangers/Allies

 Here is a survey for what remaining Rangers or allies you would like in the Lightning Collection? You do not have to join Google or log in. There are rumored figures coming soon like Syd (SPD) and Ethan (Dino Thunder), they are included as options as they have not been officially announced with a picture or whatnot. Please vote as so far I have only received 4 or 5 responses to the past two surveys.

The above picture is from JurassicSamurai

Monday, October 19, 2020

Henshin Grid Lightning Collection Survey #2: Monsters and Footsoldiers

I did polls on Twitter about what characters (villains, villainesses, footsoldiers and/or monsters) fans wanted for Lightning Collection. The surveys I will do now are based on these Twitter results. The following below are the Twitter results. 

Please fill out the new survey below. You do not have a google account or sign in.

Henshin Grid Lightning Collection Survey #1: Villains

I did polls on Twitter about what characters (villains, villainesses, footsoldiers and/or monsters) fans wanted for Lightning Collection. The surveys I will do now are based on these Twitter results. The following below are the Twitter results. 

 Here is the new survey, you do not have to have a Google account or sign in.

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Power Rangers Beast Morphers - Making Bad - Episode Review

 Episode Summary:
Evox wants to bring back more villains. Sledge says they have weapons from Ryjack's collection. Scrozzle can make the villain clones stronger with gems. A new Robotron are stealing diamonds. He has enough diamonds to make one. He uses a key with video records of old villains. He shows clips of Koragg from Mystic Force. Roxy comes in and shows how he turned into a good guy. She shows a clip where Koragg became Leanbow. Then Leanbow becomes Wolf Warrior in the clip. Back at the hangout, the Rangers watch a news report about a thief stealing diamonds. They wonder if the thief is invisible. Ravi says the stores are being hit in Alphabetical order. He wants to check out the next hit store, the main 3 leave. Back in the Cyber dimension, Roxy shows Astronema. Scrozzle shows clips. Blaze shows that she turned good. She turns into a Pink Ranger. Roxy is upset. Scrozzle takes out Zedd's staff and all the villains back up. He shows clips of Lord Zedd, with the wrong voice. Roxy shows how he betrayed the Machine Empire. 

Poisandra mentions to Sledge how Zedd had a nice wedding with Rita and she got nothing. The Rangers spot a Robotron using their spy glasses. They expose Thieftron and he runs away. Devon takes the diamonds from him. Thieftron says Scrozzle needs a thousand. The Rangers morph and fight him. They go Beast-X Mode. They destroy him with the bow. They go back to Grid Battleforce and Nate tells Ravi he was right all along. Ravi says there is only one Diamond factory left. Back at Cyber Dimension, Poisandra and Sledge are still bickering. Poisandra tells Scrozzle to send a Gigadrone. Poisandra finds the address of the next Diamond Factory and leaves. Blaze thinks of the Psycho Rangers and takes out a data card. Scrozzle shows Psycho Rangers. Roxy has Scrozzle show his demise by Andros and Leo. Snide keeps searching. The Rangers arrive at the factory. A Gigadrone arrives to the city. Nate and Steel board their zords.

Poisandra and Curio arrive at the factory too. The BM Rangers find them. Fury and Wrench arrive. They fight. Wrecker Megazord fights the Gigadrone. It steals their blasters and blasts them. They call Beast-X King Zord. They regain their weapons. They destroy the Gigadrone. The Rangers fight the Dino Charge villains. The four do a group attack and the Rangers lose their armour. The other two BM Rangers arrive. The Rangers call their weapons and destroy the four villains. They run off. Sledge bemoans Poisnadra's death. Evox arrives and has selected Goldar to destroy the Rangers. He shows clips of Goldar, also with the wrong voice. Evox takes out Goldar's sword. Scrozzle adds the diamonds to the Reanimatizer and creates a new upgraded Goldar. Evox tells him he is his master. SLedge insults him and Goldar kicks him. Evox tells Goldar to destroy Sledge which he does. Back at Grid Battleforce, the Rangers wonder what Evox wanted. Devon figures it might have been Poisnadra who wanted the diamonds. The Rangers laugh about Steel's butt.  

Episode Review:

If you are going to use clips from old episodes, and can't use the original voices or audio, then don't use it. Also, why can't you get the original voice actors? I understand about budgets but what not, it just ruins the clips and episode. Plus, fans and kids could watch the original episodes on Netflix. Also, since Robert Axelrod died, it is sad they replaced his voice. Great idea and premise but not an ideal execution. If it didn't have that voice problem, it would be up there in great Halloween clipshows along with Power Rangers Samurai's Party Monsters.