Saturday, June 3, 2017

Yamato Kazakiri cameos in last Power Rangers Dino Force Brave

The South Korean sequel to Kyoryuger (2013) known as Power Rangers Dino Force Brave (2017) has come to an end and at the end of the episode,  Yamato Kazakiri appears as his character Masaki/Zyuoh Eagle from Zyuohger (2016). He speaks Korean and introduces himself as Eagle Ranger of Power Rangers Animal Force, the name of the dub of Zyuohger that will air next in South Korea. Interesting marketing indeed. If you are wondering, Ninninger (2015) which aired before Zyuohger in Japan did indeed air in South Korea as Power Rangers Ninja Force. So basically South Korea has been following Sentai by the tee, unlike Power Rangers in the west.

Updated 7/5/17
This was reshot in Japanese for the Japanese dub.