Saturday, February 19, 2011

Poll Results: Retrofire/Rita Toy/Gokaiger Personality/GokaiOh/Deal with Nighlok

What do you think about the Retrofire Megazords coming back?
Good 145 (73%)
I'll Buy 44 (22%)
Don't Know 33 (16%)
Dumb 13 (6%)

What do you think about finally having a Rita toy coming out?
Finally! 174 (78%)
Don't Like the Look 35 (15%)
Gonna Buy it 31 (13%)
Don't Know Yet 30 (13%)

Which Gokaiger personality do you like so far?
Captain Marvelous
179 (68%)
Don Dogoier
94 (36%)
Joe Gibken
74 (28%)
Luka Millfy
127 (48%)
Ahim de Famille
85 (32%)

Do you like the GokaiOh cockpit?
231 (96%)
9 (3%)

Did you like "Deal With a Nighlok"?
155 (73%)
19 (9%)
37 (17%)

Did you like Gokaiger Episode One?
Yes 218 (95%)
No 11 (4%)

Pictures of Gokaiger Ep 2 and 3

Episode 2:
Flashback shows Aka Red give the Ranger Keys to Marvelous

His badge changed to 35 years logo.

A boy transforms into Shinken Red via Marvelous' changer.

The Gokaiger change into Dekaranger, Hurricanger and various Reds:

Kai from Magiranger shows up at the end of the episode and will be in Ep 3.

New Ending:

The first ending had Goranger to Liveman, this one has Turboranger to Timeranger, I am guessing the next will have Gaoranger to Goseiger and they will rotate 3 endings, one per episode, or change them constantly like Go-Onger.

Episode 3:

Small pics from

Looks like Gokai Blue will become Big One and AbareBlack and the girls will become Gao White, White Swan, Ninja Black and Go-On Black. Wow, another black with skirt. Maybe we will get Green with skirt!

New Ending and Ep 3 Preview thanks to Gold Samurai:

(Might vary by country)

Limited Download:
(Might not be downloadable after a couple of months)