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Noboru Kaneko returns to Super Sentai in Gokaiger

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Noboru Kaneko reprises his role as GaoRed for Episode 9, he seems to be a veterinarian.

It seems in Episode 9, they transform into Gaoranger, Jetman, and Turboranger. In Episode 8, they transformed into Gaoranger, Denjiman and Goggle V.

Guess the Ultra

Guess which 'Ultra' the picture it is. Some are easy, some are not. I might have repeated one again as a trick. Today is Saturday and I will posting answers on Tuesday and who got it right.

  1. Put the letter you are guessing and your guess. If there is a picture you can't guess, don't include it. I don't want to see: 'e. I don't know' or 'e. I think its...' Only put the ones you are absolutely sure about. And don't put 'OR,' only one guess per number/picture.
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Two Ultra Q Monsters in Ultra Series

Ultra Q is the series that came before Ultraman and in order to tie both series together, they had two monsters from Ultra Q appear in Ultraman.

In Ultraman, Ragon was originally a human sized beast, until an atomic bomb accidentilly went off in the ocean and caused it to grow huge (30 meters tall). Ragon found another atomic bomb and destroyed a ship and attacked a seaside hotel. The monster than pursued Fuji, Hoshino and a young girl into a nearby forest, where the Science Patrol tried to stop the beast from a jet, but failed. Hayata became Ultraman and battled Ragon, the battle was hard because he had to keep the atomic bomb from going off. Eventually Ultraman shot his Specium Ray in the creature, killing it, and the dead Ragon fell off of a cliff.

Kemular is an alien monster related to Zetton aliens. Dozens of birds are found dead and Kemular soon emerges and attacks a few girls picnicking. The Science Patrol researches a cloud of smoke and the rest of the team arrive as back up when communications end. After blasting the kaiju with their weapons, Kemular again uses his smoke causing the team to retreat. Kemular makes his way to Fuji's down rocket. Before it can crush the vehicle, the team gives Isamu directions through the radio on how to take off and escape. Kemular advances to one of Japan's cities as Arashi works on a counter for the poisonous smoke. Kemular easily destroys tanks and escapes. Hayata's plane is blown from the sky and as he falls, Hayata transforms into Ultraman. Kemular held the hero off with his smoke and the specium ray fails to destroy the creature. As Ultraman battled the creature, he held it up which allowed the patrol to hit his weak spot with a new weapon. Kemular falls down and manages to crawl back into his underground home, never to be seen again.

In Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero, after a hiker was found covered in a toxic substance, WINR was sent out to investigate the situation. The area was searched thoroughly with no sign of anything unusual other than strange substances on a few trees. The next day, a large amount of cattle disappeared without any evidence of escape or cattle rustling. Just then, a strange pair of wings came up from under the ground with a two pronged tail next to it. After it was analyzed back at the base, the body parts identified the monster as Kemular, a creature that wreaked havoc on China seventeen years earlier. After WINR fired at the tail, Kemular reacted using his sulfuric mist, causing their fighter to crash and poisoning the pilots. Later that day, WINR was given orders to destroy Kemular at all costs, allowing them access to a special aircraft called the MTC. Using meat to lure him to the surface, Kemular made himself known and used his long tongue to grab the bait, causing the MTC to shake violently. As WINR tried to fight Kemular, Kenichi took the meat and used the car to drag it with it. Kemular caught the smell of the meat and started to track Kenichi as WINR continued their assault on him. Once Kemular ate the meat, Kenichi's jeep crashed and shortly after turned into Ultraman Powered. Before Kemular was about to attack more hikers, Powered attacked him and began to do battle. Powered then held back Kemular's wings, allowing WINR to fire a missile at his brain and kill him.

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Hero Profile: Ultraman Great

Ultraman: Towards the Future is a 13 episode series produced in 1990 in Australia by the South Australian Film Corporation and Japan's Tsuburaya Productions (the creators of the Ultraman character). The first 6 episodes were the "Goudes Threat" story arc. Distributed in the United States by Sachs Family Entertainment, the show was broadcast in weekly syndication from 4 January to 28 March 1992. Although simply called "Ultraman" in the original Australian version, he is called "Ultraman Great" in Japan to differentiate him from the established original Ultraman. At the time, eco-awareness was at a high, and many episodes included environmental themes. Ultraman's three minute time limit is also attributed to "Earth's polluted atmosphere" in this version.

Jack Shindo and Stanely Haggard are members of the first manned expedition to Mars, and on the red planet find a giant slug-like monster, Goudes/Gudis. Suddenly the giant warrior, Ultraman, arrives and fights Goudes, but is knocked down for a period. Shindo is pinned by a rockslide and Haggard tries to escape in their ship but is blown up by Gudis. It is then that Ultraman gets up, and when he is on the verge of victory Goudes changes into a virus and travels to Earth, where it mutates other creatures into monsters and awakens existing ones.

Needing a human host to survive on Earth, Ultraman joins with Jack, allowing him to become the mighty alien when all seems lost. He joins the Universal Multipurpose Agency, or UMA, in order to help them battle the monsters. Halfway through the series a new Goudes, more powerful than the first, appears. It imprisons Ultraman, but Jack ultimately shows it the futility of its mission. Even if it does manage to corrupt all life, eventually there will be nothing else to corrupt, and Goudes is destroyed once and for all. For the rest of the series the environmental themes are stronger and the monsters usually arise from human pollution.

In the series finale, a doomsday scenario begins with the appearance of three powerful monsters: Kilazee, Kodalar, and the Earth itself, which tries to wipe out the human race for abusing it. Ultraman is defeated by Kodalar, but Jack survives. Ultimately the humans use an ancient disc to destroy Kodalar by reflecting its own power at it and Ultraman defeats Kilazee and carries it into space, separating Jack from him and restoring him on Earth as a normal human. The victory is seen as another chance for the human race.

Dore Kraus as Jack Shindo

Picture of him with a fan.

Hero Profile: Ultraman Powered

Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero was produced in the US in 1993 by Major Havoc Entertainment (later renamed Steppin Stone Entertainment) and Tsuburaya Productions (the creators of the Ultraman character), with a total of 13 episodes. Following the footsteps of the Australian-produced Ultraman: Towards the Future, this was the second live-action Ultra Series produced outside Japan. Titled Ultraman Powered for Japanese release, the show was released on home video there on December 17, 1993.

However, despite being produced in America, the show was never broadcast here. The members of WINR (pronounced "Winner") respond when members of the alien Baltan race attack Earth, but the Baltans are only fended off when a gigantic alien, Ultraman Powered, joins with WINR member Kenichi Kai and gives him the power to metamorphose into Ultraman in times of danger. At the end of the first episode Ultraman declares that the Baltans were not completely defeated and that he will remain on Earth to continue the fight. WINR and Ultraman destroy numerous other monsters, but WINR learns that the Baltans were arranging all the battles to learn Ultraman's strengths and weaknesses.

They also learn Kai's secret identity when Ultraman is injured by Dorako and Kai sports an identical wound. In the finale the Baltans unleash their most powerful monster, Zetton. Ultraman separates from Kai and takes on Zetton, but is overwhelmed. Ultraman's color timer is flashing more and more rapidly as he tries to blast Zetton only to have Zetton easily withstand the blasts. He then summons more energy despite the risk to fire a shot at Zetton's ship. This causes the shot to bounce off it towards Z-ton's back but he turns and blocks the shot. Ultraman then falls over backwards as his energy is completely drained. Before he can perish completely, other members of the Ultra race, appearing as balls of light, arrive and convert Ultraman into a red ball of light so that he can return home. Ultraman returns home with them and the last we see is his face in the red ball with his eyes red from anger. This is the only time that Red King is actually red (as opposed to gold & blue).

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List of all Ultramen

UPDATED 4/8/11 9:15 AM EST
I might be missing some. Kind of out of order.

  1. Ultraman

  2. Ultra Seven

  3. Ultraman Jack (The Return of Ultrman)

  4. Ultraman Ace

  5. Ultraman Taro

  6. Ultraman Leo

  7. Ultrman Jonias (The Ultraman)

  8. Ultraman 80

  9. Ultraman Tiga

  10. Ultraman Dyna

  11. Ultraman Gaia

  12. Ultraman Neos

  13. Ultraman Cosmos

  14. The Next [Ultraman (2004)]
    Ultraman: The Next, released in Japan simply titled ULTRAMAN. It is part of the Ultra Series' experimental Ultra N Project, and features an Ultraman character codenamed "The Next".

  15. Ultraman Nexus

  16. Ultraman Max

  17. Ultraman Mebius

  18. Ultraseven X

  19. Ultraman Zero (Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend The Movie)

  20. Zoffy

  21. Father of Ultra

  22. Mother of Ultra (Taro)

  23. Ultraman King

  24. Ultraman Astra (Leo)

  25. Evil Tiga

  26. Ultraman Agul (Gaia)

  27. Ultraman Hikari (Mabius)

  28. Hunter Knight Tsurugi (Mabius)

  29. Ultraman Justice (Ultraman Cosmos)

  30. Ultraman Noa (Noa: Nostalgia)

  31. Ultraman Xenon (Ultraman Max)

  32. Ultraman Belial (Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend The Movie)

  33. Dark Zagi (Ultraman Nexus)
  34. Ultaman Chuck

  35. Ultraman Scott

  36. Ultraman Powered

  37. Ultraman Great

  38. Astra (Leo)

Might count, dunno:
Ultraman Nice
Ultraman Nice was released in a series of commercials advertise the wide variety of Bandai Ultraman toys.

Ultraman Zearth
Ultraman Zearth is a parody Ultraman and had a hygiene fixation.

Ultrawoman Beth (Ultraman: The Adventure Begins)

Yullian (Ultraman 80)

Ultrawoman Amia (The Ultraman)