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Power Rangers Super Megaforce - In The Driver's Seat - Episode Review

UPDATED 10/12/14 11AM
Updated with pictures from
 Episode Summary:
Gosei tells the Rangers of an emergency signal from Corinth and not to go, they say they'll go. They enter the wormhole and then Professor Cog closes it on them. Professor Cog and the Grinders enter the city through a farmer. Vekar and his crew don't like this. The Rangers see Corinth from the top of the Sky Ship, it seems empty except for the Turbo Falcon, which could not be controlled. Jake tells it stop with a megaphone, Noah and Emma try to with no luck. Gia screams at it and it makes a U-turn. Troy chases it and it attacks the Sky Ship.

The Rangers pit their helmets on and get in their zords (we don't see where Orion went) and follow the zord. Vekar, Argus and Levira and X-Borgs face Professor Cog. Gosei recognizes Cog and tells Tensou to call them. Turbo Falcon blasts Gia and Emma out of tis way. Noah blasts it and it starts flying. Troy blasts at it but doesn't make a clean hit. Troy has the idea to tame it. He knocks Turbo Falcon down. The five morph into the Legendary Megazord. They jump on top of the zord. Tensou can't reach them. The wormhole is gone.

Levira and Argus fight off Grinders. Cog calls them lame and incompetent. Troy tells them that their mission is complete, they get a call from Gosei. The communication goes out and they are 'stuck' on Corinth. Turbo Falcon revs and Gia thinks it wants to help. It flies and tries to create a portal. Gia thanks it and they go into the Sky Ship. They go through the rift and the villains see them. The six go down and fight the two factions of villains. Cog wants to join forces. Levira is not for it, the three generals leave. Cog blasts them.

The Rangers change to RPM. Cog sends X-Borgs and Grinders against them. Cog attacks them and they use their weapons against him. They change back to Super Mega and call for the Cannon. He becomes bigger. They call the Megazords. The RPM keys glow. Gosei says Turbo Falcon wants to lend his powers. They use the RPM keys to open the wormhole (why didn't they do it before?) and enter the Engine Cell and Turbo Falcon grows larger and attacks Cog.

They climb on it and make the Legendary RPM Megazord. They slash Cog, fly in the air and finish him off. Turbo Falcon leaves the Rangers near where the Wormhole opened. Gia talks to it, it leaves through a rift. Jake doesn't get how she understands the zord. They have no ride home, they try ask the tractor but he avoids them as he was tricked by Cog. They walk and Jake steps on mud and they call him the Brown Ranger.

Episode Review:
They used the Machine World from the footage and called it Corinth. No dome, no people. Not even an explanation. Some fans have joked there is a curfew. Kids can easily go on Netflix and see RPM and not recognize it because RPM barely used footage of the Machine World because it was barely seen on Go-Onger. They refered to one attack as "Grand Prix" which is more Go-Onger than RPM.  This episode reminds me of "A Lion Alliance" because it went to a familiar setting but didn't see anyone familiar. Also we are not getting a Gia-centric episode AT ALL on the show. And no I am not counting the one with Emma where they hated each other. We barely have learned anything about Gia, she remains mysterious. When you think about it, the episode is advertise the Turbo Falcon and it is all over the episode so there you go. 

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New Super Megaforce Megazords Commercials

UPDATED 10/15/14
My 4 year old nephew Jaiden told me about this commercial he saw but I hadn't but I wasn't sure if it was real. I saw a bit of it on Instagram but Toy Planet has uploaded it so I finally saw it. It is advertising the three Megazords but also has the Ranger Keys rendered through the computer and they talk.
Toy Planet:

Second commercial, extended CGI, from Bandai:

Third commercial about Silver Legendary Morpher and Megazords (from Samuraicast)

Let me try to identify some, there is a lot of repeats. The front Red key is obviously Super Megaforce Red.
Left to Right:
Blue Wild Force, Silver Super Megaforce, Yellow Mystic Force, Green Super Megaforce, Pink Super Megaforce, Silver Super Megaforce, Red Mystic Force, Green Mighty Morphin, Silver Super Megaforce (2), Pink Super Megaforce, Blue RPM, Green Mystic Force (or RPM?), Blue Samurai, Yellow Super Megaforce, Pink RPM? (Red RPM top and Super Megaforce bottom), Blue Super Megaforce, Pink Super Megaforce, Red Super Megaforce, Green Mighty Morphin, Blue Wild Force, Green Mighty Morphin, Black RPM, Yellow Ninja Storm, Blue Samurai, Pink Super Megaforce, Blue Samurai, Pink Super Megaforce, Silver Super Megaforce, Green Mighty Morphin, and Blue Wild Force.

Here we got Left to Right: Mighty Morphin Green, Blue Wild Force, Silver Super Megaforce, Pink Super Megaforce and Yellow Ninja Storm.
 It's hard to tell but there is a lot of Purple, Yellow, Pink, Blue, Red and Green. With some Silver in there. There is about 10 yellow, 7 pink, 4 purple (could be Pink or Blue because of video compression), over 10 Red, over 10 Blue, 9 Green and 3 or 4 Silver.

Silver Super Megaforce Ranger and RPM Red

 In this shot there is Samurai Blue, Mystic Yellow, Super Mega Pink, Super Mega Silver, Ninja Storm Yellow, Wild Force Blue and Super Mega Red

Super Mega Pink, Super Mega Blue, Super Mega Silver, RPM Red, Mystic Yellow, Mystic Green, RPM Black (Red repaint), Super Mega Red, Wild Force Blue, Super Mega Green, Super Mega Yellow, Mighty Morphin Green, and Samurai Blue

 Mighty Morphin Green

 Green Mystic Force, other keys are Wild Force Blue, Super Megaforce Pink and Yellow Mystic Force.

The keys present and can be seen which ones (parenthesis is how many repeated):
  1. Blue Wild Force (2)
  2. Blue RPM (repaint of Red)
  3. Blue Super Megaforce
  4. Blue Samurai (2)
  5. Silver Super Megaforce (6)
  6. Yellow Mystic Force
  7. Yellow Super Megaforce
  8. Yellow Ninja Storm
  9. Green Super Megaforce
  10. Green Mighty Morphin (4)
  11. Green Mystic Force
  12. Pink Super Megaforce (6) 
  13. Pink RPM (Repaint of Red)
  14. Red Mystic Force
  15. Red RPM
  16. Red Super Megaforce 
  17. Black RPM Ranger (Repaint of Red)

Keys not released yet: Black RPM Ranger -- which now I think is a mistake
Even though I don't like that they are repeats (I mean I think of 50 Rangers they could had replaced with), it is still a cool commercial. Pink Super Megaforce and Silver Super Megaforce are repeated the most. They basically only had 14 keys. This was most likely made by a separate company and was only gave 14 designs and they only had the budget to make 14 keys on the computer.

It's dark but I spotted: Green Lightspeed, Mighty Morphin Green, Green Mystic, Green Lost Galaxy, Yellow SM, SPD Blue, Blue Turbo, MM Blue, Red Space, Red Megaforce Red MMPR, Red Zeo, SPD Red, Time Force Red, and Wild Force Black.

Razzle1337 has found in the TRU (Toys R Us) system 15 Ranger Key Packs under the number 171294 and the old number was 043674 which had 24 packs. Razzle says it usually goes by item listing, then few days later item name, a week later item description and finally the image. The fifteen packs are numbered 38313 through 38327. With 38310, 38311, 38312 we will have 18 new packs coming in, mostly likely between October to December 2014. There is still no word on what the names of the packs yet and as of this moment, they have not been spotted at stores yet.

He found another three eariler:
38310 - Mighty Morphin Pack C
38311 - Mighty Morphin Pack D
38312 - Super Megaforce Pack C

RangerCrew has an HD version

Thursday, October 9, 2014

New York Comic Con 2014 Bandai Booth

UPDATED 10/10/14 11 PM EST
Other than Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie Legacy figures at the display, nothing else new. They had Dino Charge toys, Legacy items and Ranger Keys. Pictures from TokuNation...
TokuNation had a Q & A with Bandai:
TokuNation Dino Charge toys
Super Megaforce toys
Legacy Items

No Ranger Key close up pictures yet. Word is that they are the same as they were in SDCC 2014. I like the Ivan Ooze figure and the movie figures. I will be getting those for sure. As for the Ranger Keys, Bandai America did not want to discuss them because of their 'partners' which could possibly be a store chain (could be Amazon, Toys R Us, K-Mart or even 7-Eleven, you never know).

Pictures thanks to Dylan7425
They are the same basic keys from SDCC 2014, but with Silver Super Megaforce Ranger Key
Top Left to Right: Blue Lost Galaxy, Armored MMPR Red, Gold RPM, Blue RPM, Red Space, Pink SM, White Aquitar, Blue Jungle Fury, Pink Time Force, Green Samurai (Ninja Storm)
Second Row: Black Wild Force, White Rhino, Yellow Mystic, Silver RPM, Yellow Jungle Fury, Blue MM, Black MM, Red Aquitar, Yellow Zeo, Red RPM
Third Row: Blue Ninja Storm, Green Time Force, Black Dino Thunder, Green Mystic Force, Gold Samurai, Pink MM, Blue SPD, Yellow RPM, Magna Defender, Blue Dino Thunder
Fourth Row: Green Turbo, Red Lightspeed, Yellow Wild Force, Navy Ranger, Red Lost Galaxy, Silver Super Megaforce, Red Mystic Force, Pink Zeo, Blue Space, Green Lost Galaxy

Top Left to Right: Green SM, Blue Megaforce, Yellow Aquitar, Red MMPR, Green Zeo, Blue Lost Galaxy, Armored MMPR Red, Gold RPM, RPM Blue
Second Row: Black Space, Lunar Wolf, Red Zeo, Wolf Ranger, Red OO, Black Wild Force, White Rhino, Yellow Mystic, Silver RPM
Third Row: Green Samurai, Pink Turbo, Yellow NS, Green RPM, Blue Zeo, Blue Ninja Storm, Green Time Force, Black Dino Thunder
Fourth Row: Gold Zeo, Red Dino Thunder, Yellow SM, Red Samurai, Green Turbo, Red Lightspeed, Yellow Wild Force, and Navy Ranger

Wolf Warrior and Phantom Ranger

White Mystic Ranger and Yellow Lost Galaxy

Gold Samurai and Pink Mighty Morphin

Gold RPM

Solaris Knight and Blue Wild Force 

 Gold Zeo
Pink SPD and Black Megaforce

Blue Senturion, MM Green

Pink Turbo  

 Crimson Ranger
Above picture from Heavenandcats from Instagram
More pics from RubenDeJesus48
 Top Left to Right: Red Ninja Storm, Omega Ranger, Blue Turbo, Pink SPD, Black Megaforce, Red Megaforce
Second Row: Wolf Warrior, Phantom Ranger, Yellow MM, Blue SM, White Dino, Blue OO
Third Row: Blue Senturion, Green MM, Ninjor, Red SM, Yellow OO, Red SPD
Fourth Row: Crimson Ranger, Blue Lightspeed, White Mystic, Yellow Lost Galaxy, Blue Time Force, Red Turbo

Zetenna of Instagram post this
Top Left to Right: Pink SM, White Aquitar, Blue Jungle Fury, Pink Time Force, Green Samurai (Ninja Storm), Blue  , Red Wild Force, Green SPD, Black Alien, Red Ninja Storm, Omega Ranger, Blue Turbo
Second Row: Blue MM, Black MM, Red Aquitar, Yellow Zeo, Red RPM, Green Lightspeed, White MM, Gold RPM, Blue Wild Force, Wolf Warrior, Phantom Ranger, Yellow MM
Third Row:  Pink MM, Blue SPD, Yellow RPM, Magna Defender, Blue Dino Thunder, Red Time Force, Shadow Ranger, Red Jungle Fury, Yellow In Space, Blue Senturion, Green MM, Ninjor,
Fourth Row: Silver Super Megaforce, Red Mystic Force, Pink Zeo, Blue Space, Green Lost Galaxy, Pink Samurai, Blue Alien, Mercury Ranger, Black OO, Crimson Ranger, Blue Lightspeed, White Mystic, Yellow Lost Galaxy
Keys Present:
  1. Red Mighty Morphin
  2. Red Armored Mighty Morphin
  3. Red Alien
  4. Red Zeo
  5. Red Turbo
  6. Red Space
  7. Red Lost Galaxy
  8. Red Lightspeed Rescue
  9. Red Time Force
  10. Red Wild Force
  11. Red Ninja Storm
  12. Red Dino Thunder
  13. Red SPD
  14. Red Mystic Force
  15. Red Jungle Fury
  16. Red RPM
  17. Red Samurai
  18. Red Megaforce
  19. Red Super Megaforce
  20. Wolf Warrior
  21. Crimson Ranger
  22. Yellow Mighty Morphin
  23. Yellow Alien
  24. Yellow Zeo
  25. Yellow In Space
  26. Yellow Lost Galaxy
  27. Yellow Wild Force
  28. Yellow Ninja Storm
  29. Yellow Mystic Force
  30. Yellow Operation Overdrive
  31. Yellow Jungle Fury
  32. Yellow RPM
  33. Yellow Super Megaforce
  34. Green Mighty Morphin
  35. Green Zeo
  36. Green Turbo
  37. Green Lost Galaxy
  38. Green Lightspeed
  39. Green Time Force
  40. Green Ninja Storm
  41. Green SPD
  42. Green Mystic Force
  43. Green RPM
  44. Green Samurai
  45. Green Super Megaforce
  46. Blue Alien Ranger
  47. Blue Ninja Storm
  48. Shadow Ranger
  49. Blue Senturion
  50. Ninjor
  51. Blue Mighty Morphin
  52. Blue Zeo
  53. Blue Turbo
  54. Blue Space
  55. Blue Lost Galaxy
  56. Blue Lightspeed
  57. Blue Time Force
  58. Blue Wild Force
  59. Navy Ranger
  60. Blue Dino Thunder
  61. Blue SPD
  62. Blue Operation Overdrive
  63. Blue Jungle Fury
  64. Blue RPM
  65. Blue Samurai
  66. Blue Megaforce
  67. Blue Super Megaforce
  68. Pink Mighty Morphin
  69. Pink Zeo
  70. Pink Turbo
  71. Pink Time Force
  72. Pink SPD
  73. Pink Samurai
  74. Pink Super Megaforce
  75. Violet Jungle Fury
  76. White Mighty Morphin
  77. White Alien
  78. Omega Ranger
  79. White Dino Thunder
  80. White Mystic Force
  81. White Jungle Fury
  82. Black Mighty Morphin
  83. Black Alien
  84. Phantom Ranger
  85. Magna Defender
  86. Black Wild Force
  87. Black Dino Thunder
  88. Black Operation Overdrive
  89. Black Megaforce
  90. Gold Zeo
  91. Solaris Knight
  92. Gold RPM
  93. Gold Samurai
  94. Lunar Wolf Ranger
  95. Mercury Ranger
  96. Silver RPM
  97. Silver Super Megaforce Ranger

It seems there are 2 keys less (97 here) than last time at SDCC (98). They are missing Black Space and Pink Lost Galaxy They added Silver Super Megaforce.