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Power Rangers RPM - Episode 23 - And Action...

I don't even know if this is going to work. My mac decided to crap out on me once again. Don't believe the commercials for Mac guys! I am going to try to get the episode online but I don't know if I will be able to.

Episode Review

Okay, it is kind of hard to summarize this episode because of its format. First the seven get an alarm of an attackbot and they run off, but stop in place, they freeze. Ziggy spooks the audience and says things are going to be a little different. He is sitll Ziggy and says he will show behind the scenes, he tries to teleport and finally does when he has his morpher. We see the cameras and background. Then Ziggy tries to get into Flynn's jeep. Flynn stops him and they review the vehicles they use, including Ziggy's bike. Then Flynn goes over their stunts on the vehicles. Then we see Summer and Dillon and they go over the stunts they o, with grip and safety instructions. Looks like they actually get to do cool stunts.

After the commercial, Ziggy goes to Dr. K and asks to show off the arsenal. Dr. K says she is too busy. Ziggy gives Dr. K marshmellows. Dr. K shows us special and effects. Cleaning away wires and use of green screen, all the use of the computer. ZIggy asks for more, offering her an apple, she declines and eats her marshmellow. We then see the Grinders chill-laxing and then serve Tenaya behind trailers. Scott goes over the villains, saying they are stubborn. We see them fighting, he says the camera moving adds to the action. That thye put together sound effects and props. Funny enough, they don't mention wire-fu. We see clips from previous episodes of the fights. Scott fights Tenaya, says you should never fight a girl, but since Tenaya is an evil robot, it's okay. Tenaya overpowers Scott, saying not to believe men are stronger. They talk about the stunt team, that has been working 'for years.' and teaching the new cast stunts to do.

After the commercial break, Gem and Gema goes over the explosions. They of course have to say that they are really got. They say when they are running away, they are really running away. They say safety is always important. They prepare to shoot a shot. They volunteer Ziggy, he declines. Then the six have morphed and Ziggy makes a mistake. They then show bloopers. Pretty mnild, just flubbing lines, misplacing stuff, unable to do the morphin sequence properly. The nice ones are the door closing in on Scott, and Ziggy dropping pink putty on Gema from his mouth. After the commercial break, Ziggy says they are going to watch the movie. Everyone sits down with popcorn. Dr. K comes in her pajamas and slippers. Dillon asks who let the dogs out. Dr. K was told by Ziggy that it was going to be a Pajama party.

Ziggy says they all voted they look ridicilous. He then says it is time to enjoy the fruits of their labors, showing the apple from before. They watch the video, Flynn fighting, then Scott, then Ziggy and Dillon and Summer coming in. And last but not least, the twins come in. And Scott fights Tenaya. Tenaya blasts the twins and explosion occurs. The others help them up. The seven morph and they fight the Dowsing Banki from Go-Onger, which Ziggy refered to as female before, she was female in Go-Onger but the monster sounds to have a male grunting voice. The Power Rangers fight the Grinders. You'd think they'd mention the stuntmen, but I guess they want kids to believe it is them in the suits. The movie credits has 'scott as himself, ziggy as himself, etc.' The alarm goes off, Ziggy whispers to us that Dr. K will make him the new Red Ranger. Scott says he is not going anywhere but Ziggy will.

Review: Cute, they went over the basics that goes to making a show, but didn't bore too much. They probably kept them in character for the kids.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Rest In Peace Tribute to Power Ranger Cast Members

Thuy Trang
December 14, 1973(1973-12-14) - September 3, 2001
She was born Saigon, South Vietnam. Her dad was a soldier in the Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN). Fearing for his life, he fled South Vietnam and was given political asylum by the U.S. In 1975 the rest of the family (Thuy, her mom, two brothers and a sister) were forced to flee Saigon and in 1979 they secretly boarded a cargo ship along with others traveling to Hong Kong, with the ultimate aim of reaching the U.S. She graduated from Banning High School and earned a scholarship to study civil engineering at the University of California, Irvine. Trang died in a car accident at the age of 27 on September 3, 2001.

Erik Frank
October 14, 1971 - April 16, 2001
Jason David Frank's (Tommy) older brother died of an unspecified illness around the same time Thuy Trang died, five months apart but Jason couldn't go to Thuy's funeral. He played Tommy's brother David Trueheart, in several episodes of Power Rangers Zeo. He was 29.

Richard Genelle
October 12, 1961 - December 30, 2008
He played Ernie from 1993-1997, Genelle died following a heart attack in 2008. He was 47.
More here.

Machiko Soga
March 18, 1938 - May 7, 2006
The legendary Machiko Soga, best known to Americans as Rita Repulsa, she played Queen Hedrian in Denshi Sentai Denziman and Taiyou Sentai Sun Vulcan, witch Bandora in Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger, Queen Pandora in Jikuu Senshi Spielban, Raraba in Episode 30 of Maskman, and Magiel the Queen of the Sky Saints in Mahou Sentai Magiranger. She was fighting pancreatic cancer for almost two years. She was 68.


Peta Rutter
1959 – July 20, 2010
She passed away in July 2010, after being diagnosed with a brain tumor. She portrayed the mentor Udonna/White Mystic Ranger.

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E! True Hollywood Story?

The E! True Hollywood Story has been going on since 1996, on Wednesday, May 27th, 2009, the 500th THS episode premiered. It was a top 10 countdown of the greatest stories ever told.

But E! True Hollywood Story has never tackled the Power Rangers. I think they never ever thought about it but I think they are missing out on a great opportunity. There is a lot to cover and I think it would be interesting. The first three seasons of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers were not without conflict, controversy, scandal and intrigue. So I implore those in charge at E! to think this over!

  1. First of all, they can cover how it all started with Sentai and Haim's idea. The pilot and then cast switch of Trini, and how the actors were not part of SAG and were paid so little and had to sign a contract for their likeness. The controversy between Trini being Yellow and Zack being Black.
  2. Then discuss the show's height to popularity. How Saban ordered more footage from Toei. Then Season Two and how the megazord footage didn't match and the new original footage of Lord Zedd.
  3. Doing the pilot of Cybertron with Jason David Frank and the hiring of Brad Hawkins for the White Ranger, but with the popularity of Tommy, Saban opted on keeping Tommy on the show and putting Brad as a VR Trooper.
  4. Austin, Walter, and Thuy asking for more money and being fired and replaced. And how on the set they would say 'Be good or we will send you to a Youth Peace Conference."
  5. The making of the movie, filming in Australia, hiring and firing of Steve Wang.
  6. The Rat monsters, the movie being shot with them and the Ranger's visors off, and then scrapping it all. Moving the Rats to the show and how fans didn't respond well to them.
  7. With Gabrielle Fitzpatrick (Dulcea) having to opt out because of medical reasons and the hiring of Mariska Hargitay and how the crew didn't like her. Her footage being scrapped when Gabrielle got better and could shoot footage as Dulcea. And them being left with a lot of leftover unusable footage and the movie going over schedule and over budget.
  8. Amy Jo leaving.
  9. Karan Ashley leaving.
  10. Changing to Zeo. Jason coming back. Billy leaving.
  11. Turbo, Justin's inpopularity.
  12. The cast exchanging for younger cast.
  13. Then the tradition of new everything every year.
  14. Valerie Vernon becoming sick and having to replace her.
  15. Thuy Trang's tragic death.
  16. The Red Rangers coming back for the 10th anniversary.
  17. Disney buying Power Rangers and moving to New Zealand.
  18. Jason David Frank returning for Dino Thunder
  19. RPM, hiring of Eddie, overbudget, return of Judd, cancellation.

Images in Still Life: Power Rangers in Japan

I only posted the ones I found....

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
(via Hero Club)

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie:

Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie:


Lost Galaxy....

Lightspeed Rescue:
(above is Korean I believe)

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Power Rangers RPM Episodes 1-10 videos

I am no longer having Episodes 6 through 10 of Power Rangers RPM posted on this blog nor on YouTube. It is because the Power Rangers RPM Volume 2 DVD was released September 8th in the United States and Canada. I had taken off Episodes one through five when Volume 1 was released, because of copyright. My account will be removed if I keep the episodes up as long as it is on sale. Especially since my account is from the United States and the DVD is released in the United States and YouTube is an American company. People who want to see those episodes and can't get those DVDs (because they live in another country), can look else where.

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Power Rangers Piñatas

I am Hispanic and as you may know, piñatas are common ground in Hispanic Birthday parties. I should done this a while ago. I have made some Piñatas in my day. I have assisted my dad in three as a kid and I made one for myself. He made the pull string kind but I made one you meant to break, mine was of Togepi, a pokemon. I decided to show some Power Rangers Piñatas I have found on the web, they are hilarious. None are official, the only official one has pull strings. Well, I am starting with the funny ones and then go one to the bigger and better. I'm putting this in Spanish for whoever did them (who is most likely Hispanic) to know what they did wrong or right, whatever the case may be.

Yo soy hispano, y como ustedes saben, las piñatas son común en las fiestas de cumpleaños para los hispanos. Yo hecho una Piñatas antes. He asistido a mi papá en tres cuando yo era un niño y he hecho una para mí. Hizo el tipo cadena de tracción, pero hice uno que pretende romper, el mío era de Togepi, un Pokémon. Decidí mostrar algunas Piñatas de Power Rangers que he encontrado en el web, son hilarantes. Bueno, estoy empezando con los mas divertidos y luegar a los más mejor. Estoy poniendo esto en Español, para quien los hizo (más probable hechos por hispanos) para saber lo que hicieron mal o bueno, cualquiera que sea el caso.

This was for a boy's birthday party, it is not that bad but what I find funny is the red circle in the middle. It looks most like a Yellow Lightspeed Ranger.

Esto fue para la fiesta de cumpleaños de un niño, no es tan malo, pero lo que me parece curioso es que el círculo rojo en el centro. Se ve más como la Ranger Lighstpeed Amarillo (2000).

This was for a current party, they had SPD/Lost Galaxy birthday stuff, but I guess they went with Lightspeed Rescue because it is the easiest. I find it funny that the Green Lightspeed Ranger with a black belt and yellow pirate-like buckle.

Esto fue para una fiesta reciente, que habían cosas de SPD (2005) / Lost Galaxy, pero supongo que ellos hiceron una pinata de Lightspeed Rescue (2000) porque es la más fácil. Me parece curioso que el Ranger Verde con un cinturón negro y hebilla amarillo como un pirata.

Okay this is the trippiest one of them all. It is a White Ranger but looks like a Mighty Morphin Ranger but the White Ranger never had the diamonds. And this has Black diamonds, which was not done like this and the visor---OMG (oh my god), it is the Red SPD Ranger's visor.

Bueno, este es el mas raro de todos ellos. Se parace un Ranger blanco, pero no se parece al Ranger Blanco de Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (1993), el nunca tiena los diamantes ni con estos diamantesnegros y la visera ---Oh, Dios mío, es el visor del Ranger Rojo SPD (2005).

This one is the Wild Force Red Ranger but his leg cuffs look more like something out of SPD. His belt is wrong and the black spots on his helmet are interesting. At least they got the glove and boot colors right. But what looks like silver could be gold, it is hard to tell with the pictures.

Este es el Ranger Rojo de Fuerza Salvaje (2002), pero los puños de las piernas parecen más a algo de SPD (2005). El cinturón está mal y las manchas negras en su casco son interesantes. Por lo menos tiene los colores de los guantes y botas correctas. Pero lo que parece el color plata, podrían ser de oro, es difícil a saber con este imágen.

This one is nice and simple and accurate. It is the Red Dino Thunder Ranger. Well, his visor is silver instead of black, doesn't matter to me.

La piñata es agradable y simple y precisa. Es el Ranger Rojo de Dino Truneo (2004). Bueno, su visera es en el color de plata en lugar de negro, no me importa.

This one is the Blue Dino Thunder Ranger but the chest symbol is way too elongated and the mask looks funny.

La piñata es el Ranger Azul de Dino Trueno (2004), sino el símbolo en el pecho es demasiado alargada y la máscara se ve rara.

I remember seeing piñatas at grocery stores back in the day. They were pretty accurate, the only one I saw that wasn't was a Green Space Ranger.
Recuerdo haber visto piñatas en las tiendas de comestibles hacer años. Estaban bastante precisa, el único que vio que no era un Ranger Verde de el estilo de Power Rangers en el Espacio, no habia verde en ese serie.

Here is a blue ranger one.

I like this one, they simplified it. It is the Red Mystic Ranger.

Me gusta esta piñata, es muy simple. Esta se llama el Ranger Rojo de Fuerza Mistica (2006).

This is the Pink Mystic Force Ranger, the only female I could find.

Esta piñata es la Ranger Rosada de la Fuerza Mística (2005), la única piñata de mujer que pude encontrar.

This Red SPD Ranger is cute. I like the buckle and shape but the boots are the wrong color.

This is one is great, I love how they wrote 'SPD.'

A mi me gusta estas piñatas de el Ranger Rojo SPD. Me gusta la hebilla y la forma de la primera piñata, pero las botas son del color equivocado--son rojos, no blanco. La segunda es mejor.

Another Dino Thunder Red Ranger, this one is really really good and accurate.
Otro Ranger Rojo de Dino Trueno, este es realmente muy bueno y preciso.

This is one is really creative and freaking awesome! I love the concept. It has the Red, Green and Yellow Mystic Force Power Rangers. I like the symbols under them, very accurate. The green is really dark but its green, not black.

Este es uno que es realmente creativo. Me encanta el concepto. Tiene los Rangers Rojo, Verde y Amarillo de la Fuerza Mistica. Me gustan los símbolos, muy precisos.

Now the following are hardcore, I don't even know how they are piñatas. They are virtually adult sized. They were made by this artist, he did ones of the Disney Princesses too and they were like this. I got these pictures years ago, I wish I remembered his e-mail address and name.

Ahora, los siguientes son realmente grandes, yo no sé ni cómo son las piñatas. Son casi de el tamaño de un humano. Fueron realizadas por un artista, que hizo las de las princesas de Disney también y eran así. Obtiner estas fotos hace años, me gustaría recordar su dirección de e-mail y su nombre.
Yellow Mystic Force Ranger

Red SPD Ranger

Red Dino Ranger

Shadow SPD Ranger

The best for last, the mother of all piñatas. The Red SPD Ranger in Swat Mode!!!
La mejor para el final, la madre de todas las piñatas. El SPD Ranger Rojo en Swat modo!