Sunday, September 6, 2009

Kamen Rider Dragon Knight website updated

I do not know when it has been updated but it has finally been updated with much more stuff. Unfortunately, the rider page section is messed up. They have eCards--which has Dragon, Wing, Torque and Strike's Final Vents. You can't go to Artwork and Fanart, and Coloring Book because you have to register and the register thing---is coming soon! So there are still plenty of things they got to fix. If they need a new webmaster, contact me! I've had Super Sentai Time Capsule for 10 years.
Updated 09/09/09
They have fixed the Riders section.

Games are cool, there are super-hard trivia game---it is hard! Try it on difficult. I don't remember what Aunt Grace called her bird! Also, the Puzzle games are cool, putting it on expert, it is like almost 100 pieces. Programming and the Advent Card section is not ready yet.

The avatar section is cute, you can select from Dragon, Wing, Strike, Torque and Siren advent deck buckles---but they dont have female face so why have the Siren deck?

Check it all out at

Also at, Kamen Rider Dragon Knight is focused on and there are videos of a guy showing kids what to do with their cycles.

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