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Power Rangers Dino Fury - The Copycat - Episode Review

 Episode Summary:

Javi will sing a song for a competition. Ollie sings and it is bad. Javi's dad is happy for him and wants him to practice the song he wrote. They go to Buzz Blast for the competition. The host is Jane. Pop Pop is the first contestant with a fiddle and song. He pops a balloon. A judge makes a joke. Amelia encourages her grandfather. His fiddle stick goes through the hat of one of the judges. Blair Barrelett, former lead singer of The Screaming Zombies. Izzy comments on his attitude from his last episode. They sings Javi's song. The Rangers aren't happy. Javi has them stop the song. Javi's dad shouts that he stole it. Blair says he wrote it. Javi's dad wants proof. The judge says he will move Javi into the final slot for tomorrow. Blair says he can't win. The judges have Blair continue. Mucus listens to the song in the base. Mucus tells Void Queen her idea of copying a weapon or zord. Void Queen says her plan is already in motion, She turns on the Sproxi machine, the Sporix energy goes around Tarrick. She laughs. 

Javi is upset, saying he can't come up with anything, and wants to pull out. Solon says you only fail when you don't try, which is from a fortune cookie. She says there is an alert. The Rangers arrive and it is Void King. They don't recognize him. They morph. He flies in the air and beats them up. Ollie demoprhs. She swings Amelia in the air and, she hits a wall and de-morphs. Izzy and Aiyon hit cars and de-morph. Javi goes to Izzy's aid. Void Knight explains he was Tarrick. Ollie says he tried to help them. He says Void Queen corrected him. Zayto tells them to go and gets the Dino Knight Morpher. He dons the armor. He knocks Void King over. Void King calls his weapon. He does DIno Knight Strike and knocks Red down. He copied his attack. Red retreats. Izzy and the others are on hospital beds in the base.

Javi says he will transform and fight like him so they can find a weakness. Outside, they practice. Javi dons the Dino Knight Armor and fights Zayto. Javi does the final attack and Zayto tries a special move. He dodges the attack. Javi tries the attack again, saying he needs more energy. Zayto does his own finisher and takes Javi down. Zayto says to try a new strategy for his song. Void King attacks again and Zayto goes without the others. Solon worries. Zayto arrives and morphs in front of Void King. Void Kning tries the copy attack again. Red avoids it but tries the strike. Void King tries again but he can't and Red bashes King. Sparks fly and he explodes. Void King survives and retreats. The Rangers recover. Zayto arrives all dirty and says he won. Zayto tells him he owes Javi. Javi says he will need an assistant.

At Buzz Blast, Javi shows up with his guitar and starts singing. He sings the same song "Spotlight." Zayto arrives with other instruments. He gives Javi the Keytar and he plays it. He then gives him a Bass Guitar and he plays it. Then he plays the harmonica. The Rangers cheer him on. He continues to play the guitar and sing. At the end, they applaud. Jane calls it a show stopper. J-Borg says there is a surprise--MuMu is performing. They show Mucus singing. Slyther and Shipwreck arrive where she is, Wreckmate destroy Mucus and she explodes. Jane announces the winner as Javi Garcia. Blair is not happy. Izzy and his dad hug them and the Rangers congrats him. Carlos holds up the trophy. Javi thanks Zayto and Zayto says it was all him. 

Episode Review:

It is a bit ambiguous if Void Queen did use Mucus' idea to copy powers because Void King did copy Zayto's powers. It is a bit confusing if whatever Void King uses to copy the attacks has to use the same energy as the Dino Knight armor has to. Good to see the annoying Blair back. Also great to see Carlos support his son.

Episode Review:

Power Rangers Dino Fury - Losers Weepers - Episode Review

 Episode Summary:
Izzy and Aiyon race on bikes when Izzy gets rammed by accident by Aiyon and crashes. Her bike is damaged. They find an old truck that was overturned. It has "Area 62" on it. They find a box. She says: Finders Keepers: but all that is inside is an old dog collar which she tosses. He finds another box. They find a lot of money. Izzy says "We" but AIyon says he found it. She is mad. They teleport away. Mucus finds the dog collar and puts it on. She grows. She swats birds away and gets electrocuted by wires. She shrinks and has the collar. Back at the base, Zayto asks AIyon what he will do with the money. Izzy and Aiyon argue. Aiyon teleports way, He finds a jacket he likes. He spends the money on clothes. Void Queen has Tarrick in the same container he had her in. He is mad. She hasn't told the others he is there. Mucus shows the dog collar that makes her big.

Void Queen takes a Sporix out--Flapnarox and has Mucus give the collar. She shocks Mucus and she lets go the collar. Back at the base, Amelia and Ollie covertly flirt with cleaning swords. Zayto and Javi spar. They see the giant beast. Zayto calls Aiyon and he doesn't answer. Izzy calls him a jerk. They teleport away. The monster sends lightning towards them. The five morph. Flapnarox flies \away. The Zords are sent. They form Dino Fury Megazord Smash Formation. Izzy calls the Ptera Freeze Zord, which she and Javi pilot. They fly on top of the monster and bring it down to the ground. She knocks them off with electricity. They combine to make the Ptera Smash Ultrazord. Monster knocks them all out. 

Flapnarox shrinks down and shows the collar. She calls Hengemen. Izzy figures out the collar is the one she found. The Rangers fail at getting it. She teleports away. Zayto says they might need something new. Pop Pop, Amelia's grandfather spots Aiyon and says he is stylish. Aiyon explains he is down because of his argument with Izzy. Pop Pop says buying new things might not always make you feel better. Aiyon gives Pop Pop his jacket. Aiyon and Pop Pop hug. Aiyon thanks Pop Pop for feeling better now. Aiyon donates the skateboard to a boy. At Area 62, Void Queen tells Mucus to charge the collar. At the base, Solon says the Primal Ultrazord can help them. Zayto says his team risked everything when they used it. Solon has to scan Aiyon's key. Amelia calls Aiyon and he doesn't respond. Izzy teleports to find him.

Izzy finds Pop Pop and they talk about all the stuff Aiyon gave away. Aiyon finds out he took his comm off. Izzy and AIyon teleport to the base. Aiyon gives Solon hsi key. He apologizes to Zayto. Solon gives the key back when the monster attacks. Solon unleashes the Zords. T-Rex, Mosa, and Ptera combine to make the Primal Ultrazord. The Rangers say the formation is stable. They fight the monster. The Ultrazord teleports and swings the monster. The monster is thrown and busts through mountains. The Ultrazord pushes her into the sea. They fight in the water. They conduct Primal Triple Beam and she ends up in space. They fly into Space and do the Primal Ultra Blast and destroy her, smashing her unto the Moon. At the base, they celebrate. Aiyon apologizes. Ollie wants money, but Aiyon says there is no money left except a new bike for Izzy. They hug. 

Episode Review:

As much as I don't like Aiyon, I liked this episode mostly because of Pop Pop. 

Power Rangers Dino Fury - The Hunt - Episode Review

 Episode Summary:

Void Queen sends out a new robot Snageye. Void Knight is caught trying to get Sporix and he escapes. Jane and J-Borg are skating when they spot a ghost kidnap a man and show the video to the Rangers. Jane puts Amelia on the job and the Rangers say they will help. Solon tells them an alert comes on the hotline, checking out a warehouse. The Rangers teleport to the warehouse. Void Knight appears. He puts down the sword. He says Snageye was designed to capture them. Amelia asks why he wants to help. He says Void Queen is his wife and her name is Santuara, that she was injured. He explains he needed the Sporix to heal her. He explains he wanted to leave Earth but she wanted revenge and transformed herself. Zayto is not happy. Javi tells him to take it easy. Zayto says he has too much damage. Void Knight says he is there for them and leaves. Zayto screams that he doesn't need the help. Javi tries to calm him down. Zayto teleports them out. 

Ollie, Amelia, Izzy, and Aiyon are looking for the ghost in the area where the attack happened. Snageye appears. The Rangers morph. Snageye captures Amelia and Ollie. Izzy and Aiyon fight Snageye. Javi and Zayto arrive. Izzy and Aiyon are captured. The four de-morph and discover they are inside Snageye. The other two teleport away. The Rangers have no way to escape. Aiyon zaps inside but it hits a box. Solon tracks the comms in the base. Zayto thinks Void Knight is lying and he can't change. Javi brings up good points that his dad changed and Ollie has changed without scoffing at Amelia's beliefs. They teleport out and meet at the warehouse and meet Void Knight. Snageye attacks. Zayto says it is an ambush and he is captured. Javi and Void Knight fight together. Javi Morphs. 

Zayto touches the monster and sees Javi and Void Knight fighting together. Zayto figures Void is on their side. Snageye captures Javi. Void Knight shouts "No." Javi says it is up to him now. Snageye puts ice all over Void Knight. Void Knight says he is not returning and continues fighting Snageye. Void Knight slashes the part that has the Rangers. They find a hole to escape from. Only Zayto escapes. Zayto apologizes to Tarrick, who de-morph. Tarrick's shield becomes the Dino Knight Morpher and Key and gives them to Zayto. He used them to make his armor. Zayto tells him to go and morphs. Zayto becomes Red and dons the Dino Knight Armor. Snageye fights him. He uses Freeze and Gravi Keys and freezes Snageye. He then does a final attack and defeats Snageye. The Rangers are released.

Tarrick shows his real form to them. He says there is a lot to tell them. Void Queen arrives and teleports away with Tarrick. At BuzzBlast, a familiar-looking guy as a magician asks for Aiyon as a volunteer. Amelia apologizes to Jane they couldn't find anything. The same ghost appears around the magician. Jane skates over to 'save' him. SHe crashes on the man and the ghost and they all disappear. She comes out of the current with a blanket. J-Borg takes it off and reveals it to be a drone. The Magician says his secret is out. Jane and J-Borg figure out he was just making an illusion. Aiyon asks for his card but the man scoffs and leaves. Ollie apologizes to Amelia, saying he knows she wanted it to be supernatural. Amelia says the Ollie she met at Dino Henge might've not gone with her. Zayto says people change and they worry for Tarrick.

Episode Review: 

Good Episode. Wish it had more Tarrick!

Power Rangers Dino Fury - Serious Business - Episode Review

 Episode Summary:

At the villain lair, Slyther, Mucus, and Wreckmate have been helping Void Queen find Void Knight. Void Queen wakes up Trackenslash to find Void Knight. Wreckmate has another project with Wreckmate. Tarrick (in a purple shirt showing off his biceps and a cap and some weird belts around his torso) sends a drone in Buzzblast to listen in to the Rangers. Zayto doesn't trust Void Knight and thinks he won't change. Jane is limping and doesn't want to use a crutch. She does a live stream, saying they will hit 10 million subscriptions soon. J-Borg puts a video but it turns out to be how Jane got injured--doing dance moves. The computer freezes and J-Borg struggle to fix it. Everyone laughs at the video and Jane tries playing it off. They go offline and then a hacker with a clown mask says she has control of BuzzBlast. She does lame pun jokes that only Aiyon likes. She wants her own BuzzBlast show. Aiyon doesn't understand why everyone is serious. They explain they might lose their jobs. Solon says a Sporix Beast is heading t Buzz Blast. Tarrick closes communications with his drone. His drone falls off the ceiling and J-Borg finds it, thinking it is connected to the hacker.

The Rangers face them and Javi says a bad joke. They find out they are looking for Void Knight. The Rangers morph and fight. Green uses Sprint Key and fights the monster. She is knocked down. Gold uses Electro Battle Armor. The Monster fights Blue and Red. Void Queen asks for an update and Slyther tells her about the Rangers. She just wants Void Knight. The Rangers tease the Monster and he blasts them, getting them down to the ground. The villains retreat. Back at the base, the Rangers re-watch the hacker video. Aiyon likes the jokes. Izzy has them zoom in and spot a fountain. She says she knows the park. They arrive at the park and look for clues. Aiyon picks up trash and a little girl asks why he is doing that. They find a rubber fish. The little girl says the same puns the hacker says. They shake hands and he finds out she is the hacker. She admits it. He gets an idea and takes her bike wheel. If she wants the bike wheel back, she needs to unfreeze the livestream. He tells her she has potential and don't waste it. He puts the wheel back and leaves her.

The villains find a guy who has the same outfit as Tarrick. The victim calls the Rangers. Tarrick saves the victim and teleports away. The monsters call him tacky. The Rangers arrive and they fight. Pink uses Hyper Key and fights Trackenslash. He falls. The Hengemen are destroyed. Pink uses Muscle Flex and the others fight the monster. Red calls the Smash Dino Key and dons the armor. He punches the monster. He is pushed back. Back at BuzzBlast, J-Borg admires Void Knight's drone. The little girl admits the truth. J-Borg asks if she made the drone, she says no. Tarrick checks his drone and hears the conversation between Jane and the girl. The girl apologizes and says she can fix the hack. She gives her a flash drive with a fix code. Tarrick overhears the Rangers are in trouble. 

Void Knight arrives where the Rangers are. Izzy tells Javi to give them a chance. Void Knight fights the Beast. He does his Void Slash on the monster and shatters his blades. Red defeats the monster with his final attack. Red gets the Sporix. Void Knight says Sporix don't matter and he is on their side. Zayto says he has to return the Sporix. Jane thanks the little girl for fixing the stream and says she can audition for a comedy thing. Aiyon is happy and she thanks him. Javi is surprised she is the hacker. The Rangers are impressed what Aiyon did. The little girl did another punny joke which Aiyon loves. J-Borg doesn't think they will reach 10 million subscribers. Jane does a tap dancing performance for the live stream. They hit ten million subscribers.

Episode Review:
Aiyon reminds me of lame Saban Brands Rangers, that just want to have fun and don't understand they are acting childish. Seriously, the Rangers are so behind on what is going on with the villains, with Void Queen and Void Knight's betrayal. Great episode though. I like the twist that the hacker is a little girl. I like how it is more realistic than iCarly on how they do live streaming. A lot of writers these days have live streaming as if it was an actual television show with a countdown, multiple cameras, and sets.  

Power Rangers Dino Fury - New Leaf - Episode Review

 Episode Summary:

Void Queen makes a Sporix rise which has toxic venom. Void Knight arrives. He says hurting humans I unneccessary. He says he wasn't meaning to hurt people. She wants people to suffer. Ollie is talking to his mom on a webcam, when she tells him about a Professor Floyd he likes. Javi says Amelia is interviewing him. Professor Fkiyd arrives and meets Amelia. He and Ollie reunite. Professor likes her bracelet which Ollie makes fun of. Professor is nice. Ollie apologizes about her. He tells her not to dismiss ideas too quickly. He calls him out on his attitude, saying he is a know-it-all. He pushed the other students away. Ollie says to Amelia that he doesn't listen--and doesn't listen to her. She politely excuses herself.

Jane talks. A tentacle makes the hot tub spin around and takes away the phone. They see a tentacle from a taxi. Squash Light and Void Knight arrive and Jane and J-Borg run off. Squash Blight makes the water purple and freezes people. Jane slows down and freezes up, becoming a tree. J-Borg screams for her. Void Knight watches a man plead for his daughter. Gold blasts them. Squash Blight says his shell is indestructible. The Rangers throw their daggers on him. Squash Blight says he will fill the water with venom and leaves. Ollie gets the pool water for Solon to test. Javi says he will tell his dad to tell the city to stay away from the water. Back at the lab, Ollie sees the venom under a microscope without gloves. Solon makes lame jake. Amelia arrives. The venom boils. Amelia wants to turn it down, Ollie gives an attitude. The venom covers Solon and she becomes a tree. 

Ollie asks Amelia for help. At the evil base, they plan to put venom in the river. Squash Light says he wilts in the dark. Void Knight shows Void Queen the spaceship to escape Earth and she destroys it. She drops Void Knight to the ground. Amelia suggests using her bracelet, he gives attitude. He then apologizes and they use the bracelet. The iron gets on the bracelet. They make a liquid and spray Solon and she returns to normal. The villains go to the river. The Rangers arrive, morph and fight. They try fighting Squash Light but it is hard. Shipwreck tells him to go to Plan B. Back at the villain lair, Void Light and Vid Queen talk. Void Knight says she must be defeated. He teleports away. She says that was a bad idea. T-Rex and Ptera Zord are deployed. Void Knight arrives and says he is not there to fight. He tells them about Void Queen and to defeat Squash Blight. Shipwreck calls him a traitor and leaves.

The Zords fight Squashblight. Squash Blight starts making a storm cloud of venom to rain. Ollie thinks if they get him in the clouds, they can soften him up. They call Pacha Zord and make a new Megazord--Pyera Smash Ultrazord. The Rangers enter the cockpit and fight. They slash him in a tornado. They call the Megafury Saber. They do a combined attack and destroy him. The clouds dissipate. Zayto gets the Sporix. They return the people back to normal from trees. J-Borg hugs Jane. Back at Buzz Blast, Zayto doesn't believe Void Knight was genuine. Ollie thanks the Professor and says he will listen more often. The Professor says it is great. Ollie goes to Amelia. He thanks her. She says they make a pretty good team. He apologizes for mocking her. He tells her he respects her. She says apology accepted. They hug. She says nothing has changed. She ordered a spook snare for her. He says he can deal with pink.

Episode Review:
Squash Blight's accent was cool. Squash Blight mentioning his weak point to Void Knight out of nowhere was a bit lazy writing. Void Queen's intentions and characterizations are still on the 2-dimensional side, we need to know more. That being said, I like an outside character is calling Ollie out on his behavior. The octopus avoiding Jane and J-Borg was random but I hope it returns. They need a nemesis. Also, the other Rangers should've found a solution for Squash Blight's shell instead of doing nothing while Ollie and Amelia made the antidote for the venom. But of course, if they did, Void Knight's insider info wouldn't have been valuable. But at least a throwaway line on what the others were doing in the mean time or at least considered it.