Saturday, December 3, 2011

Gokaiger 41 (Pinko Charge!) and 42 Episode Preview!

The usual person ( that posts pics didn't post the whole episode this time, so I had to do my low-quality bad captures:

Gai as Go-On Gold (Finally!) and Ahim as Go-On Silver

Ahim as Kuwagata Raijer and Don as Kabuto

Ahim as Gosei Pink and Luka as Gosei Yellow (the cap I made was pretty bad)

Joe as DekaMaster and Ahim as Deka Swan (Swan has now officially appeared more on Gokaiger then she did on her own show Dekaranger!)

Pink Charge! (GokaiGalleon attacks in pink, no Gokai Marine, sorry!)

Next Week, 42: 

 The Gokaiger become Gekiranger, Ahim as Mele and Don as Rio or is it Gai as Rio?

 Fiveman and Box Green