Friday, October 30, 2015

Yellow Ranger revealed in MMPR film

Updated November 2
Becky Gomez or Becky G, singer and actress has been cast as the Yellow Ranger for the Power Rangers reboot 2017 film. Names have not been officially released as of yet. There are rumors flying they will have the original names: Jason, Kimberly, Trini, Zack and Billy but another source says they will have new names. This weekend Power Rangers twitter says they will have the original names.

Naomi Scott will be pink and Dacre Montgomery will be red.

 RJ Cyler as blue ranger and Ludi Lin as black ranger. I find them using the original names refreshing they changed the ethnicities. It would be an interesting take to see an Asian Zack, an African-American Billy (which we've seen with Noah in Megaforce and Ethan in Dino Thunder) and a Latina Trini.

As for the plot, I'm not believing anything until it is official or approved in some way by Saban or from a credible source. 

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Power Rangers Dino Charge - Rise of a Ranger - Episode Review

There is construction on a beach when they discover a dinosaur skull. Meanwhile at his palace, Prince Phillip fights with a remote-controlled robot. His workers show him the fossil. They all leave and he digs out the Graphite Energem out of it. He remembers giving the gold one to Sir Ivan. He looks at the Zandar code of arms. He says "Energize" and nothing happens. At Sledge's ship, Fury is given busy work like mopping and cleaning. Poisandra teases him and is captured by the tentacle monster in the extreme cell. Fury saves her and Sledge sees this and gives him another chance. Fury then gives his broom to Poisandra.
Chase's little sister Chloe performs with other New Zealand children in traditional Miori dance at the museum. He promised to hang out with her but they get called for Ranger duties. Ivan fights Fury and the Rangers join and fight Viviks. Philip's robot comes in and helps fight Viviks but falls on Riley. Fury retreats and thinks of another plan. The Viviks leave and so does Chase. Philip shows up and says the robot is his. Ivan says it is not that helpful. Shelby says it got in the way. The Viviks steal the robot. Philip says they can't control it without the remote.
At the ship, Wrench reprogrammed the robot and it hits a Vivik with a sign of Ivan on it. Philip and Koda talk about how the Energem bonded with him. How it chose him. A girl asks for a autograph and tells him to be cute. Koda says the energem is mysterious and a Ranger must be worthy. Meanwhile Shelby and Kendall find a new fossil, it is from Philip. Philip donates food to a charity. He sends out checks, opens parks, and wheelchairs and keeps checking the gem. Chase and Chloe hang out at a skate park.
Outside at a restaurant, Philip gives the Rangers his Energem, saying it didn't bond with him. The bad guys arrive with the robot. The guards hide Philip while the Rangers fight the aliens. Chloe comes running to Chase and is in the middle of the fight. Robot attacks Chloe. Chloe shouts for help. Chase is not able to get to her.
Philip tries to go but the guards hold him back. He breaks free, kicks the robot away and grabs Chloe and runs from danger. Chase comes to hug her. The guards take Chloe back to the museum. Chase thanks Philip. The Energem flies towards Philip and bonds with him, giving him the Dino Charge Morpher (Fossilized). The 7 morph. Graphite Ranger fight the robot while the others fight Fury and the Viviks and the blue spikeballs. Koda and Ivan take down a Spikeball. Fury makes a Vivikzord. The Vivikzord knocks Tyler down.

Philip gets called by Kendall (who he recognizes as the museum director) and throws his Dino Charger out and Pachyzord is called. Pachyzord fights the Vivikzords on its own. Koda and Ivan come to Tyler's aid. Pachyzord destroys the Vivikzords. The seven Rangers reunite. Graphite Ranger defeats the robot. Pachyzord roars. The Rangers applaud Graphite Ranger. Fury comes in the ship and gets in trouble with Sledge. He wants another chance. Back on Earth, Chase helps Chloe skate. A car honks and it is her ride. Chloe gives Chase plane tickets to New Zealand to go for Christmas. Keeper explains what happened to Philip. Philip has to go because he has his royal duties. They can use the charger and zord but when he is needed, he will come.

My grandmother had the rare instance to see this episode and she loved it. She liked how the selfish prince proved his valor by saving the girl. It is not a bad episode, I do feel like the introduction of Chase's sister was a bit rushed, did not explain how long she was going to be in America and if Chase has moved on his own or any of those logistics. People were asking why he can't stay, and some saying it has to do with the Sentai footage. Kyoryu Gray in Kyoryuger was a ghost and only helped sometimes. But I see it as if the villains attack the main 6, it would make sense to have Auxiliary Rangers on reserve.

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