Thursday, May 5, 2016

Power Rangers Movie SUITS and Lavender Ranger's thoughts

When I first saw this, I thought Power Rangers. I even drew my own sketches and it came close to this. It has an iconic look. Red Ranger looks a little like Iron Man. I like the inclusion of silver in different parts of the suits. There is so many different ways this can go. The helmets, I need to look at them closer because the blue and black look generic. Pink and Red look on point. Other fans have already mentioned the similarity of Rita's suit to theirs, that it is possible she was or is the green ranger or some corrupt version of it. My co-worker told me he likes Red. I find it interest the boots had no diamonds on it and I like the gloves. Also interesting the girls have no skirts, much like the original movie versions. I don't hate the suits. I like the inclusion of silver and the modern-ness. But I would had liked some thicker armor on the thighs and a more extrusion of the belt. The belt is fine but maybe if it popped out to differinate from the top and bottom. It looks good on Red and Pink but not much on the others. But this is interesting. But these are just my initial thoughts, we'll see how they are in action. It would also be cool if they had jet packs.