Monday, February 18, 2019

Fan Comic - Power Rangers Super Megaforce Redo Issues 1-3

Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel - The Monster Mix Up and The Poisy Show - Episode Review

"The Monster Mix-Up"
The teens are dressed for Halloween, Preston is a caveman, Sarah is an ace air pilot, Cal is a wrestler, Hayley is a disco star/hippie, Levi is king tut and Brody is a Trojan warrior/spartan. Monsters appear, Versix and the Grousome Grunts, six criminals. The Rangers have no Power Stars. They have nothing to do with Odius. Versix swaps their bodies. Calvin in the vampire guy Fangore, Hayley with the mouth on her head Jabberon, Levi as Snapper reused monster suit--Shelldax, Sarah as the Necrolai reused monster suit--Plasmora, Brody is the blue robot Ackshun and Preston as the orange one Stabberous. The Rangers as monsters are grunt except for Brody and Sarah.

Brody and Sarah leave. Mummy Guards arrive and take away the Grousome Grunts. They are taken the Halloween Intergalactic Court. The Monsters as Rangers are used as witnesses. Court Witch calls the case. Levi tells them that Brody saved the Nexus Prism (clips from the first episode). "Preston" continues the story. Pumpkin judges says it doesn't count. Court Witch says there is a meter to destruction for them. Meanwhile Brody and Sarah go to Mick and Redbot. They mention the Lion Galaxy and he believes them. Mick comes up with an idea. "Calvin" has evidence against Fangore but giving it away. "Hayley" helps too. They show a clip of the Rangers fighting Fangore. They dare Calvin to try garlic but it is Fangore's allergy. "Preston" talks about Stabberous, showing a clip where the Rangers put on capes.

Versix gets trashed after following Brody. The Guards arrive. Levi starts singing but the monsters as rangers don't like it. Pumpkin judges say having a good voice is not proof. The Guards come to the court with the other three monsters. Versix confesses. The grunts try to escape but are frozen and bodies switched by the witch. Versix changes into Mick. The six grunts are vaporized. Pumpkin judges apologize. The Rangers are called by Redbot that Versix escaped. Mick gives them the Power Stars and they morph. The Rangers fight Versix. Versix grows and Ultrazord is called. Ultrazord is split apart. The Rangers use their zords. They call Astro, Tusk and Surfer zords. They hit the monster. The six zords destroy him. Later, the Rangers celebrate trick or treating. Mick surprises them as a pumpkin judge.

Using unused footage that was otherwise didn't make sense without context (Garlic and magic capes) was smart. Interesting using the Halloween Intergalactic Court again from Dino Charge but since it has been established they are from another dimension, I wonder if they are interdimensional. 

"The Poisy Show"
The Ep starts that the Rangers won but with Sledge coming into the dimension. About Odius tricking him. Sledge arrives again at Warrior Dome and it is empty. The Bashers take trash out and Sledge surprises Poisy with her own show in place of Galaxy Warriors. She is happy with her talk show. Meanwhile, the teens volunteered to take donated toys to kids. They will have Santa help too. Preston shows a gift from Wes Collins--a transportal remote. They hear a message from Wes--they can travel to other dimensions and to use it wisely. Nexus Prism arrives and gives them their Power Stars again. Sledge and Snow Fright arrive. All except for Preston are trapped in snowmen. Preeston fights Sledge but both are sent into a portal. The Rangers are transported to the set and stars taken away.

Poisandra wonders where Sledge is and Snow Fright tells her. They arrive in Dino Charge dimension, Sledge takes the device and a dinosaur saves Preston. Poisandra starts her show. She talks about Venoma and shows clips of Cal, Levi, Preston and Brody falling in love. Brody says its a spell. Poisy says its like men and talks about Sledge. The Rangers figure out a plan. Sarah tells Poisandra 'true love' about her mom and Hayley's mom and they flashback to that episode. Sarah asks about Sledge and shes says she thinks he doesn't care about him. Preston and Koda bump into each other. Preston explains to Koda what happened. Koda can't believe Sledge is alive again and they morph. Back with Poisy, she asks Calvin and Hayley and they talk about tough times. Calvin mentions forgetting an anniversary and lying. They show clips.

Calvin says Sledge won't lie and Poisy says he does lie and she cries. Sledge is fought by the two blue rangers. Sledge blasts Koda down and Preston is up against him alone until a T-Rex yells at Sledge. Sledge drops the device and runs away. Koda tells him the T-Rex is his friend and won't hurt him. The dino leaves. Koda gets device. They open a portal and go to the show. Sledge follows them. Sledge yells Power Stars and Poisandra is angry that the show was a distraction. Levi tells Poisy to tell him how she feels. She is upset. Preston and Koda free the Rangers. They tale the stars. The Ninja Steel Rangers morph and leave. Sledge calls the Basherbots. The Rangers go down the garbage shute and end up in Santa's sledge. The Rangers except for Koda jump and fight the Basherbots and Snow Fright. Red goes to Lion Fire mode.

Sledge uses the Gigantify ray to make Snow Fright big. Koda leaves a big present for them. Megazords are called and fight Snow Fright. Ultrazord is called but becomes a snowman. It pops out of it. They destroy Snow Fright. Poisnadra opens the gift thinking its from Sledge but its a bomb from Koda and the ship is finally destroyed. Later, the Rangers at the junkyard thank Koda. Koda leaves to his dimension in a portal after calling them family and giving them clubs and inviting them to Caveman Christmas.

Episode Review:
The main attraction is the Sudarso brothers: Peter and Yoshi.