Saturday, October 30, 2021

Power Rangers Dino Fury - Crossed Wires - Episode Review

 Episode Summary:
Izzy is holding hands with Fern and is coming out of high school. She calls her "my girlfriend.' She has to retake her electronic test. Fern says she could have helped her. Izzy kisses her cheek and says she's okay. The Rangers arrive and ask about the test. Ollie is his usual pretentious self when they get a call from Solon about Haverely Park. They arrive and find everyone unconscious on the ground. Javi and Izzy's dad arrives and he gets hit by a purple cloud. He yawns and falls asleep. His children come to his aid. Solon calls about a Sporix at the Chemical plant. Red, Blue, and Pink go to the beast while the others check out a sound. A machine blasts a purple beam. Izzy tells Ollie. The Rangers hear a similar whirring sound. Zayto sends Ollie. Ollie nods and opens the machine and it has a blue ball. Ollie thinks he knows and unplugs the cables. The others sigh. Ollie explains Izzy how to shut it down. Izzy is not sure. The monster arrives and the trio morph. Hengemen go after them. 

Izzy and the boys open the machine. Javi says Izzy knows how to do things. Izzy pulls out the blue blob and the system overloads and zaps Aiyon and Javi. They fall asleep. The others wake up but not Javi and AIyon. Izzy teleports them away. Mucus laughs. She takes the machine and teleports away. Red, Blue and Pink keep fighting Hengemen. Stone SNare says hackneyed slang. He is destroyed by the three. Pink gets the Sporix ball. Ollie gets the sleep trap. They teleport back to the base. Javi and AIyon are under beds. Izzy explains what she did. She apologizes. Ollie asks how she could mess up something so simple. She says she is hopeless at electronics. She says she can't put her head around it, everyone expects her to get good grades. Ollie says she should have let him tutor her. Solon asks Ollie for help with the device. Solon thinks Izzy can help. Ollie scoffs. Solon says if books don't help, maybe hands-on will help.

Ollie explains the device to Izzy. He shows the capacitor. Meanwhile, Mucus blabbers on about what happened. He tells her to be quiet. He is working on a Mega Sleep Bomb. There are two more Stone Snares (Stone Sad and Stone Mad), they cry about their brother. Izzy tries the machine and the two Rangers wake up. Sporix Beasts have the big machine and the Rangers arrive. Hengemen are called. Ollie is to disable the bomb. Ollie falls asleep when the purple mist comes out. The monsters grow. Izzy puts her jacket on the bomb and it says vision impaired. Rangers morph and call Zords. Izzy tries bypassing the block. The Zords' blasts don't work. The two monsters merge into Stone-Rad. The two Megazords combine into Fusion Ultrazord. Izzy keeps working on the bomb, the bomb says "Nice try." She then tries parallel like Ollie told her. Zayto calls the Saber. The Ultrazord destroys Stone-Rad. Stone-Sad calls out for his brother. Zayto asks Izzy for status. With 12 seconds left, the Rangers teleport to her and she has it offline. Mucus gets two Sporix and teleport away. Aiyon makes a bad joke. Later, the Rangers wait for Izzy. Izzy says the results are tomorrow. Fern shows her the A. Izzy says books are touch for her, she learned that doing things 'hands on' is better. They find Amelia's grandfather who is cleaning leaves. He falls into a bunch of leaves. He has his device doesn't work. Izzy says she will check it out. He happily goes with her to fix it. Fern says "That's my girl."

Episode Review:

Izzy officially calls Fern her 'girlfriend.'  And she kisses her on her cheek. It is not on the lips but it is a step forward. I  love this episode where it shows there are different types of learning. Some learn from reading books and some learn from touching. I am a teacher and there are different types of learning: visual, kiesthetic (tacticle), audiotory, and more. Kinesthetic is hands-on. What is terrible is that now with the Corona Virus, it has been harder for young tacticle learners to be able to touch anything in order to learn. Most episodes on TV about a kid that has trouble on tests don't try other approaches to learning. So I appreciate the effort. I also like that Jane and J-Borg are not in this epsiode and only Amelia's grandfather has the comic relief. 

Power Rangers Dino Fury - Our Hero - Episode Review

The Rangers are enjoying the summer on the Beach when J-Borg eats ice cream when she isn't supposed to. She malfunctions and makes the cart go haywire. Aiyon saves some people from the runaway cart. The ice cream man gives Aiyon free Ice Cream for life which he loves except for Javi. Sporix attacks and the Rangers go in a tent to morph. Gold Ranger is interviewed by Jane and asked for selfies. The monster captures the five Rangers while Aiyon shows off. Aiyon uses the Blazing Dino Key in his blaster and dons the armor. He saves the Rangers. Mucus arrives and teleports away with the monster. The Rangers chastise Aiyon for showing off and taking selfies, which he does more of.

Back at the evil base, Slyther and Void Knight examine the new monster. Mucus shows the video on Gold Ranger from BuzzBlast. At BuzzBlast, Jane reads about the party for the Rangers when they overhear. Jane and J-Borg leave. Aiyon thinks it is awesome.Amelia and Javi say they can't go because Void Knight might attack. Ollie says they can go as civilians. At the party, the guests talk. One guest says the Gold Ranger is the coolest and a male guest says "Yeah, I bet he's cute too." The Rangers as civilians arrive. The Monsters are at a tent. Slyther disguises himself as a human. Zayto tells Aiyon to lay low. Slyther has the crowd call the Ranger names. They all look around. Gold Ranger arrives. Zayto facepalms. Slyter asks about the rest of the team. Gold says they are training and asks for selfies. Slyther asks for the zord. They start yelling "Zord." Zayto says he won't. Aiyon calls his zord and the monster captures it with a net. Slyther transforms and blasts Aiyon. Slyther and Trawler leave. The Rangers gather around Aiyon who apologizes. Slyther hypnotizes the zord. Void Knight arrives.

Trawler teleports away. Aiyon puts his gold key in the Zord finder and they locate it. The Rangers warned Aiyon to lay low. Aiyon says he wasn't thinking and he was a fool. Javi says the Invisi Dino Key can help but only one Ranger can use it. Solon tells them about an attack. The Rangers teleport except for Javi and Aiyon. Javi tells AIyon the plan. The Rangers arrive on the beach and morph. Javi and AIyon hide behind trees where the Hengemen guard the Mosa Zord. Javi goes invisible with the Dino Key. Slyther keeps hypnotizing Mosa Zord. Gold makes himself known. Javi takes out the Hengemen. Slyther commands Mosa to attack Gold. Aiyon and Slyther fight. Hengemen are all destroyed. Meanwhile, the Rangers fight Trawler. Javi kicks Slyther back. Solon calls in the Dimetro Blazing Zord. Javi uses the Hover Dino Key and makes Mosa Zord float and DImetro burns the net. Trawler becomes bigger. 

The other zords are sent in. They combine the main four into Dino Fury Megazord Claw Formation. Trawler tries throwing a net but misses. He blasts the Megazord and then gets a net on it. The Megazord can't move. Javi and Aiyon fight Slyther. Aiyon combines Mosa and Dimetro into Electro Zord. It blasts Slyther. Slyther teleports away. Javi and Aiyon go to the zord. Electro Zord blasts the net off the Megazord. Now the Megazord overheats. Javi uses a mist spritz from his dino key arm. Trawler goes underground and Electro Zord sets him on fire. The other two enter the cockpit. Red calls his saber and they destroy Trawler. Gold says he'll get the Sporix and he does. Later, the civilian rangers are at the beach. They go for ice cream and the ice cream man tells AIyon--the hero to go to the front. Aiyon says he'll help. 

I have not seen the Ryusoulger episode but I think the majority of the kidnapped Mosa Zord scene with Javi and Aiyon is all new footage. 

Sunday, October 24, 2021

NFT Megazord Controversy

When I saw the upcoming Black and Gold Megazord, I was like I rather have the regular one but I had no idea what NFT meant. NFT stands for Non-fungible token. The Black & Gold Zord Ascension Project Dino Megazord will be an NFT exclusive from Hasbro. The NFT is a placeholder. The controversy is that NFT is a risky business, it wastes raw computing. First of all, fans don't like that it is black and gold, and second that they need a token. The third is that the NFT is controversial in itself. I had no idea what NFT was, apparently, it has hit other franchises but this is the first time it affects Power Rangers. But since it is exclusive and limited, I am hoping this isn't a big dent to what have you. I still don't understand what raw computing means to be honest.  

Pulsecon 2021: Power Rangers Lightning Collection Reveals

 Friday Pulsecon revealed Power Rangers Lighting Collection figures and other items, here are some:

Lord Zedd Helmet

Wave 11 has Lunar Wolf Ranger (Merrick), Red Dino Fury Ranger (Zayto), Cog (With Blue Ranger weapons) and Pink Dino Charge Ranger (Shelby). This completes the main six Dino Charge Rangers and starts Wild Force and Dino Fury. Some are Walmart exclusives.

Also Piranthishead, Hasbro Pulse exclusive.

Blue In Space Ranger and Galaxy Glider, making TJ available both in the set with Psycho Silver and this set. If you'd ask me, I'd rather had had Red Ranger.

Later on, don't know when Dino Megazord Lighting Collection collectible coming soon.