Sunday, October 24, 2021

Pulsecon 2021: Power Rangers Lightning Collection Reveals

 Friday Pulsecon revealed Power Rangers Lighting Collection figures and other items, here are some:

Lord Zedd Helmet

Wave 11 has Lunar Wolf Ranger (Merrick), Red Dino Fury Ranger (Zayto), Cog (With Blue Ranger weapons) and Pink Dino Charge Ranger (Shelby). This completes the main six Dino Charge Rangers and starts Wild Force and Dino Fury. Some are Walmart exclusives.

Also Piranthishead, Hasbro Pulse exclusive.

Blue In Space Ranger and Galaxy Glider, making TJ available both in the set with Psycho Silver and this set. If you'd ask me, I'd rather had had Red Ranger.

Later on, don't know when Dino Megazord Lighting Collection collectible coming soon.

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