Saturday, October 31, 2009

Kamen Rider Dragon Knight: Vented Score Card #3

This is after Episode 30. Richy/Incisor was vented by Wing Knight in Episode 4, Grant/Camo was vented by Torque in Episode 9, both Brad/Thrust and Drew/Torque were vented by James/Strike on Episode 14. And if you want more statistics, Incisor appeared at the end of Episode 2 and lasted 3 episodes. Camo appeared in Episode 8 and only lasted 2 episodes. Thrust appeared at the end of Episode 8 and lasted 7 episodes. Chris Ramirez/Kamen Rider Sting was vented by Kamen Rider Strike in Episode 19 "Semper Fi." Albert Cho/Kamen Rider Spear was vented by Dragon Knight in Episode 21. Axe was vented by Strike in Episode 25 and Strike vented Siren today on Episode 30. Kamen Rider Strike has vented five riders: Sting, Thrust, Torque, Axe, and Siren. Torque had vented Camo and Wing Knight vented Incisor. Now, the only riders left are Dragon, Wing Knight, Strike, and Wrath. Next week has to deal with Wrath and Xaviax.

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Halloween on Power Rangers

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 1
"Trick Or Treat"
It first aired May in 1994, but it was regarded the Halloween episode. "Life's a Masquerade" was mistaken for a Halloween episode, but it was actually a costume party but not actually Halloween. This episode didn't take on Halloween either, Kimberly and Skull competed for a car on a game show called "Trick or Treat" and Tommy had to face the Pumpkinrapper because he couldn't go, he had to go to a martial arts thingy. Kimberly was dressed as a princess, Jason, Zack and Billy were Musketeers, Trini wasn't dressed up, Skull was a prisoner and Bulk was a mummy. For "Life's a Masquerade," Trini was a Native American, Zack was Egyptian (King Tut?), Billy was Sherlock Holmes, Kimberly was a Princess (with a cone-head), Jason was Robin Hood, Angela was a gypsy dancer, Ernie was Coutn Dracula, Alpha was Alpha, Bulk & Skull were punks, and Tommy was Frankenstein.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 2
"Zedd's Monster Mash"
It was Halloween again and it actually aired October 28 and it was the first episode not to feature Jason, Zack and Trini (their excuse was that they were taking care of kids at their school), it had another voice actor playing Jason's voice. The Peace Conference was also mentioned. Tommy, Kimberly, Billy, Bulk and Skull were in charge of taking kids on trick or treating. Lord Zedd trapped Tommy in a graveyard dimension with an unnamed gravestone monster and we also saw another unnamed monster, a key creature. Billy was a mad scientist, Kimberly was a Harlequin clown, Tommy was a pirate, I don't know what Ernie was but he was dressed up, and Bulk and Skull were gladiator knights. I also like this episode because a little black girl was dressed as the Red Ranger. There a lot of kids dressed as Rangers in this episode (including Putties disguised as kids).

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive
"Ronny on Empty" Part 1 & 2
Ronny was in the Halloween spirit but Will wasn't into it. At the end of the second part, they had a costume party inside the mansion. Mac dressed up as a robot, scaring his 'father' who was dressed as a Mad Scientist. So, yeah, Mac was a robot, Will was a skeleton-like guy, Dax was a raver punk, Rose was some kind of pink wigged cat, Tyzonn was a generic superhero, and Ronny was some vampire witch.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Queer Eye for Kamen Rider Kivara

I had promised to do an outfit critique of Kamen Rider Kivaara's outfit and here it is. It seems that Kamen Rider Kivaara's costume has been updated since the first promotional images and promo commercial in August. In the promo image--below, she has a silver belt and blue on her chest and stomach. I didn't notice the little red circle on the ankle bracelets before. Now, she has a red belt, black outlines on the blue on her chest and silver on her helmet instead of blue. Also black on her sides instead of white and black outlines on her chest. She also gets two blue lines going down from her waist to knee and other little changes. I love the changes! I am in love of that red belt, I really want that belt.

At first, I was not crazy about the blue and white color scheme, maybe a little too white and I didn't like the use of blue--because most of the other new Kamen Riders around Kamen Rider Decade are blue like Diend, Abyss, and Amaki. I would have liked it if it was white and light pink. So the changes are a welcomed change, wish they had put some black on the sides of her legs though. I think the change came because they had time to do so, maybe they are an upgrade but I highly doubt it. I think they just re-shot all her scenes with the new outfit. Maybe they didn't shoot much of the footage and they completed everything with the new upgrades. Her sword is interesting, I like the white parts of it and the red tip.

New Pictures of Kamen Rider Kivaara, Skull, and Tackle!

Both movies will be released December 12, 2009 as Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Double & Decade: Movie War 2010.

Double: Begin's Night
Sokichi Narumi uses the Skull Memory in his Lost Driver belt to transform into the fedora wearing Kamen Rider Skull.

Decade: Final Chapter
More pictures of Kamen Rider Kivaara. I noticed something, I clearly see that in the first promotional photos and the first preview for the movie that aired during the series finale, her belt is clearly silver but in these two scans her belt is red.

Tackle was originally from Kamen Rider Stronger (1975), in this movie she will be Yuriko Misaki played by Alice Hirose. She transforms into Electro Wave Human Tackle. She was the first 'armored' female sidekick, she is not considered an official Kamen Rider, but there are plenty action figures dedicated to her.

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Power Ranger Hottie: Daniel Ewing #2

With Olivia Tennet (Dr. K).

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Power Rangers RPM Episode 29 and 30 Descriptions

Episodes 29 - If Venjix Won
Ziggy accidentally teleports him and Dr. K into a cave. The rangers need to find out the password to Dr. K’s system in order to get them out of the cave. Their failed attempts trigger a time capsule video that Dr. K compiled should they fail to destroy Venjix.
December 19

Episode 30 - End Game
Every attack bot has been a calculating step closer to his Venjix's end game. The city is filled with hybrids just like Dillon. Venjix is going to activate them all and his aim is for Corinth to be brought down.
December 19

UPDATES 12/01/09 10:00 AM EST (Daylight Savings Time)

Episode 31 - Danger and Destiny, Part I
When a magnetic wave cuts off Corinith City's electricity, the Rangers are left vulnerable to attack from Venjix's army of sleeper hybrids. Ziggy embarks on a solo mission to rescue Dr. K when The Garage is compromised; a dangerous attack Bot seals the fate of Gem and Gemma; Venjix's hardware inside Dillon's body begin to take control over him.
December 26

Episode 32 - Danger and Destiny, Part II
Dr. K. develops an anti-virus to counter the Venjix virus, but it must be inserted into Venjix himself in order to be activated. Despite being short a few members, the remaining Rangers vow to soldier on before Venjix can regroup his armies, and venture into the heart of enemy territory, determined to finish off their barbarous foe and save what remains of humanity.
December 26

2010 MMPR toys released

Well they aren't completely released yet but some pictures have been revealed on the Toys R Us website. Some pictures are still missing. I will be posting up when I see them available in my area (Miami, Florida).
I find this two white stripe with one diamond design interesting.

I like that they used the Pink Ranger for this one.

Check them out at this ToyRUs link

Some fans are already saying they are not liking how these toys (vehicles, zords and armors) are looking. I don't want to judge the line prematurely. I really do think Bandai America is doing the same thing they have been doing for the past ten years and just going to not doing anything 'new' with Mighty Morphin. Just doing the same mis-mash just before, not really re-inventing MMPR, but just making cheap and un-inventive toys. You will sell more if they are well-made (and authentic to the show), have lots of colors (meaning paint in every where there is a different color) and stickers. In doing a few great toys is better than making a bunch that are really bad and that they don't sell.

Pictures taken by Rodder, member of Rangerboard.