Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Best and Worst of 2016

I usually do every year but it looks like I forgot to do this last year.

Best Team Design
Goes to Kyuranger, the team of nine.

Best Teamup
When Gokaiger teamed up with the Zyuohger was pretty sweet.

Best use of females in merchandise
While females are ignored usually with Bandai and now that we see them more with Legacy figures and movie figures, I am starting to see them just warm shelves. They are not getting sold. But I like that Bandai is at least trying. With SFX masks, chest suits, swords, Ninja Steel armored figure and SFX movie figures, at least they are getting a chance. I can't stress how important it is to buy these things!!!

Best combo of White and Green Ranger
That goes to new character Lord Drakkon of Power Rangers Boom Comics.

Worst Christmas Special and Finale
Dino Charge was pretty good, not great but better than Megaforce. Dino Super Charge was confusing as it relied more on episode-by-episode shennigans instead of an arc. Also the finale was confusing with time travel shennigans and the Christmas special continued that with more confusion.

Worst Reveals of Movie Items
Not worst Megazord but worst way to reveal them was just the toys from Bandai. Lionsgate has tried to control what gets revealed but Bandai beats them because they have to turn in pictures to the stores and online stores. The official Power Rangers twitter revealed this megazord but I think it would've been better to reveal it via CGI. Toy reveals are often hard as they look less detailed. 

Worst use of Weapons
I'm not one to be like "The movie will suck because it doesn't have ____" but it was announced that only the Red Ranger will have a sword and the Rangers won't have blade blasters, their individual weapons (Lance, Axe, Daggers and Bow), and hence the Power Blaster. I'll wait to see the movie but it is kind of lame to see re-colored Swords in toy stores. It would've been nice to see the different individual weapons in stores. But I guess they have their reasons.

What are your best and worst??