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List of Mighty Morphin Red Power Ranger figures

UPDATED 10/12/15 EST
Someone requested to compare between the different Red Rangers and Green Rangers, I decided to cover the biggest first: Red Ranger. This is to help people who are collecting or selling and get figures loose and figure out which is which. All the pics are not mine, most from Google and eBay and Amazon, unless identified. I might be missing some, please politely mention it in comments. I'm mostly just including Bandai.
1993 8 inch Jason Red Ranger
Hard to find this one out of box with a big picture. Anyways, this was the original, he had a white blade blaster and Tyrannosaurus symbol on chest.
1993 3 inch PVC Red Ranger
With Power Sword and base underneath.
Red Ranger Bike figure
Same figure used for 1993 Battle Bike, 1994 Thunder Bike and 1995 Shark Cycle and Power Playback Battle Bike in 1998.
1994 8 Inch Karate Action Jason
Same 8 inch figure but with button that made him kick. Came with Tyrannosaurus badge.
1994 5.5 inch Auto-Morphin Red Ranger
Came with Power Sword, Blade Blaster and Tyrannosaurus tattoo. Pressing the buckle button, head flips to Jason.
1995 8 inch Metallic Movie Version
Same 8 inch figure with metallic coating and Ape Ninja Zord symbol on chest.
1995 5.5 inch Auto-Morphin Metallic Movie Version
Ape Ninja Zord symbol on chest and metallic coating.
1995 McDonalds Movie figure
Came with Ape Zord
Auto Morphin Red Ranger
flipped head to Rocky, came with thunder bolt tattoo, power sword and blade blaster.
1995 8 inch Talking Red Ranger
During Season 3, it spoke but was same 8 inch figure.
2006 McDonalds figure
Statue figure launched Pogs like discs. This was during Mystic Force.
Power Rangers Operation Overdrive: 15 anniversary: Mighty Morphin Red Ranger
6.5 inch tall figures. 15th Anniversary figure, came with silver Power Sword and base. Also came in a metallic version. This was in 2007.
Power Rangers 15th Anniversary: Epic Red Rangers Set 1
Statue figure that did not move.
2010 4 inch Mighty Morphin Red Ranger
Came with a dino glider, black blade blaster and black power sword. It was 4 inches tall. Picture from Linear Ranger ( In 2010, Mighty Morphin was 'reversioned' with graphics on ABC.

2010 4 inch Armored Mighty Morphin Red Ranger
Came with Power Coin and two weapons and shield, it didn't come off, it was 4 inches.

4 inch simple MMPR 2010 Red Ranger came with black Power Sword and other weapon.
2010 4 inch Action Figure
Came with armor, weapons and action feature.

2010 Dragon Morphin Figure
Transformed into a dragon. 

 2010 Set figure
Un-moving statue came in the Ranger Adventure Set.
2010 Zord Vehicle
Came with silver and gold armor and all red legs.
2010 Red Dino Cycle
All Red, with white stripe and coin on body.

2010 Mighty Morphin Hero Power Pack Set
This figure came with a cycle.

 2010 Spin Action Red Ranger
 Red Tyrannosaurus Dasher
2010 Dino Accelerator Cycle
Un-moving, came with coin.
2010 and 2014 Mini Battle Ready Figure
Came with Power Sword, arm and head moved. Came in a set for MMPR 2010. It also came in blind packs with a card under Power Rangers Megaforce label.
2013 Mini Battle Translucent Red Ranger
Similar to the first Mini Battle Ready figure but translucent, was given out at events.
2010 Mini Battle Ready Figure - Armored Red Ranger
Released in the UK only. Was seen at toy fairs.

From Japan, fully poseable came with Detailed Dragon Dagger and Blade Blaster. Regular version came as well.
2013 Power Rangers Megaforce Metallic Force Mighty Morphin Red Ranger
4 inch metallic figure with grey Power Sword and black Blade Blaster.
2013 Power Rangers Megaforce Armored Might figure
Came with shield, detailed Power Sword, detailed Dragon Dagger and Blade Blaster.
2014 Power Rangers Super Megaforce 4 inch Mighty Morphin Red Ranger
Came with black Power Sword. Similar to 2010 one.
2014 Power Ranger Super Megaforce Action Hero
5 inch figure with Red Power Sword and Blade Blaster
2014 Legacy MMMPR 5 Inch Red Ranger Figure
Toys R Us figure, detailed Dragon Dagger, Blade Blaster and Power Sword. It is 5 inches.
 2015 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers the Movie: Red Ranger
5 inch Toys R Us Exclusive with Power Scope helmet and blade blaster.
2013 Pop! Vinyl Figure
2013 Mega Bloks MMPR Set and 2013 Megaforce Mega Bloks Series 2 Ultra Rare Translucent
Came with red and white blade blaster.

2015 Fisher Price Imaginext figure
Armored Red Ranger from certain Megazords of Imaginext

Red Ranger Loyal Subjects
Jason underneath

Translucent Red Ranger Loyal Subjects
Metallic Red Ranger vs Goldar
Comes in a set for SDCC 2015 exclusive fro m Loyal Subjects


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