Saturday, February 22, 2014

Toqger 2

Poll Results: New York Toy Fair and more

 What do you think about the first ep of Toqger? 
  92 (82%)
  21 (18%)
  6 (5%)

What do you think about the sixth Orange Toqger? 
  97 (71%)
  69 (51%)
  10 (7%)
  7 (5%)

What do you think about Mini Ninja Zord at the NY Toy Fair 2014?
  21 (21%)
  10 (10%)
So So
  53 (54%)
  41 (41%)

Do you think that the Lauren key will really come with the Super Mega Cannon? (Tricked Before)
  61 (50%)
  21 (17%)
  38 (31%)

What do you think about the 8 inch Legacy MMPR Figures that are more detailed than the originals? 
  73 (76%)
Shouldve before
  33 (34%)
Not Fair
  10 (10%)
  11 (11%)

Which way would you wanted the second wave of Cycles? 
How it is
  37 (43%)
Red Jungle Fury
  38 (44%)
Red Turbo
  30 (34%)
Silver Operation Overdrive
  37 (43%)
Blue Turbo
  38 (44%)

Will you be getting the Red Aquitar 5 inch Ranger?
  67 (74%)
  23 (25%)

Which 5 inch Red Ranger you looking forward to? 
  64 (58%)
  53 (48%)
  46 (42%)
  56 (51%)
  54 (49%)
Lost Galaxy
  46 (42%)
  47 (43%)
Time Force
  53 (48%)
Wild Force
  41 (37%)
Ninja Storm
  44 (40%)
Dino Thunder
  47 (43%)
  42 (38%)
Mystic Force
  40 (36%)
  37 (33%)
Jungle Fury
  43 (39%)
  47 (43%)
  36 (33%)
Super S
  35 (32%)

Power Rangers Super Megaforce - Earth Fights Back - Episode Review

Episode Summary:
 New introduction summary about the armada and the Power Rnagers mastering the bailities of legendary Rangers [we see new clips of old teams appearing above them like Samurai, Ninja Storm, Mighty Morphin (Yellow with skirt), Wild Force, etc.]
Emma and Gia arrive to Ernie's where is being fixed. Jake is helping out and being all sexy. On Vekar's ship, Damaras tells him that they are rebuilding. Levira might have an idea.

Noah goes through the database at school and remembers Gosei said he could get new zords. He says he has to do research. Burley comes and chastises him for playing a video game but then he notices the Rangers and thinks it is a tough game and leaves him alone.

 Back at the mall, Noah bumps into Jake dressed as Mr. Froyo (in a big costume). Jake doesn't want them to see him like that but Noah pulls him to them to see the SPD zord and Jake screams out that it is a car zord. He also shows them the Mystic Force Dragon but doesn't mention him by name.

They wonder where Troy is, Emma says he hasn't been the same since Robo Knight disappeared. Troy is at the beach remembers Robo Knight last fell down. Troy follows some X-Borgs in town where a general wants to launch missiles at night. Jake is offering samples while Noah shows the girls the Power Ranger stuff.

Emma calls Troy and the general blasts Troy because of the noise. Gia figures he wants to be alone. Troy morphs. Troy calls Tensou to calls the others. Gia signals Jake and the four run off. Jake put the suit on a mannequin.

Troy fights the monster as the roof caves in. The others run into X-Borgs. Troy wants backup. Vekar is mad at his own incompetency. More X-Borgs are sent. The four morph into Megaforce and go past the X-Borgs. They then go Super Megaforce. There is 10 minutes to launch and Troy continues fighting X-Borgs inside. Jake says he loves his green power outside. Gia says they need more power.

Noah says to use RPM's powers. They say "RPM, Get in Gear." They fight the X-Borgs with the RPM Weapons. Gosei says they have now unlocked powers never seen on Earth before.

 They become new rangers (Dairanger). They combine their powers and do a final strike (Chi Power). Sun sets and they run inside. Troy escapes being 'captured' and he goes Super Mega Mode. He fights the X-Borgs with his sword and blaster. 

The monster is blasted back, the clock is almost up and Troy blasts it away. The monster is mad. The five reunite. The five fight the monster and then go to SPD "SPD Emergency". They fight the monster as SPD. They fire an SPD attack and take down the monster and go back to SM. Levira makes the monster big.They form the Megazord and send the missile back to Vekar.

 Gosei says they mastered their SPD powers so they get the SPD Delta Runner. Jake calls it a 'car zord' again. They merge with it. They conduct "SPD Final Strike" and destroy the monster. They enter the ship and fight the ships on the moon, destroying the fleet.

 The Rangers fly on the skyship, we see the teens on the bow of the ship. Emma says the Earth looks peaceful. 

Gia and Troy are on the top thingy, talking about Robo Knight. Troy hopes they will meet again. Gia has a surprise. Back at the mall, the mall reopens and the whole town is there. They countdown and a banner goes down that says "Earth Fights Back." Ernie takes the picture of Emma. Jake says it is a beautiful sight. Troy says they won't lose because they got the Earth on their side.

Good ep. Good to see they are rebuilding the Mall and Ernie's and that Jake and Emma are working. But it would've been nice to see Emma actually work at Ernie's. People are complaining about Gosei's blaise explaination for the Dairanger powers. I do like that they are included but I don't like that they don't have names. I doubt we will get a full fledge episode explaining their existence. Some people think this opens the floodgates to other Sentai suits but I doubt it. They have rights to Dairanger but not others. They did great use of the Gokaiger  episode 1 Megazord battle. This makes the Rangers way more bold.