Sunday, February 16, 2014

Toy Fair 2014 New York -- Power Rangers Super Megaforce

 UPDATED 2/16/14 9:30 PM EST
Images from Tokunation and Rangercrew Blog

The following are promotional images.
They have the Super Mega Cannon with the female Samurai Red Key (Lauren)

 Deluxe Q-Rex Megazord

Deluxe RPM Turbo Falcon Zord becomes its own Megazord and can combine with elements of Legendary Megazord and Q-Rex.

 Legacy Titanus

 Legacy White Ranger 8 inch
Looks better than the original

 Legacy Red Ranger 8 inch
With Shield with straps and detailed Dragon Dagger and buckle

 Silver Legendary Morpher and Silver Trident
It looks like any new keys aren't available yet as they have Green Samurai Ranger Key there.

 Silver Ranger Hero Set has the Blue Megaforce Key there, probably a placeholder because it should be the Silver Ranger

 Super Mega Cannon has Blue Lightspeed Ranger Key with it but the promo pic has Lauren so most likely this is a placeholder. The cannon itself has 2 Blue Supermegaforce Keys, 2 Red and Green. (the toy itself will come with one key and fits five)

Armored Might Silver Ranger (Gold Mode)

 Thundersaurus Megazord fig

 Red Megaforce figure (with Red and Silver SMF)

 10 inch Silver Ranger

 Double Action Silver Ranger

 4 inch MM Red

This box looks like a dispenser (could it be for the single distribution Ranger Key packs?) and it mentions a contest, you scan a key and could be enrolled in the contest.

Bad news on the Ranger Key Blind Pack front:

 Only the currently available Keys are on display (only females there are Blue Ninja Storm, Pink SMF, Yellow SMF and Yellow Zeo is in package.) The display turns and changes colors.

 5 inch Action Hero Figs

 X-Borg, Red Lightspeed, Quantum, Titanium, RPM Red, Samurai Gold

 Super Samurai Red, Space Red...

 Lunar Wolf, OO Red, Zeo Gold, Samurai Red, Vekar

 Red Alien, Omega SPD, Red Turbo, Red Ninja Storm...

 Red Lost Galaxy, Red Megaforce, Red MMPR, Red MMPR, White MMPR and Robo Knight. Also there are Green Samurai Ranger (Ninja Storm), Red Time Force and Red Zeo. (Red Jungle Fury has been seen in promo images).

 Ninja Zord (Mini Zord)

 Zord Armor Megazords (Silver and Red Samurai)

 RPM Turbo Falcon Zord has Red Samuria and Green Mystic Keys, must be placeholders

 Turbo Cycle (Silver), Operation Overdrive Cycle (Red), and Jungle Fury cycle (Blue)
Turbo Cycle is based on the Turbine Laser. Keys are pictured are Red Lost Galaxy and Blue Lightspeed which are clearly placeholders.

 I would have gave Turbo to Red and OO to Silver as Turbo didn't have a Silver Ranger. I don't like that the Jungle Fury cycle is mostly silver but I do like the light blue on the Silver cycle.

I don't like that we don't see new keys as they were present at SDCC. Hopefully they'll change them by the end of the fair.

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