Sunday, February 16, 2014

Super Megaforce Opening Helmet Changes

Can I say how much I like this helmet changes at the end of the opening credits? All the core 5 Rangers of the teams are represented except for Red Space Ranger, Wolf Ranger (Jungle Fury), Blue Aquitar Ranger, RPM Green, and RPM Black

 White Ranger is shown first and then MMPR.

 Zeo Pink and Aquitar Yellow

 Black Aquitar

Zeo Blue

 Red Aquitar, Yellow Zeo

 Pink Turbo, Zeo Green

 White Wild Force, Blue Turbo, Yellow Turbo

 Black Space

Red Zeo, Blue Space, Yellow Space

 Pink Space, Green Turbo

 Pink LG, Red Turbo, Blue LG, Yellow LG

 Green Lost Galaxy

 Blue Lightspeed, Yellow Lightspeed

 Pink Lightspeed, Red Samurai

 Green Lightspeed, Yellow Time Force

 Pink Time Force, Blue Samurai, Yellow Samurai

White Dino Thunder, Green Time Force, Red Lost Galaxy

 Blue Wild Force, Yellow Ninja Storm

Pink Mystic Force, Black Wild Force and Red Lightspeed Rescue

Pink Operation Overdrive, Blue Ninja Storm, Red Time Force, Navy Ranger, Yellow Dino Thunder (which doesn't make sense, Noah becomes Blue Ninja Storm while Emma becomes Navy, not Noah).

Pink Samurai Ranger, Green SPD Ranger, Wild Force Red, Blue SPD, and Yellow SPD.

Noah as Blue Dino Thunder.

Troy as Red Ninja Storm

Emma as White Alien Ranger and Gia as Yellow Mystic Force

Jake as Green Mystic Force, Troy as Red Dino Thunder and Noah as Blue Mystic Force

Troy as Red SPD and Gia as Yellow Operation Overdrive

Emma as Pink SPD, Jake as Black Dino Thunder

Troy as Red Mystic Force, Noah as Blue Operation Overdrive and Gia as Yellow Jungle Fury

Emma as White Jungle Fury

Jake as Green Samurai, Troy as Red Jungle Fury and Noah as RPM Blue

 Emma as Crimson Ranger, which is inaccurate because Jake becomes Crimson. Also Noah as Blue Jungle Fury.

Black Operation Overdrive and RPM Yellow

Troy as Red RPM

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