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Dairanger in Super Megaforce #2: Theories

UPDATED 7/28/14 11PM EST
Original Japanese blog of Namihei Koshige
XxAKAREDxX  (George Hansen Jr.) of Rangercrew translated this:
Power Rangers Megaforce and Super Megaforce
 As the season cranks to an end... it's time to open up a little.

We began filming Power Rangers Megaforce in September of last year, and took a two month winter break. Since February we filmed nearly every day until mid-June before our wrap up. The schedule may extend, but with Oshimaku filming us, we should and on a safe note.

With a lot of changing between directors of the first and second units, and stunt coordinators there was a lot of confusion. Sometimes I was in Yellow, and at other times an X-Borg Robot, sometimes I was on a trampoline, and others I was in Pink pretending to be the wire master. One segment I filmed with swords was cut. It was a season like THAT.

The season before was less fun being a direct adaptation of Shinkenger storylines, down to the exact detail. The director said to use as much Japanese footage as possible (to
save money.) Very little action footage was required, so it wasn't as fun as this time around. This season we used some footage from Goseiger, then we film new footage, and then we cut to footage from Gokaiger. I call it a three-stage-transformation. Power Rangers Super Megaforce has a more original story, and there is more action than in the past few seasons. It's not as flashy (referring to pyrotechnics) as in recent history, but there is far more original stunt work.

In Gokaiger they made new footage of heroes from before and after Zyuranger, but for Power Rangers there is no reason to, so they cut out a great number of Sentai teams. These teams cannot be used in the show based on copyrights, so they used suits from Zyuranger onward. It was a quick fix. (mimicking) "Which series was that from? I've never seen that suit before!" Some workers had trouble figuring out which suit was which. There will however be surprises hidden in the story.

During the first half of production on the series I dislocated my shoulder, so I could not do some of the heavy action scenes. After an intense group of combat weapon practice we were ready for gun and sword double weapon use in the second half. I hurt my shoulder a bit again during weapon practice after my sword was knocked from my hand.

After a while my shoulder became better, but for a while it was loose. I hurt it one more time during a forward roll in practice. It's just like me to do that.

After all the looseness and pain I got it fixed, and it hasn't popped out since! It's alright. ♪

Among the others there were sprains, spasms, bruises, and muscle strain. In the end we cheered because we did a great job! Good work everyone!

Next year we begin to film another season, and we will work harder than ever! I think this is our intent. 
As I have stated before on this blog, the Dairanger keys were spotted with the American Ranger Keys at SDCC and then later one of the keys was replaced with Lunar Wolf Ranger Key. And they were also spotted in the SDCC and Licensing Expo trailer.

Above picture thanks to Henshin Justice Unlimited.

Above picture of the SDCC teaser thanks to SabanPRClips at YouTube

I didn't know if the Dairanger will indeed be used in Power Rangers Super Megaforce. I did like it to be true because it would be exciting to finally see them included. I was hoping to see how their existence will be explained or not explained. My theory is that the reason that only Dairanger is being used is because Saban owns the rights. They own the rights to the White Ranger and Thunderzords, so why not the Dairanger suits? Namihei above says that there is a copyrights issue to use the Pre-Zyuranger teams.

Ishimori Productions (started by Shotaro Ishinomori--who created Goranger) is credited for Megaforce in the opening credits, making people wondering if Pre-Zyuranger teams will be used or will not. I think it is to cover their butts with using Legend War footage from Gokaiger in case some pre-Zyu heroes pop up but maybe they can't use them up front because of copyright. Basically they still own the likenesses of anything after Zyuranger (including Dairanger) hence it being okay. Like Namihei said, there will be surprises within the story so maybe that's Dairanger. 


As of the episode "Silver Lining Part 2" of Super Megaforce, the Dairanger suits premiere in the second episode "Earth Fights Back" and the episode "Samurai Surprise." Gosei says the powers hadn't been seen on this planet yet.

 At the Comic Con 2014, the Dairanger appeared once again but in the banners. Only Green and Pink. Green showed up at the Comic Con 2013 on display. Pink was in the treasure box but only I noticed. pictures thanks to Megaforce Cast.

The Houhouranger (Pink Dairanger) Ranger Key even appeared in the Super Mega Cannon promotional photo and appears in the cover art, back and front.

@BigMike8109 took this photo of the back of the Super Mega Cannon box. It clearly is Houhouranger.


Unknown said...

i would think their power ups cause
they look so similiar

Carlos Z said...

I'm kind of hoping that the Dairanger team/costumes aren't in Super Megaforce. If Saban and the production team go all out and really have a back story and actual actors that portray a "past" team that would represent Dairanger, then I'd be interested. But I have the feeling that they are not. And if they do just go that route of suddenly adding Dairanger out of the blue, to me its just a lazy way out and they didn't want to spend the extra time of editing the Dairanger footage out. :/ So at this point just hoping they were lazy at this point and just didnt edit out the footage for the teaser trailers.

Unknown said...

Tommy could have formed a new team while he was still the white ranger....

Unknown said...

i would imagen they'll just say that zordon hid them away for a time when they would be needed or something. i was hoping that super megaforce was going to have the rangers find the sentai keys, instead of grand powers, would have made sence imo.

Mateus Honrado said...

I think it was a good idea to have Dairanger for Super Megaforce.