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Sailor Moon Crystal: Black Moon Arc

The original Sailor Moon Arc is almost done and Episode 12 is about to air. Sailor Moon Crystal is going to be 26 episodes. So what will be the next 14 episodes? Well they will be covering the Black Moon Arc (which anime fans know as "Sailor Moon R"). Some fans are calling this 'season two' but it technically still Sailor Moon Crystal. The arc is set to begin in January 2015. It is great to see Sailor Pluto and Chibi Usa. And those confused about seeing Sailor Chibi Moon, she did transform into that form in the manga.
Chibi-Usa and Sailor Pluto


Sailor Moon Crystal's Chibiusa voiced by Misato Fukuen. Pluto voiced by Ai Maeda
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More Ninninger Photos

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Sailor Moon Crystal - Act 11 Enemy Metallia - Episode Review

 Episode Review:
Where we last left the crew, Beryl and evil Endymion faced the Senshi inside their headquarters. Beryl tells Usagi that Mamo-Chan is dead and only the evil Endymion is around. The Senshi discover that Beryl is under the evil influence of Queen Metalia and that is what happened long ago. Venus summons the Legendary Sword and tries defeating Beryl to no avail. Moon destroys Beryl's stone along with the help of the Silver Crystal which is still in Endymion's hands. Beryl is reverted to original form and she apologizes to Endymion explaining she had a crush on him when he was with Princess Serenity back then. She is destroyed.
Endymion and Usagi go through a portal. The Senshi track down that they are in the north pole and travel there. Usagi tries turning Endymion good to no avail. The sword didn't work because it needed the crystal whole, Ami tells Usagi she needs to extract the small piece from Mamoru in order to have the crystal whole. The Shittenou fight the Senshi and the Senshi make them remember who they are, that they protected Endymion. Metallia kills them and the girls mourn them. They speak to the Senshi to encougar them. Usagi kills Endymion and kills herself, driving the Senshi and Luna to scream not to. To Be Continued.
Episode Summary:
A factor I always hated from the manga was that Sailor Moon committed suicide and I was hoping they would not use it here. For me, suicide is a sign of weakness in fiction, I am not going to go into the whole thing in real life because it is a thorny issue as many people have lost people due to suicide. I personally have. Anyway, Sailor Moon was shown to be courageous and brave heroine up until the point she takes her life at the end of this episode. And major spoiler, 'resurrection' is the next episode so everyone is going to come back to life much like in past incarnations of Sailor Moon. In Sailor Moon, the Sailor Senshi die and reborn hundreds of times. But the major difference is that in the original anime, the senshi died due to villains and Moon hit the reboot button in destroying Beryl. But here it is different.

As for the Episode itself, it is pretty good. It has emotion and suspense. Plus, there is much more interaction between Beryl and the Senshi than in the other Anime. Also, Venus kills Beryl in the manga, so that is once change here, Moon does it herself. Luna's arc is a bit subdued here. Luna watches the action for most of the episode but the voice actress does a good job at expressing her emotion for Usagi.