Saturday, December 27, 2014

Sailor Moon Crystal: Black Moon Arc

The original Sailor Moon Arc is almost done and Episode 12 is about to air. Sailor Moon Crystal is going to be 26 episodes. So what will be the next 14 episodes? Well they will be covering the Black Moon Arc (which anime fans know as "Sailor Moon R"). Some fans are calling this 'season two' but it technically still Sailor Moon Crystal. The arc is set to begin in January 2015. It is great to see Sailor Pluto and Chibi Usa. And those confused about seeing Sailor Chibi Moon, she did transform into that form in the manga.
Chibi-Usa and Sailor Pluto


Sailor Moon Crystal's Chibiusa voiced by Misato Fukuen. Pluto voiced by Ai Maeda
Here is the trailer:

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