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Kyoryu Cyan is next week.

Kamen RIder Wizard 27

Power Rangers Megaforce - Who's Crying Now? - Episode Review

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Episode Summary:
Two bullies (hunky guy and a big 'Bulk' guy) scare students in the hall and bump into Troy and block his way. Emma and Noah arrive to a circle where they are looking at the three. The bullies ask if he is going to cry and Troy asks he sees an tears. They leave, saying Troy boring them, Noah asks he stays calm. Troy says they don't bother him. The bullies then pick on a little boy, apparently the high school is also an elementary school. Troy holds back the bully's hand and saves the little boy's insect. The bullies leave. At the Warstar ship, Vrak asks Creepox if he is up to the challenge even though he thinks he failed with the Red Ranger before.

The Bullies go after Howie, the little boy and confront Creepox. The two bullies cower from Creepox. Howie stands up to Creepox. The bullies run away. Yellow and Black save Howie and Howie leaves as they fight Creepox. They fight in a warehouse. He de-morphs Gia and Jake. Creepox leaves. Emma, Noah and Troy look for the others but they are unconscious and Gosei is no help. They finally find them. Emma stays with the duo while Troy and Noah go after Creepox, who is launching hundreds of meteors towards the city. They confront Creepox. We flashback to the last episode that Troy and Creepox fought. The two morph and fight Creepox.

Creepox takes down Noah and keeps fighting Troy. Troy goes down. Creepox throws an attack at Troy and Noah holds it. Noah and Troy fall down a cliff and de-morph. Noah is hurt, Troy says he will exploit his anger and use it against him. Noah says he wishes he could help. Creepox arrives and demands to be fought. Troy morphs once again and fights Creepox. Creepox makes him dimorph once again, goes to strike Troy but Troy has the Dragon Sword to defend him.

Creepox is over Troy and his Dragon Sword, he asks for him to cry, he says the same "You see any tears" thing and spin-morphs and fights him one on one. Vrak appears in his outside armor (which he didn't use last week) and sees the two but they don't notice him of course. The two slash each other but Creepox goes down. He is devastated and explodes. Emma, Jake and Gia walk over to where they are and come to Noah's aid. They applaud Troy, Above them, they don't notice Vrak, who calls Creepox a fool and calls his Zombats to make Creepox huge.

The four morph and call Gosei Great. The Megazord goes down and Troy asks for help. Gosei tells him it is time for the Ultra Gosei Great Megazord. Out of a card in the sky comes out the Sea Brothers, Sky Brothers and Land Brothers. All nine zords combine with Gosei Great to make the Ultra Gosei Great Megazord. Creepox sends a big spinning attacks towards the Rangers and they counter and destroy Creepox. The better Megaforce theme plays.

The teens recap as they walk in a park. Jake celebrates by dancing a bit like Zack. Gia hands him her bookpack and tells him not to quit his dayjob. They enter the Froyo place and the bully Roy stops them and helps Howie's bug, since the three are now friends. Troy wonders what is next. Jake tells him to relax and enjoy the win.

Episode Review:
WAAAAYYY better than last week's episode. It is reminiscent of MMPR first season of starting out as a standard episodic episode with no arc and have arc stuff happen and then end on a high note. The bullies being friends with the nerd Howie was a bit corny but eh, they live in this plastic happy world. And I have NO idea why bullies want Troy to cry. Does a hot model guy make people want him to cry? Not seeing the context, but oh well. Word is that next week there is no new episode and that the Gosei Knight episode will air March 30th. But TV says it is a repeat at 12pm.

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Non-Super Sentai Power Ranger Exclusive Artwork In Action Card Game Cards

When the Power Rangers Action Card Game came out, we fans (or I, on my own) assumed that the artwork was only coming from Super Sentai Dice-O (2010-now). Some cards are mixed with photoshoots of Mighty Morphin, RPM, Samurai and Lost Galaxy. But recently it has been revealed they are also using artwork from Ranger Strike (2006-now). Funny enough, American Power Rangers fans saw Ranger Strike artwork with the Power Rangers Collector Card Game back in 2008 but there was only one series and was quickly cancelled. This week Bandai America's ACG Facebook page revealed cards for Gold Samurai Ranger (Mega Mode) and Red Dragon Fire Ranger.
Red Dragon Fire Ranger is from Mystic Force only and did not appear in Mahou Sentai Magiranger. So this is new artwork exclusively made for the American card game. Red Dragon Fire Ranger is a Battlizer, which were only in Power Rangers than Super Sentai. SPD Battlizer is the only one to appear in Sentai that AFTER it appeared in Power Rangers, having appeared in Magiranger vs. Dekaranger. The SPD Battlizer did get artwork for the Rangerstrike and Dice-O cards so fans suspect we would only get those. In fact, the SPD Battlizer appeared in the CCG (2008).

I am not surprised to see Mega Mode, I figured they would make artwork for them. But it has been pointed out that the same pose of Gold was used in a Super Samurai poster--meaning it is a photo just enhanced with photoshop. I am pleasantly surprised to see the Battlizer though. Other than SPD Battlizer, I hope we get the original In Space Battlizer, Lost Galaxy Battlizer, Ninja Storm Battlizer, and Shogun Mode. I doubt we will get Lightspeed Rescue Red's because it was more of a bike-related armor but we'll see.

Animals in Super Sentai (2013 Edition)

Contrary to popular belief, not many Super Sentai are animal-inspired. Out of the 37 series, there is only about 19 or so series that has animals, mythical creatures or dinosaurs. I have updated this intensively since the first time I posted this in 2008 and plan to make a new post every year when there are more animals added.

If you are looking for the animal from Power Rangers, I am referring to the original intention in Super Sentai. Power Rangers are notorious for changing the animal's identity.


Lions (17)
Liveman (1988) - yellow lion
Dairanger (1993) - green lion Star-ShiShi
Gingaman (1998) - red lion GingaLion
2-Gaoranger (2001) - red Gao Lion and gunmetal black Gao Leon
2-Hurricanger (2002) - yellow Hurricane Lion and white Gattling Leo
Magiranger (2005) - white Magi Lion
Gekiranger (2007) - black Rin Lion
2-Go-Onger (2008) - blue Buson (half bus), black, red and yellow Shishi-no-Shin
Shinkenger (2009) - red ShishiOrikami
3-Goseiger (2010) - Silver and Black Grandeon, blue SeaLion (not actually a sea-lion), and red SkyLion
Gokaiger (2011) - red Gao Lion
Go-Busters (2012) -  Dark Blue LT-06 Tategami Rai-Oh

Tigers (6)
Dairanger (1993) - white Won Tiger
Gaoranger (2001) - white Gao Tiger
Gekiranger (2007) - red Geki Tiger
Go-onger (2008) - silver Jetoras (half jet)
Shinkenger (2009) - white ToraOriKami
Goseiger (2010) - yellow Gosei Tiger (half dozer/tank)

Jaguars (2)
Gaoranger (2001) - yellow-orange Gao Jaguar
Gekiranger (2007) - blue Gao Jaguar

Cheetahs (2)
Gekiranger (2007) - yellow Geki Cheetah
Go-Busters (2012) - red CB-01 Cheetah

Condors (5)
Jetman (1992) - black Jet Condor
Gaoranger (2001) - blue Gao Condor
Hurricanger (2002) - white Tri-Condor
Go-onger (2008) - red Speedor (half racecar), red, black, and yellow Retsu-taka

Falcons (5)
Liveman (1988) - Red Falcon
Kakuranger (1994) - white Tsubasamaru
Gingaman (1998) - green Gingalcon
Gaoranger (2001) - red Gao Falcon
Gokaiger (2011) - Red and white Machalcon (half race car/half Falcon)

Hawks (3)
Jetman (1991) - Red Hawk
Hurricanger (2001) - red Hurricane Hawk

Goseiger (2010) - red TakaHeader

Eagles (3)
Sun Vulcan (1981) - red Vuleagle warrior
Gaoranger (2001) - yellow GaoEagle
Jetman Manga (1991) - Green Eagle -- not considered canon
Goseiger (2010) - Indigo GoseiBird 

Sharks (10)
Battle Fever J (1979) - blue/white Battle Shark (battleship)
Sun Vulcan (1981) - blue Vulshark
Gingaman (1998) - dark blue/silver Ginga Bitus
3-Gaoranger (2001) - blue Gao Shark, purple Gao Hammer (hammerhead shark) and maroon Gao SawShark.
Gekiranger (2007) - sea blue Geki Shark
3-Goseiger (2010) - blue Gosei Shark (half-submarine), cyan HammerHeader (hammerhead shark), Goseiger (2010) - Teal SawSharkHeader

Dolphins (3)
Liveman (1988) - Blue Dolphin
Hurricanger (2002) - blue Hurricane Dolphin
Goseiger (2010) - blue Dolphin Headder

Squids (2)
Hurricanger (2002) - indigo squid
Shinkenger (2009) - purple and white Ika Origami (Octozord)

Alligators (2)-- (I know, not exactly underwater)
Gaoranger (2001) - forest green Gao Gator
Go-onger (2008) - orange CarriGator (half carrier)--was called a Croc in RPM but it's not a Crocodile. Crocodiles and Alligators are from different families.

Bears (7)
Kakuranger (1994) - yellow God Kumard
3-Gaoranger (2001) - black Gao Bear, white Gao Polar, and Gao Panda (2 were owned by Gao Yellow).
Go-onger (2008) - yellow Bear RV (half RV), black, red, and yellow Tsuki-no-Wa
Shinkenger (2009) - Green KumaOriKami (Bear Folding Zord)

Rhinos (5)
Liveman (1988) - Green Sai
Gingaman (1998) - red Ginga Rhino
Gaoranger (2001) - periwinkle Gao Rhino
Gekiranger (2007) - blue and silver SaiDain 
Goseiger (2010) - yellow SaiHeader
 Gorillas (5)
Gingaman (1998) - blue Gingarilla
2 - Gaoranger (2001) - green Gao Gorilla and red Gao Kong
Gekiranger (2007) - red Geki Gorilla
Go-Busters (2012) - blue Gorisaki Banana

Wolves (4)
Kakuranger (1994) - blue God Logan
Gingaman (1998) - yellow Gingaverick
Gaoranger (2001) - silver Gao Wolf
Gekiranger (2007) - violet Geki Wolf

Tortoises (3)
Liveman (1988) - black/silver Gran Tortoise
Dairanger (1993) - green Dai Mugen
Hurricanger (2002) - periwinkle Totasu Hammer

Horses (3)
Gaoranger (2001) - Gao Horse
2 - Magiranger (2005) - black Valkyrion, Slepiner's blue horses

Elephants (3)
Gaoranger (2001) - teal blue Gao Elephant
Gekiranger (2007) - teal green Geki Elephant
Goseiger (2010) - yellow Elephant Headder

Bisons (2)
Liveman (1988) - Black Bison
Gaoranger (2001) - black Gao Bison

Bulls (2)
Gingaman (1998) - Black GoTaurus
Shinkenger (2009) - Ushi Origami (Bull Zord)
(Ox and Bull are the same animal)

Frogs (2)
Kakuranger (1994) - God Gammer (Frog NinjaZord)
Go-Busters (2012) - Ene-chan FS-0O

Kabuto (4)
Hurricanger (2002) - crimson Kabuto Gorai Beetle
Shinkenger (2009) - orange Kabuto Origami
Goseiger (2010) - dark orange Kabuto Headder

Go-Buster (2012) - Gold Beet Buster and BC-04 Beetle

Kuwaga (3)
Hurricanger (2002) - navy Gorai Stag
Goseiger (2010) - Black KuwagaHeader
Go-Buster (2012) - Silver StagBuster and SJ-05 Stag Beetle

Dragons (12)
Changeman (1985) - red Change Dragon warrior
Zyuranger (1992) - green/black/silver Dragon Ceasar
2-Dairanger (1993) - red Ryuuseioh, green Daijinryuu
Magiranger (2005) - five-colored Magi Dragon
Shinkenger (2009) - blue RyuuOriKami
5 - Goseiger (2010) - red Goseidragon (half-bomber jet) and the four orange, lime green, cyan and purple ExoticBrothers (NOT PICTURED).
Goukaiger (2011) - Red MagiDragon

Phoenix (6)
Changeman (1985) - pink Change Phoenix warrior
Dairanger (1993) - pink Star-houhou
Ohranger (1995) - red Skyphoenix
Gingaman (1998) - blue Ginga Phoenix
Magiranger (2005) - red MagiPhoenix
Goseiger (2010) - White with some pink GoseiPhoenix (half-jet)

Mermaids (2)
Changeman (1985) - white Change Mermaid warrior
Magiranger (2005) - blue Magi Mermaid

Pegasus (2)
Changeman (1985) - blue Change Pegasus warrior
Dairanger (1993) - blue Star Tenma

Taurus (2)
Ohranger (1995) - green Grantaurus
Magiranger (2005) - green MagiTaurus

Garudas (2)
Jetman (1991) - Jet Garuda
Magiranger (2005) - yellow Magi Garuda


Tyrannosaurus (7)
Zyuranger (1992) - red Tyrannosaurus
Timeranger (2000) - Red, black, and silver V-Rex
Abaranger (2003) - red Tyranno

Go-Onger (2008) - white tyrannosaurus T-Line (half train car)
Goseiger (2010) - orange TyrannoHeader
Gokaiger (2011) - blue and silver Goujyujin
Kyoryuger (2013) - Red Gabutyra (with Kyoryu Red)

Triceratops (4)
Zyuranger (1992) - blue Triceratops
Abaranger (2003) - blue Kera
Go-Onger (2008) - light periwinkle Triceratops K-Line (half train-car)
Kyoryuger (2013) - Pink Trikera (with Kyoryu Pink)

Mammoths (3)
Zyuranger (1992) - black Mammoth
Hurricanger (2001) - silver Revolver Mammoth
Go-Onger (2008) - maroon Kishamoth (half train)

Pteradons (4)
Zyuranger (1992) - pink/red/white Pterodon
Abaranger (2003) - yellow Ptera
Goseiger (2010) - White, Red and Olive-Yellow PteraHeader/Pterazord
Kyouryuger (2013) - Gold Pteragodon (With Kyoryu Gold)

Brachiosaurus (3)
Zyuranger (1992) - white/black King Brachion
Abaranger (2003) - black/gold Brachiosaurus
Kyoryuger (2013) - Silver Brachiosaurus

Parasaur (2)
Abaranger (2003) - Green
Kyoryuger (2013) - Black Parasagun (with Kyoryu Black)

Stegosaurus (2)
Abaranger (2003) - Red/Violet
Kyoryuger (2013) - Blue Stegotchi (With Kyoryu Blue)

Ankylosaurus (2)
Abaranger (2003) - Orange
Kyoryuger (2013) - Cyan Ankydon (With Kyoryu Cyan)

Tupandactylus (2)
Abaranger (2003) - Top Galer
Kyoryuger (2013) - Tuperanda

Sun Vulcan (1981) - yellow VulPanther
Changeman (1985) - black Change Griffin
Jetman (1991) - Yellow Owl, Blue Swallow, White Swan
Zyuranger (1992) - yellow Sabertooth Tiger
Dairanger (1993) - yellow Kirin
Kakuranger (1994) - God Saruder (red ape), God Kark (white crane), 
Ohranger (1995) - blue Sphinx
Gingaman (1998) - pink Gingat
Gaoranger (2001) - orange Giraffe, purple Armadillo, green Deer, brown Buffalo, peacock, mouse, and stingray.
Hurricanger (2002) - yellow goat, yellow bee, purple Horseshoe Crab, green spider, red starfish
Abaranger (2003) -  Cyan Dimetrodon
Magiranger (2005) - pink Fairy, yellow Garuda, red Firebird, and white unicorn Unikirion
Gekiranger (2007) - yellow Penguin, indigo Bat, blue Gazelle, green Chameleon
Go-Onger (2008) - green Birca (Orca), black Gunpherd (German Shepard), gold Triptor (Chicken), navy Jum-bowhale (Whale)
Shinkenger (2009) - yellow monkey, pink turtle, cyan Kujaki Origami, gold lobster, scarlet Sauropoda Kyoryumaru
Goseiger (2010) - black Snake (half Shinkansen), cyan MantaHeadder (Mantaray), white CrowHeadder, black Crocodile Headder, green Mystic Runner (Ostrich)
Go-Busters (2012) - yellow Usada Retasu (Bunny)
Kyoryuger (2013) - Green Velicaraptor, Purple Plesion, Yellow Deinonychus, Dark Orange Deinosagrander, Cobalt Blue Kentrosaurus, Scarlet Allosaurus, Indigo Seismosaur, Salmon Oviraptor, Lavender Iguanodon, Dark Green Ammonite, Blue Archelon, Red Fukuiraptor and Dark Grey Futabasaurus.