Sunday, March 10, 2013

Guardians of Justice Power Rangers Action Card Game Cards So Far

UPDATED 3/29/13
For the full list, check fellow Power Force member Grnrngr's List 
Here the cards so far revealed by Bandai's official Power Rangers Action Card Game page on Facebook. 
Henshin Justice got exclusive preview cards: got exclusive preview cards:

 Red Space Ranger and Yellow Space Ranger (Common)
 Blue Space Ranger and Pink Space Ranger (Common)
 Black Space Ranger and Ecliptor (Common)

Krybot and Red SPD Ranger (Common)
Blue SPD Ranger and Green SPD Ranger (Common)

Yellow SPD Ranger and Pink SPD Ranger (Common)
Red SPD Ranger and Blue SPD Ranger (S.W.A.T.) (Common)
Green SPD Ranger and Yellow SPD Ranger  (S.W.A.T.) (Common)
Pink SPD (S.W.A.T.) (Common) and Shadow Ranger (Ultra Rare)
Delta Squad Megazord (Super Rare)

Gold RPM Ranger and Silver RPM Ranger (Common)
Pictures from Blog:
 PaleoMax and Mach Megazord
 Bear Crawler and Lion Hauler

Gosei Great Grand Megazord (Super Rare) and Megaforce Blue (Common)
 Phoenix Zord (Rare) and Pink Megaforce Ranger (Common)
Ultra Gosei Great Megazord (Ultra Rare) and Red Megaforce Ranger (Common)

 Sky Brothers Zords (Rare)

 Red Super Samurai Ranger (Lauren) (Rare)
 Red Samurai Ranger (Lauren) (Common)
 Bear Zord (Rare) and Turtle Zord (Exclusive to )
Red Samurai Ranger (Common) and Red Samurai Ranger (Exclusive to )
 Gold Samurai Ranger and Mega Mode (Ultra Rare)

Battlewing Megazord (Ultra Rare)

 Pink Galaxy Ranger (Common)
Yellow Galaxy Ranger (Common)
 Red Galaxy Ranger (Common)
Green Galaxy Ranger (Common)
Blue Galaxy Ranger (Common)
Threacheron (Rare)

Red Mystic Force Ranger (Common)
Blue Mystic Force Ranger (Common)
Green Mystic Force Ranger (Common)
Yellow Mystic Force Ranger (Common)
Pink Mystic Force Ranger (Common)
 Koragg (rare)
Titan Megazord (Super Rare)
Solaris Knight (Rare)
 Red Mystic Force Ranger (Legend Mode) (Rare)
 Red Dragon Fire Mystic Force Ranger (Ultra Rare)
Green Mystic Force Ranger (Legend Mode)
Manticore Megazord
Octomus (rare)


Red Ninja Storm Ranger (Common)
Yellow Ninja Storm Ranger (Coomon)

Blue Ninja Storm Ranger (Common)
Green Samurai Ranger (Rare)
 Navy Ninja Storm Ranger (rare) (Don't get me started on the names)Crimson Ninja Storm Ranger (rare) (Exclusive to )
Crimson Ninja Storm Ranger (rare)
Green Samurai Ranger (Super Rare)
 Vexacus (rare)


Diabolico (rare)
Red Lightspeed Rescue Ranger (common)
Yellow Lightspeed Rescue Ranger (Common)
Pink Lightspeed Rescue Ranger (Common)
Blue Lightspeed Rescue Ranger (Common)
Green Lightspeed Rescue Ranger (Common)

 Goldar (rare)
Rita Repulsa (rare)


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