Sunday, March 10, 2013

Power Rangers Megaforce 2013 Halloween Children Costumes

 UPDATED 8/23/13
Like every year, the Halloween costumes are revealed several months before Halloween. Images are from which also has a soft and deluxe Dragon Sword, large and small gloves (even for Robo Knight), Shark Bow, Safety Light Gosei Morpher, Lion Sword and soft Mega Blaster. Also it seems that Yellow and Black have been shafted. And most likely they (Green and Yellow) will be as well next year.

Red Megaforce Ranger; Muscle suit (18 inch deluxe Dragon Sword sold separately)

Toddler version (soft Dragon Sword sold separately)

Megaforce Blue; Muscle Suit (Shark Bow sold separately) 

Megaforce Pink Deluxe suit (Mega Blaster sold separately); Megaforce Pink
Robo Knight Deluxe; Robo Knight

Robo Knight Toddler Suit

 Red Megaforce Ranger Costume
This is Ultra Mode but calls it 'Super Megaforce.' Available in Toddler as well.

 Black Megaforce Ranger Muscle Costume

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