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Power Rangers Dino Supercharge - Edge of Extinction Part 1 - Episode Review

Episode Summary:
Tyler, Riley and Shelby found a weird green egg. At Sledge's ship, Sledge and Poisandra will keep the Dark Energem from Snide when they marry. Snide finds this out. Heckyl is at the cafe and tells the Rangers that the eggs are Greenzillas but planted all over the world. He wants to eat his last meal, They want his help. Shelby tells them that he is the good half of Heckyl and Snide. He doesn't agree. At the base, the Rangers see an egg hatching and destroy it. The other eggs hatch al over the world. They call their five megazords and go to the different cities. Meanwhile, Heckyl enjoys his last day on Earth by skydiving, water rafting, rollercoasters, etc, 

Zenowing in Titano in China, Graphite & Aqua in Plesio in Hawaii, Pink & Blue in Dno Charge in New York, Gold, Green & Black in Pterazord in England and Red in Tokyo, Japan in the SpinoCharge Megazord and Purple in the Base! So screwed up Purple doesn't go in her own zord. Red split back into three zords: Pachy, Ankylo and Spino and beat up the Greenzilla and then went back together. He destroys the monster in Tokyo. The Sledge-Poisandra wedding occurs in the ship. Sledge is having jitters. a Rat appears and the aliens freak out. Poisandra falls unto the cake. Fury tells him that an egg is missing and Tokyo one was destroyed. He sends Snide but he wants Wrench sent. Snide takes the Dark Energem.

The Rangers strongling wth their Greenzillas. Pterazord does the final attack but the monster survives. Heckyl watches the news, that world leaders call for a state of emergency. People running around. Heckyl sees a little girl without her mom and he leads her to her mom. The woman thanks him and kisses his cheek. He touches it and remembers Shelby telling him thank and that he changed. He looks up and sees Snide's pod and runs towards it. Zenowing is running out of power. Shelby and Koda ask for help and Ankylozord comes to help and they replace Stego. They destroy the Greenzilla in New York. Spinozord helps the Pterazord in English and they make Spino Charge Megazord. Koda, Ivan and RIley join Tyler in the cockpit. Pterazord also blasts the monster and it is destroyed. Pachyzord comes to hep the Plesio Zord and Aqua and Graphite destroy the Greenzilla. The Rangers go to Zenwoing and throw their Dino Chargers in and helps TitanoZord. 

Snide enters the museum. He tries destroying the floor. Kendall is happy about the destroyed Greenzillas but the floor collapses on her and Keeper. Keeper knocks Kendall out of the way and he gets hit. Snide says now he knows the base is under the museum (he did know this but forgot because of a potion). Purple morphs and fights Snide. Purple is knocked down. Keeper comes to him. Snide wants them to touch the Dark Energem. Heckyl comes to the rescue. Heckyl and Purple go out to fight and Pink and Blue join in. Aqua and Graphite and Silver arrive. Red, Green, Black and Gold are in the Ultrazord. Snide wants the Manga Beam, Sledge says no. Heckyl and the Rnagers point their weapons at him. Ultrazord calls the Titano Canon. Red calls the Dino Saber and they hit Snide. Snide blows up. 

Poisandra and Sledge marry until they find their is no Dark Energem. Snide sends Fury to get it. The Rangers look through the rubble and find Dark Energem. Tyler says it is not even scratched. Heckyl says Shelby was right and he wants to help. Tyler says he is one of them. Fury is in the base and they all run. 

Good episode, I like the international feel, mostly from the source material Kyoryuger. I don't like that Purple was not involved but I guess someone had to be with Keeper when Snide attacked. Watching Spinozord combine with other zords was cool. 

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Representation of Colors in Power Ranger (Updated 2016)

I did this post back in 2011, the update is now in 2016. 
Red usually represents aggression, love, negativity, passion, socialism, heat, fire, beauty, leadership, injury, danger, blood, and conservatism. Red is used as a symbol of courage and sacrifice, as in blood split in sacrifice or courage in the face of lethal danger. Red Rangers are usually Stalwart Leader, Reckless or Childish Leader, or young upstart. Recently Red Rangers have been reckless or childish, but there some that are serious and true like Scott and Jayden. Most Red Rangers have represented aggression, love, passion, heat, fire, and leadership, but rarely negativity, injury, danger and conservatism. Most of the time when a Red Ranger has an elemental power, it is to do with nature, Mystic Force and Samurai had to do with Fire. Troy of Megaforce was very stalwart and silent, we barley knew anything about him. Tyler of Dino Charge has been more like a kid, happy go-lucky, quick to get upset and as a leader, more like a buddy.

Green usually represents nature, growth, hope, youth, sickness, health, spring, money, and envy. In many folklores and literature, green has traditionally been used to symbolize nature and its embodied attributes, namely those of life, fertility, and rebirth. Green Rangers usually represent nature, growth, hope, youth, health, and envy. Most Green Rangers are the comic relief, stubborn one, or the decent one. Ziggy, Bridge, and Joel are a few that represent comic relief. Most of the time when a Green Ranger has an elemental power, it is to do with nature, Mystic Force had Nature and Samurai had to do with Forest. Mike (Samurai) was impulsive and a prankster while Riley (Dino Charge) was a logical guy who liked puzzles.


Ice, water, sky, sadness, winter, royalty, boys, cold, calm, magic, and truth. In the English language, blue often represents the human emotion of sadness, e.g. "He was feeling blue". Most of the time when a Blue Ranger has an elemental power, it is to do with nature, Mystic Force and Samurai had to do with Water. Most Blue Rangers are the calm one, sometimes the stubborn one, when a girl is a blue ranger, most of the time she is the calm one. Most Blue Rangers represent Calmness and truth. For example, Kevin (Samurai) and Kai (Lost Galaxy) have been serious. Lucas (Time Force) was the 'cool' one. Dax (Operation Drive) was the goofy one. Noah of Megaforce was the smart but insecure one while Koda of Dino Charge has been serious, heartwarming and a bit of comic relief.

Yellow represent sunshine, warmth, fun, happiness, warning, friendship, caution, intelligence, cowardice, love, hope, optimism, imagination, curiosity, surprise and thrill. Most Yellow Rangers are the happy-go-lucky ones (Kelsey, Katie, Emily). They have represented almost all the properties previously mentioned. There are some Yellow Rangers that are the opposite of happiness and optimism, like Taylor of Wild Force and Gia of Megaforce. When elemental, Yellow has been used for a variety of elements such as Earth and Thunder and Lighting like Chip of Mystic Force.

Pink has represented girls, love, health, fairies, beauty, cuteness, and glamor. And all the Pink Rangers have in some way represented all those aspects (fairies only to a few). The majority of the Pink Rangers in Sentai had to represent feminine side, be super girly. The few Pink Rangers that have been tomboyish have been Jen, Vida of Mystic Force, Rose, Shelby, and Mia. Emma of Megaforce was cheery and Shelby of Dino Charge was tomboyish and a dino lover.

Most of the time, White represents bravery, purity, nobility, softness, emptiness, knowledge, snow, heaven, peace, life, clean, air, sunlight, surrender, clouds, frost, angels, weakness, protagonist, winter, and innocence. White Rangers have represented bravery, purity, nobility, softness, knowledge, snow, peace, life, clean, winter, and innocence since half have been female and half have been male. The one that represented snow and winter is Udonna, the one that has been complete opposite was the evil White Dino Ranger. The newest white Ranger is in Ninja Steel.

Black has represented darkness, secrecy, power, mystery, death, fear, antagonist, strong, chaos, evil, bad luck crime, elegance, anarchy, rebellion, non-conformity, individuality, and solidarity. Black Rangers have represented darkness, power, mystery, strength, rebellion, non-conformity, individuality, and solidarity. Dillon of RPM reminds of rebellion and non-conformity and solidarity. Most Black Rangers are the serious one or bad boy. Sometimes the comic relief like Zack and Jake or shy one like Adam and Danny (PRWF). With strength, Tommy (PRDT)  come to mind. Chase has been the ladies man and a bit of comic relief.
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A cousin to yellow (orange and brown as well BTW) is gold. While green may be the color of U.S. money gold is the color of riches and extravagance. Because gold is a precious metal, the color gold is associated with wealth and prosperity. It can also represent praise, commendation, valuable, positive, superior, outstanding, excellence, and favored person. Most Gold Rangers as Sixth Rangers and are considered the best and powerful. Daggeron were stern teachers, Trey was powerful and serious, Gem was happy-go-lucky and liked shiny things and things that exploded, and Genta was happy-go-lucky, hard working and earnest. Jason, by extension of being the Gold Ranger as well was also seen as strong and powerful. Antonio of Power Rangers Samurai was happy-go-lucky and determined and doesn't give up. Ivan was more a comic relief, with his fish out of water stchick. At this point, the Gold Ninja Steel Ranger hasn't been cast yet.

Silver, especially a shiny, metallic silver, is cool like gray but livelier, more playful. Silver can be sleek and modern or impart a feeling of ornate riches. Silver often symbolizes riches, just as gold does. Silver can be glamorous and distinguished. While women are seen as old, gray-haired men are seen as graceful aging. The silver-tongued is considered witty, eloquent speaker. Most Silver Rangers (except for Nova and RPM) are sixth rangers and are considered the most powerful. Zhane, Merrick, Tyzonn and Orion are fall under this. Gema like her brother liked exploding things but was a bit judgmental but that changed. Orion is a fish put of water.

Purple is associated with royalty and nobility (stemming from classical antiquity when Tyrian Purple was only affordable to the elites). A mysterious color, purple is associated with both nobility and spirituality. Since there has only been one Violet/Purple warrior in both franchises, there is not much to go on. =R.J./Violet Wolf Ranger was a neo-hippie, very calm zen master, with his own daddy issues. There was also Koragg who was dark and mysterious. Albert was a scaredy cat and Kendall is the smart one.

Orange represents desire, fire, engineering, determination, compassion, endurance, and optimism. Fire is repeated from Red and Optimism is repeated from Yellow. There has not been many orange warriors. Most of the time it is mixed with white like with GekiChopper/Rhino Ranger and DekaSwan/Kat Ranger. The only real orange warrior in Sentai were BattleCossack and Toq 6 Gou in Toqger which was not adapted into Power Rangers. Deka Swan as compassate, Ken (Chopper) had endurance, and Dominick (Rhino) had determination.

Lavender Ranger's Maintaining a Fansite Powerpoint

Check out my quick powerpoint I used for my panel at Rangerstop

Power Rangers Movie Megazord, Ninja Steel female armor and Lego/Mega Bloks debate

I decided to clump all these things together...
Movie Megazord
Over this weekend, Power Rangers Twitter revealed this picture of this Interactive Megazord, it is one solid piece, it is not a transforming Megazord. The fandom went crazy. Well, the majority of the response was "Meh." I know this from being at Rangerstop convention in Orlando, Florida from November 4-6 and talking to fans. The consensus was to keep the picture away from them. 

 Above is the transforming Megazord. My thoughts are that it looked like Optimus Prime, I don't like that Mastodon went from shoulders to the right leg, that Sabertooth tiger went from a leg to the waist. I have no rpoblem with the Pterdactyl going to wins. I'm not crazy about it but let's see how it looks in the movie. 

Ninja Steel toys
More toys are being revealed, including the standard zord armor toys that were more common in the Disney Era, other than Saban seasons recently. So this pic turned up. I don't know if the armor was actually made for her. It looks too big for her. But I love the idea that female rangers can have armor again. Female Rangers have not had armors since Lost Galaxy and In Space. In Space had Astro Armor for Pink and Yellow. Lost Galaxy had armor for Pink and Yellow along with the male Rangers. I commend Bandai and Saban for doing this. 

Jason Bischoff, Director of Global Consumer Products for Saban Brands posted on Rangerboard that he was posting just once and couldn't answer any questions because the limits of his job. Bandai and Saban always avoid answering anything in case things change or they can't say. I know this from experience with Power Force. He can be contacted at @prometheanworks on Twitter.

MegaBloks is an older deal that Jason inherited that is technically still active. The more-recent MegaBloks product reveals (above) are older and were held to be timed at the same time as the movie release. The upcoming MMPR items will see an extremely limited release in specialty stores worldwide. It is a non-exclusive deal and in major stores is to be determined. 

LEGO Ideas
Bruce Lowell designed these and they are a proposal for Lego Ideas. Fans have to vote for it to make it real. Sometimes the Lego Ideas become real, some don't. Jason says nothing about the MegaBloks deal that prevents us from exploring LEGO ideas He says, "LEGO ideas submissions often find their way into other Lego avenues (full lines, games etc.) Can't say it enough: if you'd like to see LEGO Power Rangers stuff, we really need you guys to rally up, get behind it and vote with your votes! Sharing on social is also an excellent way to help (and Bruce has made it easy for us with banners available on his website)."
I personally would like to see Lego take over the license. Lots of fans do. My nephew can't tell the difference, he says MegaBloks is Lego. There was a Lego scam back in July saying Lego had the Movie license but ended up being untrue. 

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Power Rangers Dino Supercharge - The Rangers Rock - Episode Review

Missed it yesterday because of Rangerstop Con in Orlando, FL.

Sledge is upset about his ship being a wreck. Poisandra slaps him in the face for not telling her he survived. He found something special in the cells, a glowing egg. He let go Heckyl. He took the eggs and planted them throughout the Earth. He wanted to know if Poisandra was okay. Poisey was miserable, he says the world wasn't fun and we see pictures in the opposite enjoying Hawaii, Japan and China. James Navarro watches this. Snide gives Sledge the Dark Energem.

Zenowing says he created the zords with geodes as eggs. Shelby can't believe it. He says it works like the Energem crystal beds. He tells her he will teach her how to creat eit. At the cafe, Koda wins a pie eating contest. Kendall doesn't liek this, telling them James found the dark energem location. Back at the base, Keeper says the dark energem has to be destroyed. James tells them about Sledge. Chase says to hit them with all the megazords. Shelby says there is no way to be sure. She says to surprise attack on the ship and crush the energem. They agree and say no megazords. Back on the ship, Sledge gives Poisandra flowers and she crushes them, saying she wants to get married. 

He says as soon as the ship flies. She leaves. Snide and Fury tell him that the Rangers are coming. Fury goes get a monster called Badussa. The Rangers are found out by Viviks in the forest. Badussa turns Zenowing, Koda and Kendall, Ivan and Riley into statues. Viviks throw Shelby away. Chase and Tyler are turn into stone. James, Philip and Shelby escape and hide behind a tree. 

Heckyl arrives to rescue, saying he knows how to lose a world. Badussa escapes. Heckyl leaves. Shelby is left shocked. Shelby touches Tyler's statue and tears up. They go back to the base and put the statues there. Keeper says their zords won't work without the Rangers (since when?). Their zords have no cockpits. Keeper tells Shelby to create a zord, she has no confidence. They give her pep talks. Shelby looks through dino bones and chooses the Spinosaurus (not choosing one dino because it looks like a crocodile--hmm). Sledge hurries up Wrench in putting the dark energem in a weapon.

Shelby puts in metal, bones and a crystal in the eggs and with Keeper's soul power. The egg burns up and goes down in the ground. Keeper tells them to follow them. Shelby takes out the Spino dino charger. Poisandra decorates the ship. Keeper and the others stop back in the forest. Philip walks towards a campsite and Heckyl appears behind them. Heckyl says Snide is after him. Heckyl tells them they split up. Shelby says he saved them. He says he wanted to destroy Badussa, he says Arcanon destroyed his planet. Keeper is surprised he survived the end of Sentai 6. Heckyl wants to restore the planet. Badusa arrives and Shelby smashes his amulet. Philip, James and Shelby morph and Pink, Graphite, Aqua and Keeper fight Badussa. She is about to destroy the amulet, Heckyl wants to work together. They both blast it and the Rangers are restored. 

Shelby sends them her coordinates and she thanks Heckyl. Heckyl tells her to get off the planet. Badussa knocks the three away and calls the mangabeam. Philip asks how they can destroy him with no Megazord. Keeper's staff glows. He says the Spinozord is alive, it emerges from the ground and hits Badussa. James says good job. The Rangers call Ankylozord and Pachyzord. Shelby throws the Spino charger and make Spino Charge Megazord, the four appear in the cockpit. Keeper helps fight. He has a red base with Spino as his symbol. Badussa is destroyed and shrinks down. The Rangers arrive. They leave Keeper. 

The Rangers reunite. Badussa arrives with Vivicks and the blue guards. The others morph. The ten Rangers fight the villains. Badussa fights Red. Red goes Super. Shelby gives him the Spino Charger and he gets Stego spino Formation. Badussa throws an attack and he throws it back with the Spino Boomerang. The ten Rangers do a final dino strike and Badussa explodes behind them. Sledge's ship is up and flies away. Kendall figures he powered it with the Dark ENergem.

Poisandra wants to honeymoon in Hawaii, China and New York. Sledge says it won't exist when he is done, maybe the Milky Way. She leaves. Snide and Wrench arrive with the Dark Energem, Sledge wants to see the destruction. Zenowing offers Shelby to be an appertance, she declines. Shelby tells Tyler she did it for the ones she loved to fix up her messed up plan. Tyler tells her it doesn't matter, she did good. Shelby tells them that Heckyl said to get off planet. Ivan says that Sledge's plan is so huge, they have to get off planet.

We got Spino Charge Megazord and Deathryuger's monster form but no Talon Ranger. Way to get our hopes up again. (First was Super Megaforce) I do like that Shelby created the zord as this works on her character since she wasn't even allowed to touch the equipment in the beginning of the first season. I was disappointed at the statue quality, the Madison statue from Mystic Force was better and that wasn't so hot. Why I care? Production values. But TV, there is not much budget to make realistic statues of the actors. Also more rules that make no sense like the zords won't work without the Rangers, the Pterazord worked without Ivan and the other zords work plenty of time without James, Philip and others. Heck, Plesiozord worked without Albert.