Wednesday, October 22, 2008

RangerStrike Cards and Power Rangers Collectible Card Game

Rangers Strike is a Japanese trading card game created by Carddas (remember those Bandai trading card vending machines in Toys R Us back in the 90s?) initially based upon Toei's Super Sentai Series television franchise. It was released in 2006 in commemoration of the Super Sentai series' 30th anniversary. The game was expanded with several expansion packs, such as the The Masked Rider Expansion collection in 2007, featuring characters from the Kamen Rider Series television franchise, and the Special Metal Edition in 2008 featuring characters from the Metal Heroes Series television franchise. Well, now it is coming to the States with Power Rangers Collecting Card Game.

And sure enough, like the show itself that is from the Japanese, they took the beautiful illustrations and put them in English. Reading a couple of the scans, the descriptions are short but pretty accurate. I think they did a good job, I jut wish they didn't use only 60% of the image.

To the left is the only Japanese card and to the right is the American one obviously.

And the most famous image and probably will be the most popular. I think it is a shame that they zoomed in this image because it omits the Green Candle, which is iconic with the Green Ranger.

Of course there will be lots of cards that won't be used, all the other Super Sentai cards of things that were not used in Power Rangers. Most likely these new cards will be sold in Wal-Mart, more updates when they come along. I am glad Power Ranger trading cards are back, I miss them.

The Official RangerStrike Website