Saturday, February 2, 2019

Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel - Sheriff Skyfire - Episode Review

Cosmo Royale reveals Blammo at Galaxy Warriors. He shows off his bomb powers. Space police arrives. He is recognized as Sheriff Skyfire and is about to arrest Blammo. Cosmo tries stopping him. Madam Odius tricks him, telling him the Power Rangers are thieves. He goes after them. Back at school, a security guard tells one of the students no skate boards and he takes it. Victor and Monty want to be secutiy guards and sign up as deputies. They bother some girls. Hayley feeds her dog Kody. The officer writes her up, that dogs aren't allowed. Hayley takes Kody out. She accidentally puts a can in the trash and he writes her up again. The Rangers get called. 

The Rangers find Sheriff Skyfire in a parking lot. The Rangers morph.  They fight Skyfire. A blast gets reflected and harms a woman. Red Ranger and Skyfire help her. They explain they fight Odius. Skyfire finds out Odius is the bad one. The Rangers de-morph and he asks for a full report of the monsters they fought. Hayley gets a text from the principal. Spycam sees this. Odius doesn't care and sends Blammo. Blammo arrives at the junkyard and plants a bomb in a trash can. Victor and Monty arrive in scooters and make up their own rules and confiscate stuff they want. Hayley talks to the principal about her writeups. Principal wants her to seperate recyclables and trash at the junkyard and she helps the security guard. He shows her. He puts the bomb in the recycables. 

Clint wants to quit. Hayley feels bad. Skyfire tells her to put herself in his shoes. She takes the Tiger blaze zord to find Clint. The Rangers and Skyfire stop Clint and find the bomb. Hayley puts the bomb down a hole and it explodes. She thanks Clint. Blammo arrives and Clint leaves. The Rangers and Skyfire fight him. Skyfire does his signature move. Red goes to lion fire mode and uses Skyfire's sword. Blammo grows. Blaze Megazord fight Blammo. Skyfire must go and White thanks him and he leaves. The Rangers show Clint a new machine to help him out. Hayley apologizes to him and ask him not to quit. He tells them he met the Power Rangers. He says he'll stay. Kids come to ask for help. He helps against Victor and Monty for confiscating so much things. Victor and Monty turn into giant blueberries. 

Skyfire is Jiraya, a metal hero from 1988. He appeared as a guest in Ninninger because he is a ninja. This is the first time a Metal Hero guest with Power Rangers. He is the seventh Metal Hero to be adapted into English, following Speilban, Sherivan, Metalder (VR Troopers), B-Fighters, B-Fighters Kabuto (Beetleborgs) and Jansperson (Beetleborgs). 2018 is technically the 30th anniversary of Jiraya. As Gavan New Type appears in Go-Busters footage, fans are hoping he gets adapted for Beast Morphers. Some fans hope he gets adapted as a VR Troopers as he looks like one of them. Kenner did make the toys and Hasbro absorbed them and we are assuming Hasbro now owns Saban’s rights to VR Troopers.

Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel - Fan Frenzy - Episode Review

At school, Simone Swift proposes Levi with a burger ad. He declines and she leaves. Chaz a fan introduces himself.  He shows his autograph and he says how much it means to him. Levi tells him his manager wrote that. He offers to hang out. At the Galaxy Warrior ship, Dreadwolf changed Cosmo into a werewolf. He returns him to normal. Simone find Victor and wants him to model in a burger campaign and he agrees. Calvin brings Mick to a store, asks if he needs a hand and he says no Buzzcam goes by and takes video of Calvin. Calvin is freaked out and tells the Rangers. Levi is stopped by Chaz. 

The Rangers reunite with Calvin and morph when Dreadwolf arrives. Dreadwolf blasts Levi down. Mick sees the action. Dreadwolf throws three claws at Levi and it ends up on Mick. The Rangers go to Mick. Mick says he's okay. In shop class, Chaz is dressed like him. Levi says he is annoying him. Mick arrives and looks like a werewolf, the Rangers hide it. They go to the base. Chaz stops Levi. Chaz tells him he told his friends he would sign some stuff. Levi tells him to give him some space and they aren't friends. Mick shows werewolf behavior. Rednot says the claw is stuck in his head. The Rangers remove it and it dissolves. Mick returns to normal. 

At the park, Chaz tells his friends Levi isn't coming. They call him a liar and leave. Dreadwolf attacks an throws a claw and it hits Victor. He then hits Chaz, thinking it is Levi. Victor turns into  a werewolf during his burger commercial. The Ranger survive and find the Werewolf Chaz. The Rangers morph and fight Dreadwolf. Levi tries talking to Chaz. Levi sings a song and it calms Chaz and he takes out the claw and returns him to normal. Mick tells Levi to use the lion armor and he morphs. Levi arrives and uses the armor. He grows big and the Rangers use the Megazord to destroy him. Chaz is telling his story when Levi arrives and they talk. He apologizes. He says he knows he can a bit much at times. Levi surprises his friends and he will sign his stuff but they play music. Back at the school, Monty bates Victor with a burger and takes the claw out to return him to normal. The agent comes back saying they want to be a werewolf again for the ads. She leaves when they say he can't. They could've just use makeup. 

Episode Review:
An uncomfortable episode. I don't like werewolf episodes. Also an overzealous fan episode too. I know what it is to be in Levi's position and Chaz's and it just isn't a good for either side. 

Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel - Outfoxed - Episode Review

 The rangers talk about Foxatron in the school and says failure isn't an option. Preston bumps into Sandy, a girl who wants to study. Victor and Monty offer to help. Odius charges the medallions. Venoma and Wolvermean enter and Wolvermean wants his medallion back. Badonna says it is theirs. Odius tells them they can destroy the Rangers and get the medallions back. Back at the base, Mick and Redbot has been working on fixing the stars. The prism show off new zords. They throw super steel inside the nexus but it powers down. It creates new stars but they are stuck inside the prism. Mick doesn't know why. A glow appears and out of a portal comes three shrouded people. They say they are on their side. They say legend says they have to prove themselves worthy of the Blaze Zords. They are the only ones to unlock the stars. 

The Rangers arrive to fight Wolvermean and Venoma and morph. Venoma leaves, saying its hard to fight without her medallion. They think they are worthy and are disappointed to see the stars are still stuck inside the prism. Mick has an idea to restore the old stars. They give them a list. They find Ms. Finch who lost her wedding ring down a drain. Sarah says they have to help. Hayley and Calvin help and the others leave. Preston gets the ingredients in the science lab and see Victor combining the wrong chemicals. They mix the wrong things and nothing happens at first but then blows up in their faces. Victor and Monty are stuck. They leave. Preston helps Sandy with her project. She says she is new and he apologizes. Levi, Brody and Sarah leave while Preston helps Sandy. 

Hayley and Calvin helped the teacher and get the stuff. Sarah gets the solvent. Levi, Brody and Sarah help Victor and Monty get unstock. Mick puts the star in the mix and the Rangers return. One of the stars are fixed. They are out of time. The prism glow and shoot out the new stars. The three strangers return and explain they have done well with their actions that they show they were worthy of the zords. They remember helping the teacher with their ring, helping the girl with her experiment and helping Victor and Monty. It was the deeds. The strangers leave. Wolvermean is attacking the city and the Rangers call their zords. Ninja Blaze Megazord is formed. 

Wolvermean and Ninja Blaze fight. The Medallions are charged and Odius reactivates the Foxatron. Foxatron destroys Wolvermean. Foxatron and Blaze fight. The three strangers watch. We see the Chrono Morpher when the center one folds his arms. The Rangers glow and teleport, they attack Foxatron in a  Ranger attack. The Foxatron goes down and Odius is kicked out. Hayley and Sarah wonder who the cloak strangers were. Preston and Sandy reunite and she thanks him. Victor and Monty have bald heads. 

Tzachor had his take on MMPR with Megaforce and Chip had his take on MMPR with Ninja Steel and Dean Isrealite had his take on MMPR with the 2017 movie and think Dean succeeded better. Fans liked it more. Where Tzachor and Lynn tried to imitate (with lines, music or familarity), Dean reinvented but kept the spirit. 

Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel - Echoes of Evil - Episode Review

 Sledge's ship comes out of a wormhole and they can't find energems. They find an asteroid full of Super Ninja Steel on Odius' ship. They enter Odius' ship and find it damaged. Odius comes in and Cosmo Royale introduces her. Sledge wants to help them, he wants the asteroid. Odius says they have a deal. Badonna asks for her help to be loyal. She says why Sledge wants the asteroid. Sledge takes the asteroid. Poisandra is happy with it. The ship is back online. Badonna took the Super Steel from the asteroid. They head to Earth. 

The Rangers return to school and Dane, their dad. He puts his trophy back. He leaves. They see a commercial for Victor and Monty showing off Monster Repellent. Victor and Monty announce they are not going back to school and they are rich and donate a million dollars to the school. They reveal a Victor statue. He remembers escaping from the monsters by farting. The Rangers ask how they escaped and they deny telling them. The Rangers go to the base. Mick teleports to them and they all hug.  He tells them that Galaxy Warriors is back. They have the Nexus is broken and with them. The statue is at the park and buzz cams are flying around. The Rangers are in their ninja suits. The monsters arrive and Smellaphant thinks the prism is in the statue. 

The humans spray their repellant and the monster takes it and Badonna blasts at the,. Preston casts a spell and tries trapping the Monsters. Odius traps them instead. Odius takes the Prism out. She revives it and turns it evil. She shows off the Ninja Super Steel and puts it in the prism to make her own stars. Preston helps them escape. The Rangers take the super steel. Mick recieves the super steel. The Rangers fight and knock Odius down and the Nexus spell is broken. Nexus spits out Power Stars for the Rangers. Odius and Badonna leave and the Rangers morph. They fight Smellaphant. Red dons the lion armor. The Rangers blast him. Levi does his star morph. combined with the flame strike from Brody. Smellaphant goes down. Cosmo Royale makes him huge and the Rangers call the Lion Fire Zord. The Megazord is formed and fights the monster. 

Odius says something menacing. The Rangers put the Prism back. The Rangers ask Mick if he's going back to the Lion Galaxy and he says he'll stay. Back at the school, Victor and Monty are broke and people want refunds. The principal confronts them about the check. They grovel to be taken back. The repellant is broken and stinks up the school. 

Episode Review:
It is pretty bland for a premiere. It is so redundant to have the Rangers lose their powers and regain them. And to just tease Sledge was cruel. It just makes Odius look weak in comparison, with no passion or quirks. She has her mission, her goal but we know zip about her. Sledge at least we know has a weakness for his wife and looks for fun when stressed. Advice to Hasbro is if they do this 'super' second season again, don't make the rangers lose their powers. Just make the last season a cliffhanger and resolve it in the second season premiere.

Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel - Happy To Be Me - Episode Review

"Happy to be Me"
Tynamon wants to use Odius' hammer and the stolen Fusion star, so he steals Levi's voice and trades voices. In order to use the stars, he needs the voice. Levi asks Preston for a spell to reverse it. Victor and Monty make fun of Levi's voice and Brody convinces them he is contagiously sick. They run away. Preston looks through his book and found a spell which Levi pushes him to use. Preston uses the spell but it shrinks him to the age he was when Galvanax attacked. Levi still has the voice. Buzzcams are detected and five Rangers go off. Levi leaves sadly. 

Tynamon has the star and shows it off. Skullgators are released and combined to make Megamauler. The Rangers morph and enter the megazord. The megazord falls apart and they escape. Tynamon berates Megamauler and he shrinks him to human size. He leaves and Tynamon goes after him. Levi is made fun of by kids at the park and befriends a little girl. He calls himself Aiden. Victor and Monty are in hazmat suits at school. Preston apologizes to Levi. Levi says its okay, he says its not the end of the world. He says he is happy to be me. Preston finds a seperation spell and brings Levi back with voice and all. Tynamon has Levi's voice and it changes back. He finds Megamauler on the ship.

Megamauler doesn't want to fight. Tynamon says he is scared and ricks him to go back. Mick gives him Superstar mode. The Rangers morph. Levi dons the new mode and fights the monsters. He destroys the monster and he fights Tynamon. Red goes to fire mode and the other Rangers help. Levi defeats Tynamon and heretreats. The Rangers take the Fusion star back. Megamauler is made big again. The Rangers call the Megazord, combine the Blaze Megazord and Ultrazord and destroy the monster. At the park, Levi surprises the little girl who helped him and asks if she wants to play ball with them. The boy who bullied Levi asks to play with him, he asks the girl and she says yes. Victor and Monty get their masks knocked off and roll in the mud.

They should have more villains with sexy voices like Jordi Webber, it makes them more interesting.