Saturday, February 2, 2019

Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel - Outfoxed - Episode Review

 The rangers talk about Foxatron in the school and says failure isn't an option. Preston bumps into Sandy, a girl who wants to study. Victor and Monty offer to help. Odius charges the medallions. Venoma and Wolvermean enter and Wolvermean wants his medallion back. Badonna says it is theirs. Odius tells them they can destroy the Rangers and get the medallions back. Back at the base, Mick and Redbot has been working on fixing the stars. The prism show off new zords. They throw super steel inside the nexus but it powers down. It creates new stars but they are stuck inside the prism. Mick doesn't know why. A glow appears and out of a portal comes three shrouded people. They say they are on their side. They say legend says they have to prove themselves worthy of the Blaze Zords. They are the only ones to unlock the stars. 

The Rangers arrive to fight Wolvermean and Venoma and morph. Venoma leaves, saying its hard to fight without her medallion. They think they are worthy and are disappointed to see the stars are still stuck inside the prism. Mick has an idea to restore the old stars. They give them a list. They find Ms. Finch who lost her wedding ring down a drain. Sarah says they have to help. Hayley and Calvin help and the others leave. Preston gets the ingredients in the science lab and see Victor combining the wrong chemicals. They mix the wrong things and nothing happens at first but then blows up in their faces. Victor and Monty are stuck. They leave. Preston helps Sandy with her project. She says she is new and he apologizes. Levi, Brody and Sarah leave while Preston helps Sandy. 

Hayley and Calvin helped the teacher and get the stuff. Sarah gets the solvent. Levi, Brody and Sarah help Victor and Monty get unstock. Mick puts the star in the mix and the Rangers return. One of the stars are fixed. They are out of time. The prism glow and shoot out the new stars. The three strangers return and explain they have done well with their actions that they show they were worthy of the zords. They remember helping the teacher with their ring, helping the girl with her experiment and helping Victor and Monty. It was the deeds. The strangers leave. Wolvermean is attacking the city and the Rangers call their zords. Ninja Blaze Megazord is formed. 

Wolvermean and Ninja Blaze fight. The Medallions are charged and Odius reactivates the Foxatron. Foxatron destroys Wolvermean. Foxatron and Blaze fight. The three strangers watch. We see the Chrono Morpher when the center one folds his arms. The Rangers glow and teleport, they attack Foxatron in a  Ranger attack. The Foxatron goes down and Odius is kicked out. Hayley and Sarah wonder who the cloak strangers were. Preston and Sandy reunite and she thanks him. Victor and Monty have bald heads. 

Tzachor had his take on MMPR with Megaforce and Chip had his take on MMPR with Ninja Steel and Dean Isrealite had his take on MMPR with the 2017 movie and think Dean succeeded better. Fans liked it more. Where Tzachor and Lynn tried to imitate (with lines, music or familarity), Dean reinvented but kept the spirit. 

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