Saturday, April 17, 2021

Power Rangers Dino Fury - Unexpected Guest - Episode Review

Episode Summary: 

The Rangers fight a monster with their Megazord. They defeat it but Void Knight, Mucus, and Wolfbane arrive. Wolfbane growls and takes apart the Megazord. The Rangers get out of the zords and a bird bothers them. The bird turns out to be Mick Kanic from Ninja Steel. He is looking for the Nexus Star but Zayto says they don't know him and they are busy. Later, Javi and Amelia are at Buzzblast when Mick disguises as a package. He appears and surprises Javi and Amelia. J-Borg tells Mick to leave and he becomes a basketball. Then they hear an attack and go outside. Wolfbane attacks Mick. 

Mick becomes a toy car ad Wolfbane goes after him. The others arrive. Zayto finds out Void Knight wants the prism now as well. The five morph. They fight with Wolfbane. Green uses Muscle Dino Key and Pink uses Elasto Dino Key. Wolfbane takes apart the Boost Sleeves with his howl. Mick hides. They all teleport him away. Mick shows the Legendary Ranger Database in his base and asks Solon if he can plug it in. He shows them the nexus Prism. It has a direct connection to the Morphin Grid. Zayto says protecting it is their first priority now. Mick says there has to be a way to stop the howl. Zayto tells him Solon can help him, it is not safe for him outside. They find the Prism could be at the Waterfront. The five leave. Mick and Solon work on the howl.

Void Knight berates Wolfbane. Boomtower says he'll do it. The Rangers arrive where the Nexus is and pretty music plays. Zayto tries reading its mind and his antennae comes out. The nexus stops spinning. He sees the Morphin Masters with stones. They used the grid to power teams of Rangers. They made the Prism. Green and Red sent the Prism to fight evil. It found itself on Earth and gave the Ninja Steel Rangers their powers. It vanished. Morphin Masters have been observing teams including Beast Morphers and them. Prism was sent on a new mission, it is searching for something. Boomtower and Wolfbane arrive. The Prism flies into the sea. The Rangers morph and get knocked down. They then fight. 

Mick arrives and gives Wolfbane a 'treat' which makes his voice squeaky, it is a no howl drop. Wolfbane and Boomtower grow. The Rangers call the Zords and Mick leaves. The Rangers form the Megazord Warrior Formation with all 5 zords. They fight Boomtower and use their attacks. Boomtower goes down. Wolfbane jumps on top of the Megazord. It is destroyed. Mucus gets the Sporix. Boomtower powers up and does his signature attack. Megazord jumps up and counterattacks. They use the Mega Fury Saber and the other forms appear and make a Mega Slash. Boomtower is destroyed. Mucus goes for the Sporix but Izzy catches it. She almost gets Mucus but Mucus leaves. The Prism flies away. Mucus gives Void Knight the Sporix. He puts it in a device. It powers up but he needs more. Void Knight is impatient and goes to his secret room. He tells someone inside to forgive him. It is a beautiful woman, giving Mr. Freeze vibes. He calls her his love. Izzy says she is starving. They eat candies. Solon and Mick arrive and ask what happen to the drops. The Rangers have funny animal voices because of the failed drops. Solon roars and they return to normal. Zayto learns a lesson. Mick says he'll open a steakhouse and Izzy asks if Rangers eat for free. He says maybe a discount.

Episode Review:

Zayto dimissing Mick seemed a bit out of character and unneccessary. As for the Morphin Masters creating the Nexus Prism, there is no surprise there, but it strange to add something from a past season with a 'mystery' plot without much else to go on. Also

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Power Rangers Dino Fury - Stego Search - Episode Review

 Episode Summary:

Solon prepares the now-ready Zord finder which uses the five keys. Javi is not around and Izzy says he could have a new instrument. Solon says they have to wake up the zord. Javi indeed has the new Keytar he was saving up for. He plays it in the park. People like it. Jane and J-Borg are looking for stories in the park. J-Borg spots the crowd. They go near and record Javi. Jane appluads Javi and says she wish she could. Javi says J-Borg can make music too. J-Borg says she can sing. Javi plays music and J0Vorg vocalizes which the others don't like but Jane does. Jane then raps. The crowd likes her rap. Javi's dad comes and says they are disrupting the birds. His dad takes the Keytar and have people clear out. He sees the price and says Javi should save his money. He says Javi has given up on the other instruments and leaves. Javi says he still uses his whistle.

Javi arrives at the base. The others tell them the bad news that they can't find the Stego Zord. Javi is sad and leaves. Javi says he is fine, even though he doesn't seem fine. He teleports away. Izzy says she'll talk to him and teleports away too. Meanwhile, in Area 62, Boomtower has waited long enough for his power source and takes a Sporix. Mucus warns him. He puts the Sporix in his chest. He powers up and laugh. Izzy finds Javi and talks to him. He is about to tell her when Doomtower arrives with Hengemen and Mucus. They morph and fight. Izzy uses the Sprint key and Havi uses the Shield Kye. Red arrives and uses Hyper key. Pink uses Gravi Key. Blue uses Elasto Key. Doomtower uses his boom blast and de-morphs the main three. Javi blocks it and have Izzy strike him. But he strikes her first and she de-morphs. Javi comes to his step-sister's aid. Zayto tells him to take her to safety.

Void Knight arrives and berates Boomtower. The hengemen fight the Rangers. Javi and Izzy are found by their dad and the dad blames Javi for Izzy being hurt. The others try to comfort him but he goes in the truck. Back at the base, they talk about how Javi is 'salty'--grumpy. Solon finds the viral video and shows how the dad took away Javi's keytar. Javi arrives and says Izzy will be fine. The others tell him about the video. They ask if they can help. Javi says no. Ollie says maybe his music energized Stego Zord. Solon tells Javi to play an instrument. He plays a soft tune on his whistle and Solon detects the zords. The music must amplify his ranger energy. They spot it. They get a call from J-Borg about Boomtower. Javi is sent to find his zord and the trio goes to fight Boomtower.

The Rangers arrive morphed and the ground shakes. Boomtower is huge. He knocks them down. They call the Megazord and fight Boomtower. They lose. Javi calls the zord and it comes out of the ground. Doomtower is about to attack it when Stegozord arrives and hits him with spikes. The Megazord combines with the zord and Javi enters the cockpit. It becomes Dino Fury Megazord Spike Formation. Sun is setting and they fight. They create a shield with their fists and lifts Doomtower to the air. They slam him down. He does another attack and they send spikes toward him. Zayto calls his saber. They do the final attack--Stego Mega Punches to defeat Boomtower. Boomtower explodes. Boomtower arrives to his regular size. Mucus cheers him up. The Rangers run toward him and they teleport away. Javi teleports to Izzy. The trio teleport too. They later all meet at Buzz Blast. Izzy has her arm in a sling. They give him the Keytar as a gift. He thanks them. He apologizes for not telling them about his dad and says he will try to be more open. He plays a tune and everyone comes around to enjoy it. J-Borg is not programed to dance and Jane tells her to loosen up. J0Borg spins around and does it took fast and drills into the ground. She hits a water main and water explodes in their faces. They laugh. 

Episode Review:
This shows that you can have a well-written episode and still have silly comedy like J-Borg, Jane and puns about spikes. It's not the best, but still good. I didn't like last week's episode, it was a bit too soggy and sweet. This one shows Javi's moppy side which I do like. Izzy isn't as annoying as she was last week so all in all, good episode. I would've called the episode "Black sings the blues."

Friday, April 9, 2021

Power Rangers Lightning Collection New Wave

Thanks to Hasbro Fan Friday, we found out we are getting four more Metallic Armor Rangers in Lightning Collection to join Kat/Pink Ranger. Each comes with a zeo crystal. Also a Red Sentry from the Boom Comics "Shattered Grid" arc.

Billy and Adam
Billy remained on the show until Zeo. He also stopped wearing the glasses because the actor David Yost had problems with the glasses they use. 

Aisha and Rocky
Aisha seems to have her hair from the end of Season 2.

Tyrannosaurus Sentry, no face. In the comic, Skull was one of the sentries. 

Jordon Fite has been revealed to be Ion/Gold Ranger in Dino Fury.


Saturday, April 3, 2021

Power Rangers Dino Fury - Superstition Strikes - Episode Review

 Episode Summary:

In  Area 62, Mucus wants to know what is behind Void Knight's door and is electrocuted for it. Meanwhile, the Rangers are called by civilians afraid of a man with suds and equipment on top of him. Amelia washes it off and it is her grandfather who is a window washer. He is superstitious and Ollie is skeptical. Amelia walks under a ladder and her grandpa convinces her she has bad luck now. She goes to change her shirt that got ripped but bumps into a Sporix Beast that busts her morpher. She tries to communicate with Solon but her signal isn't strong. 

The Rangers arrive. Amelia uses a trash can lid to reflect the bad guy laser and hurts Izzy and Javi. Mucus takes AMelia's morpher. Red puts in his T-Rex Key and does T-Rex Fury Strike and seemingly defeats the Sporix. He blasts them back. Mucus takes the beast to Area 62. The Rangers de-morph. Amelia is down on herself about her bad luck. The others try to cheer her up. Zayto talks to Solon to make a new morpher. Amelia is teleported to base. Zayto leaves. Amelia gives Solon a circuit that can not be destroyed. Amelia tells her about her bad luck. Meanwhile, Void Knight is happy with Mucus.

Void Knight will fix the morpher and have Boom Tower enter the base while Smashstone will distract them. The other Rangers help Pop-Pop (Amelia's grandfather). Solon tells Zayto about the hotline. Solon fixed the new morpher but Amelia doesn't want to use it. Solon says luck is in her mind, don't focus on the bad things, the only way to focus on good things is to go out. Amelia still wants to stay far away. Smashstone attacks. The Rangers morph. The Rangers need help. Boomtower enters the base. Amelia grabs her morpher. Solon says he has to go through her to get the Sporix. AMelia morphs and breaks his morpher. Solon says it was lucky. Amelia is energized and fights Boom Tower. They teleport to where the Rangers are with Smashstone. Ollie helps Amelia fight Boomtower. Smashstone grows big and T-Rex is called. 

Zayto and the siblings enter the Megazord and fight Smashstone. He throws back their attack. Doomtower is made fun of by Amelia and he teleports away. Amelia and Ollie call their zords. Hammer Formation is formed. The helmet and chest changes. They enter the cockpit. What they try doesn't work, they then try the hammer. They accidentally hit a pipe, that causes junk to get on Smashstone's arm. Zayto calls the Mega Fury Saber and does the Mega Hammer Slam to destroy the monster. Boomtower goes for the Sporix but Izzy gets it with the Elasto Key. Later, they help Pop-Pop. Javi says it was good luck is what happened. Amelia quotes Solon. Ollie can't believe she agreed with him. He breaks a mirror and a water bucket falls on him. They say he has 7 years of bad luck now and a series of misfortunes happen to him. 

Episode Review:

I'm not sure but I think this is the first time we have two girl episodes back to back. Last week was Izzy and this week is Amelia. It is interesting how Pop-Pop's accent keeps slipping between New Zealand and Brooklyn (?) and the monster Smashstone has a Russian accent. Russian is always used for villains in the U.S. because of the Cold War. This trope was recently criticized by Honest Trailers because of a antagonist in Lilo & Stitch. 

Monday, March 29, 2021

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Power Rangers Dino Fury - Winning Attitude - Episode Review

 Episode Summary: 

Izzy is running, Javi and her are with their cousin Lily, her trainer. Lily shows them her 1500m track at Special Olympics, people with intellectual disabilities. Lily has an intellectual disability. The other Rangers arrive and make introductions.  She leaves them because she has to meet a friend. Zayto says Solon to see them. All five go to the base with Solon, who has found Izzy's zord. She wants to create a device to find a zord. Jane and J-Borg make a play for kids to call the Rangers' hotline with the Sporix. A real Sporix climbs on Jane and a little girl calls the hotline. J-Borg takes the Sporix off. The Sporix becomes a beast Brineblast and Doomtower and Mucus arrive. The kids and Jane leave. The Rangers arrive. The Rangers morph. 

Izzy falls after hitting the monster. She uses the Elasto Key. Zayto uses Hyper Boost. They go after the monster. He gets on his knees. Doomtower knocks them into a fountain. Javi fights Doomtower. He uses SHield Block and blocks the attack. Doomtower and Brineblast leave. The Rangers continue fighting Hengemen. Izzy leaves to meet Lily. The other Rangers teleport to find supplies for the Zord detecting device. Izzy arrives at the track. Izzy gets on Lily's case for shopping and being late. She says there is nothing more important than winning the race. Lily gives her smoothie and says there are more important things than winning like helping people. Izzy leaves. 

At Area 62, Void Knight has a map where the scientists of Area 62 found a UFO and he believes it is a zord. The rangers meet up for the race. Javi spots Lilly but she doesn't go up to Lily. Izzy says nothing.  girl Mona in a wheelchair comes to say she was shopping yesterday with Lily. She broke her leg. Lily has been helping her. Izzy realizes her mistake. Javi and their dad Carlos think Izzy has IBS or gas. Izzy says it's not the case.  

Izyz runs the race. Brineblast grows giant next to Jane and J-Borg, they scream.  It splashes water. J-Borg and Jane hide in a trash bin that races down the street. A police officer gives them a ticket. Izzy is told about the attack but continues her race. The other Rangers go to the attack. A girl trips and falls. She hurts her ankle. Izzy decides to help her instead of winning. The monster roars. Solon deploys the zords. The Rangers enter the cockpit. They fight the monster. A man arrives and helps the girl. Izzy is last. She is about to continue but hears Boomtower. She sees Mucus digging for the zord with a bomb. Izzy confronts them. She morphs and her key glows. The villains leave. Izzy tells the others she found the zords but tells them the bad news. 

Brineblast continues beating up the Megazord. Izzy tells them to guide Brineblast to the mountain. They run and he runs after them. They arrive to the mountain and the blasts free the zord. The Tiger Claw Zord escapes and slashes at the monster. Zayto calls him an old friend. The Zords combine. Izzy enters and they create Claw Formation for the Dino Fury Megazord. Het boosts activated and Brineblast is out of power. They do the final attack Tiger Mega Slash and destroy Brineblast. Boomtower takes the Sporix energy and leaves. The Rangers feel bad but at least they have the zord. Izzy is bummed she didn't finish the race. She goes to the race and finishes it. Lily and Mona wait for her. They cheer her even though she is last. She apologizes to Lily. Lily gives her medal. They hug. Carlos, her dad, is proud of her. 

Episode Review:

I commend the producers to have a character with an intellectual disability. In the 28 years of Power Rangers, there have only been a few characters of the day with a disability and coincidentally, they all are women. The first was Melissa in "A Different Drum" who was deaf, the second was Penny who was blind in the Power Rangers Zeo episode "Trust in Me," and now Lily who has an intellectual disability and played by real-life Special Olympics athlete Sarah Dalton. She did a great job. The only scene that is cringy is where Izzy tells Lily how she is disappointed in her. I don't know if 'realistic' is the word I'll go for but it is definitely different for a protagonist to berate a character with an intellectual disability. But it is positive to show a person with intellectual disability as a human with flaws, or a person without a disability to treat them as a regular person and not have their disability be a part of the storyline. Also, for an episode that introduces a zord (which could have been paint by numbers) be a bit deeper and have something unspoken in Power Rangers which is having characters with disaibility being treated like everyone else.

Saturday, March 20, 2021

Power Rangers Dino Fury - New Recruits - Episode Review

 Episode Summary:

Drakarok and Mucus enter Area 62 and find Void Knight making Boomtower, it needs the Nephrite Orb. Ollie and Amelia take Zayto to Amelia's job for a reporter job. They meet Javi, who wants the job to get a Keytar. Javi is sent to research the Nephrite Orb at a museum. Zayto is sent to interview athlete Izzy Garcia. Zayto reveals to Izzy that he is a knight and a reporter. Izzy says no interviews. Zayto gives Izzy a tip in javelin throw which she does and it succeeds. She calls him "Mr. Knight" and agrees to the interview. Izzy says her stepdad is a park warden--Amelia identifies as the guy who restricts them from going into Dinohenge. Javi interviews a professor in the museum when Boomtower, Fungus, and Drakarok arrive. People run and Javi hides. 

Javi calls the Power Rangers hotline. Ollie gets a call from Zolon while Zyato and Amelia interview Izzy. They leave Izzy and Ollie tells them about the museum. Doomtower has the orb. The park warden arrives, saying to put the orb down. He is knocked out by Doomtower. The three Rangers arrive and morph. Javi watches from a safe area and spots the warden. The Rangers use the Gravi, Sprint, and Sheild Dino Keys. Ollie blocks Boomtower and AMelia goes fast. They're knockdown. Zayto ties Doomtower and Draknok with his gravi ball and chain. Javi takes the warden's truck with the Nephrite. Mucus follows the truck. J-Borg arrives at the museum. The Ranger teleports away with the warden. J-Borg reads the teleprompter and juice is drop on the keyboard and J-Borg reads the wrong words. 

Izzy greats her father. She tells the Rangers she is a fan. Warden says his son is Javi and took the truck. Izzy says Javi goes to a secret spot to practice music. Javi stops at the park and Mucus teleports away. Doomtower and Drakarok advance on Javi. Izzy and the Rangers arrive at where Javi and the baddies are. Javi throws the Nephrite Orb and Izzy and he finds the Dino Keys. They become Green and Black Rangers and help fight with the Rangers. Boomtower leaves. Drakarok grows. The zords are deployed. All five in the cockpit and the Megazord is formed. They fight Drakarok. Zayto uses his saber and they destroy the monster. The zords go back to normal and the Rangers pose. Zayto gets the Sporix. Teh give unmorphed in the base. They are meet. Zayto says humans like Zords. They meet Solon who offers a snack. Izzy confirms Zayto is actually a night. Javi laments the orb is destoryed. Izzy says there are plenty of jobs. Meanwhile Jane and J0Borg do a report about cattle ranchers. J-Borg is electrecuted. The Rnagers enter Buzzblast. Jane meets with them, they apologize. Jane says Javi protecting the orb takes guts and she hires Javi. She says Zayto didn't get it. Zayto and Javi shake hands. Jane wants him to find the first hamburger. 

Episode Review:

Loving Izzy, she has great one liners and attitude. With Javi, there is plenty room to grow. There is more to know about him. I thought he would be more cynical but that seems to be Izzy. I just realized Ravi and Javi rhyme. 

Saturday, March 6, 2021

Power Rangers Dino Fury - Lost Signal - Episode Review

 Episode Summary:

Zayto looks at his pendant and thinks about his mom who gave it to him. Amelia comes and asks what he is thinking about. In the base, Zayto receives a message from his home planet Rafkon but the system overloads and they need a part from Rafkon. Amelia comes up with going to a psychic but while Ollie wants to go to the observatory for the message. Ollie doesn't believe in psychics. They go to the Psychic at a carnival and see Jane get a reading. Jane is told she has powers and wears a blindfold and goes through the city bumping into things to find Sporix for the Rangers. J-Borg finds a Sporix but she gets her foot stuck on a cement bucket. Jane is stuck on a bus. As for Ollie and Jane, Ollie pretends to be in love with Jane to prove the psychic was a fraud. Zayto had given the psychic a necklace from Rafkon and the psychic tells him only good news. But now he is disappointed that she was a fraud. 

Vapeera appears and J-Borg calls up the hotline about it. Mucus appears but hides when the Rangers teleport in. Vapeera freezes Zayto with the eyes on her chest and slashes at him. Ollie and Amelia hide their vision and morph. The Rangers hide their vision and fight Vampira. Ollie and Amelia go down. Mucus gets a camera and teleports away with Vapeera. The duo un-morph and speak to Zayto. They teleport to the observatory. The scientist says it was an energy surge but believes it was nothing. Zayto leaves them. Amelia gets a message, Buzzblast is down. Ollie and Amelia find that Vapeera took over their broadcast and freezes all of Pine ridge with the eyes on her chest. The video plays on a loop. Zayto is frozen. Solon doesn't freeze because of her cyborg eyes. Zayto can't get in contact with the others.

Solon sees the stone from Zayto's pendant. She says it's the same crystal of the modulator. The pendant was from his mom when he became a knight. She told her not to give up. Zayto decides to use the Sonic key. He goes to Vapeera with a blindfold and uses the Sonic Dino Key. It allows him to listen better. He avoids her slash and slashes her. Mucus leaves. Zayto stops the video and everyone is free. Solon contacts the duo. The duo teleport already morphed and with armors from the sonic key. Vapeera grows giant. 

Zayto morphs and they call the T-Rex Champion Zord. Zayto makes Battle Mode and teleports in. The other zords Tricera Blade Zord and Anklo Hammer Zord arrive. They attack the monster. Blue tells Tricera Blade to cut the concrete and Ankylo smashes it. Pink uses the Hover Dino Key and throws the street on her Blue uses a Boost key to fix it as a street. The street covers up her eyes with a key. The Rangers then put keys in for the zords and the zords combine with T-rex. The rangers enter the Dino Fury Megazord. They defeat Vapeera. Void Knight is to get the remains but the Rangers get it. Then Zayto gets the message but it is an alien language he doesn't know. They say it could be an evolved form of the language. He has a renewed sense of 'never give up' from what he remembered from his mom. He then sends his message to space.

Episode Review:

Solid episode. Lots happened but it tied all together. Now Jane's adventures have vibes of Ben and Betty. Zayto learned about the blindfold and the necklace tied to his mom. Great writing. I was hoping Jane and Amelia's relationship would have shades of The Devil Wears Prada or even Mia and the agent/reporter Michelle Walsh on Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. Anyways, am I detecting shipping vibes between Ollie and Amelia?

Saturday, February 27, 2021

Power Rangers Dino Fury - Sporix Unleashed - Episode Review

 Episode Summary:

They practice morphing but Ollie and Amelia keep getting it wrong. "Link to the Morphin Grid" is the morphin phrase. They ask questions. Zayto says they lost the other Ranger keys when they lost the Rangers. They have Boost Keys which are upgrades. They then teleport back into the base. Amelia asks who names the zords, they get no answer. They find Void Knight's scanner which Ollie fixates on. He says if they can find all the Sporix, combine with her mom's drone, to find the Sporix. Solon says it is dangerous to mix alien tech with human tech (but isn't that what they are already doing?). They arrive in the city, Zayto says it has changed. They tell Zayto to blend in. Zayto makes them disappear. They arrive to the park headquarters. Zayto says no one can know they're Rangers.

They meet with Ollie's mom and the warden. They are banned from Dinohenge. They tell the truth about Sporix but the warden doesn't believe them. Ollie tells his mom about the Sporix and shows the energy scanner, going against Solon's wishes about the drone. Later, Amelia's boss Jane shows her new assistant J-Borg, from Hartford RObotics (PROO reference). Amelia has arrived with Zayto. The robot finished but made a mess. She then stacks the papers rapidly. Everyone applauds. Amelia approaches Jane. One lady shows a video of a Sproix running after a victim. Zayto wants to know the location. Void Knight and a Sporix arrive. He finds a forcefield and Ollie and his mom. They hide. Ollie and mom try to lift the scanner. Zayto tells Ollie a Sporix hatched. Ollie tells his mom and leaves. Void Knight tells his monster to get the scanner and he has a plan.

Ollie, Amelia, and Zayto face Mucus, the female Sporix. They morph. Zayto slices Muscus into slime. The monster from the last episode arrives and they fight it. Zayto uses the Stink Dino Key--a boost key and uses Stink Boost and throws a stink bomb which the Rangers don't like. The monster beats him. Mucus arrives. The Hengemen fight them. Mucus and Shockhorn fight. He answers to Void Knight. They teleport away, Mucus said she likes taking orders. The Rangers arrive to the base. Amelia wants to try the Boost Key. Zayto says people need to be warned. There is an alert. Ollie says they going along with his drone plan which the others don't. They teleport to Ollie's mom and she is surrounded by Void Knight, Mucus, and Shockhorn. They morph. Ollie's mom wraps a rope around Mucus and uses her drone. It explodes on top of Shockhorn. 

Shockhorn flies away. The scanner is destroyed. The Rangers stop Void Knight and he teleports away. Blue asks Ollie's mom if she is okay, she says he sounds familiar and he says no. She thanks him. Zayto says he will activate his zord. Shockhorn grows big in the city. The Rangers teleport and use the Boost keys. Zayto and SOlon deploy the T-Rex Champion Zord from the base. Pink uses the Gravi Dino Key and uses the Gravi Ball to attack and hold SHock Horn. Ollie uses a key and tries flying at him but is knocked down. The zord arrive sand roars. It knocks Shockhorn down. Red activates Battle Mode. He teleports in the cockpit and fights Shockhorn. Tail detaches and does tail lash. Then the head detaches and uses Mega Fury Saber. He does the Champion CHomp and destroys the monster. Tagline is Dino Fury Victory. Sporix eggs goes down. They go down to get it but Void Knight catches it and leaves. It will be stronger. They go back to base and de0morph. Zayto says they fought well. Ollie learned his lesson and apologizes. Zayot as Red Rnager sends a message through TV about the threat. Mucus and Void Knight find a base out in the woods, called Area 62, a facility abandoned long ago. 

Episode Review:

Dialog? Good. Logic and reasoning? Good. But overall pacing suffers again by timing. Some parts feel rushed, some are perfect. The show benefits from teleporting again. The moralizing is not as bad but Ollie’s realization came tacked on. The show suffers from short runtime. 

Saturday, February 20, 2021

Power Rangers Dino Fury - Destination Dinohenge - Episode Review

Episode Summary:

Amelia, who hops off her bike, says hi to her boss Jane of BuzzBlast, who works too much on weekends. She has an idea about Dinohenge for a story. Amelia has never written a story that was her own. She has already done a video, on glow in the dark lip gloss. Jane wants a factual story and Amelia is happy, she has permission to go. She has a machine that detects ghosts. She walks through the foggy forest. She finds something moving fast. Ollie yells for help, he gets electrocuted in a net. He was on a bike. Amelia apologizes. He is late for something. He is looking for Dinohenge too. He split up with his archeologist mother. They find the ruins. No one knows where they came from. A woman--Dr. Arkana, his mom greets Amelia. She has cool tech like a drone that can detect structures. 

The drone scans the dinosaur statues and they start rumbling. The drone comes back. The rumbling stops. Ollie's mm shows there is a chamber underneath. A man arrives, Warden Buzzkill--Warden Garcia. Amelia already knows him. He is a park ranger who wants them to pack up and file a report. Dr. A happily goes with him and tells Ollie to pack up. Ollie stays with Amelia, who helps with the drone. She calls herself a ghost hunter and Ollie figures she thought he was a ghost. He says he never saw a ghost and asks for proof. She says with ghosts, it is hard to find proof. She calls him close-minded and he calls himself logical. Void Knight arrives and detects the energy source. He blasts through the ground. Ollie and Amelia hide. Void Knight goes down. Amelia follows but Ollie is hesitant. 

They find the underground headquarters and find footsoliders. They hide from Void Knight. He finds a dinosaur lady and a dormant Red Ranger. She puts light on the Red Ranger but he does not move. Void Knight slashes on the device meant to revive Zayto, the Red Ranger. Ollie grab the sword and fight back Void Knight. Amelia shocks him with her net. The dinosaur woman throws a key at them but Void Knight takes it and uses it on his sword to bring the "Hengemen" to life. The two have fighting experience and fight the Hengemen. The device is too damaged to wake up Zayto. Amelia gets the sword and slashes at the Hengemen. Ollie and Amelia get cornered and the swords glow. The dinosaur lady Solon throws keys at them when their Morphers appear. They morph.

Ollie becomes the Blue Ranger and Amelia becomes the Pink Ranger. Void Knight tells them the Hengemen to tear them apart. The two fight the Hengemen. Amelia asks what else they get. Ollie says Zords. Void Knight finds the energy source and it is glowing balls called Sporix. He has the Hengemen take a chest of Sporix. Solon hits the device. Red Ranger awakens and fights the Hengemen. He has questions. A device falls to the ground. Zayto says Sporix is bad. They fight Void Knight. Some Hengemen are destroyed into rocks. Zayto changes his sword into the Dino Dagger. The Sporix escape and float, circling everywhere. Void Knight escapes with it. He throws rocks on them. The Sporix escapes but some fall to the ground and hatches into a monster. They disappear. Ollie and Amelia de morph.

Zayto demorphs. The Morphers become wrist devices. He knows stuff as he can read minds. He was making sure if it still works. Solon says 65 million years have passed. Zayto is an alien and Solon is a cyborg dinosaur. He tells them that his home planet  Rafkon was attacked by Sporix and few survivors    They left the planet to Earth. They followed and fought them along with dinosaurs. They grew giant and  they retreated. Morphin masters arrived and used the Morphin grid. Their dinosaurs and prehistoric beasts became statues and gave life to Zords. The masters made the knights into rangers. They locked the sporix in chest and the others were lost. They tried destroying the sporix but could not. They wonder who the void knight is and need to get the sporix back. We see the sporix hide all over the city.

Episode Review:

Unlike Beast Morphers, the show starts with the theme song. So far so good. This felt like part 1 of 2, it is not as rushed as people say it is. It just felt short and I did want more. The story is engrossing. It is great the Morphin Masters from MMPR and the comics have been referenced here. So I am looking forward to the next episode. 

Friday, February 5, 2021

Power Rangers Dino Fury Coming February 20th

 Old news in the online world but if you missed it, here it is: 

Power Rangers Dino Fury will premiere on Nickelodeon on February 20. Also, Mick (Ninja Steel) is back.

Teaser Trailer:

Pictures from:

What do I think?

Well, I don't judge a series before it starts. I am not the kind of person that says "this is going to ruin Power Rangers" because basically, this is the last series based on Super Sentai. The next Power Rangers series are supposedly a live-action grittier series and an animated one most likely. The addition of Mick however could go one of two ways: adding vanilla to vanilla or adding yummy chocolate syrup to vanilla. The pattern with Power Rangers is endless, teenagers getting together and meeting in a high tech headquarters to team up with aliens and fight aliens. Ryusoulger was about an ancient tribe (the Rangers were being trained) coming to modern world, which I wish was carried on. It is not like I hate it or whatever but it is a bit tiring. 

Other tidbits

  • Izzy and Javi are step sister and step brother, respectively.
  • Gaisorg: Void Knight (source: website)
  • Tankjo: Boomtower (source: website, toys)
  • Unicorn Minosaur: Shockhorn (source: toys)
  • Basilisk Minosaur: Doomsnake (source: toys)