Saturday, November 6, 2021

Power Rangers Dino Fury - Void Trap - Episode Review

 Episode Summary:

In the base, the Rangers talking about Void Knight taking Dr. Akana's device, and perhaps because it can tap into the Morphin Grid and he probably is tired of using the Sproix. They correctly deduce that the Morphin Grid might be a better energy source for whatever he is planning. Unfortunately, they do not know what exactly he is planning. They talk about that Ollie's mom has the capacitor it is missing and Void Knight doesn't know it is missing. Aiyon thinks about him getting the capacitor but make sure the device doesn't work. They all (except Ollie) decide to sabotage the capacitor. Zayto says to make sure Void finds Dr. Akana, which Ollie is not on board because Void Knight is so predictable and he doesn't want to put his mom in danger. Zayto and Solon say it is for the greater good. He agrees to ask her, Back at the evil base, they return Boomtower back. Void Knight says there is a missing part to Akana's device. He tells his minions to find the doctor. They leave. He takes off his helmet and returns to his comatose lady love. He says his plans are coming together. Her name is Saturna.

At the base, the Rangers take Dr. Akana inside. Solon tells her about a microwave. Akana is shocked about her. They shook hands. Dr. Akana has so many questions. Pink tells her about the capacitor and Akana has it. Ollie masks his voice, he tells her it is her decision. She says she is in. The Monsters arrive. Zayto tells her to talk about the capacitor. She says it on a cellphone. The villains surround her. Void Knight takes the capacitor. Ollie watches. The Villains put sleepy cuffs on Dr. Akana. Akana, Mucus, and Slyther fall into a portal. The other monster (Reaghoul) says they are in the dark dimension. Ollie blames Zayto. Boomtower stays. Zayto morphs and calls the T-Rex and Raptor zords. T-Rex Cosmic Megazord is formed, he calls the cosmic gateway, and goes to the Dark Dimension. The other Rangers morph and fight Boomtower.

Zayto in the T-Rex Cosmic Megazord fights Reaghoul in the wormhole leading to the Dark Dimension. The Rangers use Booster Keys against Boomtower. Boomtower uses Boom Blast. Zayto uses blasts on Reaghoul. The Rangers get up and fight again. The Boost Key arms come off. The Rangers combine Fury attacks and Pink channels them to destroy Boomtower. The Rangers escape the blast. Void Knight arrives and puts Sleepy cuffs on all of them except for Ollie. They kidnap the Rangers. Ollie shouts "No!" Back with Zayto, he uses the Cosmic Gateway Strike against Reaghoul, destroying it. He saves Dr. Akana. Mucus and Slyther ask for help but Red teleports away. He takes the cuff off inside the Megazord cockpit. Void Knight uses Akana's device in Dinohenge with the Rangers hooked to another device with his comatose woman Saturna. Zayto and Dr. Akana arrive. Ollie hugs her. Zayto says he is a hugger. Void Knight activates the Morphin Grid. The dino statues glow and hit the Rangers and the energies (green, black, pink, and gold) go to Saturna. Zayto says they won't survive. Saturna starts moving. Zayto says to remove the Capacitor. Ollie says it would work. Zayto goes to fight Void and Ollie is to take out the Capacitor. He almost tells his mom he loves her.

Red uses the Dino Dagger but gets the cuffs on him. Dr. Akana offers to help. Void puts Red in the device too. Ollie thinks of destroying the statues. Dr. Akana decides to distract Void Knight, saying it is her decision. She knocks him with a stick on the back but then he swings her far off. He gets his saber. She sees Red's dagger. He nears her and she throws the dagger into the device holding his woman. She whistles. Blue sprint streaks and slashes the statues. The sleepy cuffs come off. The statues explode. Saturna stops moving. The Rangers de-morph. Ollie de-morph. Dr. Akana is shocked. Dr. Akana threatens Void Knight, Ollie thanks her but tells her to go. The Rangers get the weapons. Void Knight calls Hengemen. They fight the Hengemen. Izzy slashes the device with Saturna. Void Knight teleports and knocks her off. Aiyon blasts the capacitor.Everything starts exploding, the Rangers jump from the blast as Void Knight protests. Void Knight's saber hits the ground. From the smoke, a crater is left, no Saturna and no Void Knight. The Rangers celebrate. They thank Dr. Akana. Solon teleports in and applauds them. Dr. Akana wants to chat with her. Ollie tells Zayto he was right. Ollie apologizes for losing the connection to the Morphin Grid. Aiyon says once a Knight is always a knight. Lightning hits the statue remnants and the Green Morphin Master arrives. She restores the statues and says there is more to do. Zayto asks about Rafkon. Morphin Master leaves ad their powers are restored. Solon says another Sporix has been hatched. The Rangers morph. Back at the evil base, Saturna is returned and still comatose. The Void Knight helmet is cracked and left on the ground. 

Great finale! New footage and great emotional connections for Ollie and Zayto. Zayto and Aiyon to their Rafkon buddies and Ollie to his mom. Wish there was more explanation to who Void Knight exactly is and how Saturna ended up like that. Some fans theorized that Void Knight is Amelia's dad but wouldn't Amelia recognize Saturna as her mom or her dad's girlfriend or something? Also the name Saturna makes me think she is an alien. Also, great connections to everything so far and also the Morphin Grid and the Morphin Masters. Apparently, the Dark Dimension here is a green wormhole and not the dungeon set from Mighty Morphin Rita and Zedd had. 

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